We are the #1 Adult Entertainment and Adult Services provider in Melbourne - offering the best Escorts, Strippers, Exotic Dancers and Topless Waitress. Do you have a party coming up or event and need the best Adult Services and Adult Entertainment in Melbourne? Bucks Party, Boys Night, Poker Night, Couples Party's or Boys Weekend? Let us design the ultimate adult entertainment and adult services package for you and your guests - we have been designing XXX Adult Entertainment packages for groups, corporate functions, private gatherings and parties for over 10 years.

Our ladies are friendly, out-going and enjoy providing you with the best in Adult Entertainment:

  • - We have XXX girls available from the young legal age of 18 years old, through to Mature ladies who are in their 40's.
  • - Heterosexual girls and bisexual girls available for couples and groups.
  • - Ladies of diverse nationalities available: Asian, European, South American, USA, UK, local Australian girls plus more.
  • - You can choose XXX girls who are fit and toned, chubby ladies, 'normal bodies' through to large BBW Adult services.
  • - Ladies available that offer combined Adult Services: book a lady that offers a full service Escort experience that incorporates an exotic XXX strip dance.
  • - Full range of sexual services available: from vanilla through to kinks and fetishes.
  • - Adult entertainment services are available for just 1 person, or large groups.


Highest Quality Adult Services In Melbourne

There are four main reasons why we are highly reputed for having the best Adult Entertainment in Melbourne:

  1. We only align ourselves with the best Adult Services in Melbourne (Escorts, Strippers, Exotic Dancers, Topless Waitresses).
  2. As a licensed Melbourne Escort Agency, we have access to such a large range of high quality girls in the Adult Industry.
  3. We provide you with customised Adult Entertainment packages, tailored specific to your needs and budget. 
  4. If we can't provide you what you want, we will say we can't - honesty is always best, especially in XXX Adult Services.


We only offer the best Adult Services providers in Melbourne:

In the simplest of terms, we have very high standards and don't simply let anyone join our brand. To successfully join our team, a vetting process is undertaken and all ladies that do successfully join our team know we have high expectations of them. As such, when you book any of our Adult Services, you too can have high expectations and know that you'll be booking the best Adult Entertainment in the Industry.

We have access to a large range of XXX Girls in Melbourne:

As a licenced legal Melbourne Escort Agency, we attract many XXX girls who are currently working or previously working as Strippers, Exotic Dancers, Topless Waitresses and Melbourne Escorts. We receive emails and phone calls daily from exotic dancers who are looking for some extra work as an Escort in Melbourne, or wanting to leave being a stripper to becoming a fulltime Escort. Similarly we also get many girls who are currently doing topless waitressing in Melbourne, and want to make the move to becoming an Escort. This is no doubt a huge advantage and hence why we can offer the best Adult Services in Melbourne. For example, we can offer you high quality Escorts service, that also incorporates a genuine, high quality strip show and XXX exotic dancing.

We provide you with customised Adult Entertainment Packages in Melbourne:

We offer you with a customised Adult Services package that is specific to your needs and your budget; giving you plenty of fantastic XXX Adult Entertainment options to choose from. We will ask you some general questions first, such as:

  • - What is the nature of your party or get-together - Is it a Bucks Party, Poker Night, Boys Night, Divorce Party?
  • - Where in Melbourne is your party going to be held?
  • - How long would you like your guests to be entertained for? 
  • - Do you have a budget in mind for the party?
  • - Are you entertaining business associates? Friends?


Then to start personalising your Adult Entertainment package, we would ask you things like:

  • - Would you like a mix of high class Escorts, sexy Exotic dancers and XXX strippers?
  • - Do you need some sexy nude girls to serve your guests drinks? 
  • - What sort of girls are you and your guests attracted to? E.g. Asian girls? Girls with large breasts?


If you weren't expecting such specific questions and aren't entirely sure of the answers, that's fine - you don't need to know all of these details immediately, you can go and speak with some of the guests who are attending or even just go over things yourself and get back to us. 

Here are some examples of combining Adult Services together to personalise the ultimate Adult Entertainment package:

Party: Boys night, 6 male guests in a private villa at Crown Casino Melbourne

Drinks may start around 8pm, and you'd like 3 XXX nude girls as waitresses only (they aren't full service Escorts) to begin serving drinks.

Then at 11pm, you'd like 3 XXX Strippers - 2 blondes, 1 brunette, all with large breasts that also offer full sexual services (they are Escorts)

You'd like the 3 Strippers to strip for 1 hour, entertaining all of your guests. After the 1 hour, they will be available as full service Escorts for your guests for 2 hours.

At midnight, an additional 3 Escorts will join the party, who will be available as full service Escorts for your guests for 2 hours (this makes 5 full service Escorts for 2 hours)

Corporate party: 4 couples in a private suite at Sofitel Melbourne

Drinks to start at 9pm, you'd like 4 bisexual female Escorts to join drinks at 9pm and they be available as full service Escorts for 5 hours.


We only offer XXX Adult Services that we can deliver

Each and every client has different expectations of what they expect when they book Adult Entertainment package and Adult Services with us. To ensure we can deliver what you want and expect, we spend plenty of time understanding exactly what you want. In a situation where we are unable to provide you with what you want, we will simply tell you politely and directly. We find this much better than either misleading you, or providing you with an adult service you didn't ask for. 

Here's an example: if you want 2 young Blonde Escorts, 1 Asian Escort and 2 Brunette XXX Strippers; however we don't have any suitable Asian Escorts available - we will let you know. We will try very hard to see if we can accommodate your needs and always offer alternative options, but if we can't; then you have every right to know.

You can book our Adult Services in Melbourne with confidence knowing you're getting the best XXX Adult Entertainment and exactly what you've asked for.


Call reception directly on 8617 9999 to arrange the most pleasurable Adult Services in Melbourne