At High Class Escorts Melbourne, we are Melbourne's leading service provider of high class female Escorts (both heterosexual female Escorts and bisexual female Escorts) to clients throughout all suburbs in Melbourne, Victoria; and it's not by chance - but through many years of experience, many mistakes along the way, lot's of hard work and a 'never give up' attitude. 

Our management team at High Class Escorts Melbourne brings over 100 years of experience in delivering high end customer service to both our clients and the lovely Melbourne Escorts that are working with our Escort Agency; we have onboard retired Escorts and Sex Workers, previous HR managers, previous restaurant owners and hospitality staff and a semi retired lawyer, among other professions and industries that have joined us over the years. We wanted to create a Melbourne Escort Agency that was different to previous business models and operators - we believed we could create an Escort Agency business model that people wanted to be a part of; this includes Escorts, clients and admin staff. We particularly wanted change the impression many Escorts had toward Agency's and dispel the old school ideology that Melbourne Escort Agency's were very greedy and treated their ladies poorly.

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The Best Melbourne Escorts Service Available

Understanding how to treat people is the key to operating a successful Melbourne Escort Agency and being able to provide the best Melbourne Escorts service available. You not only just need to understand your clients, but everyone who is involved in making the business operate. This means understanding your administration staff, ladies who are working as Escorts within our Agency, security drivers and of course, current clients and also potential clients who are booking a Melbourne Escort for the first time. Many service businesses tend to focus solely on the happiness of their clients, why? "It's the clients who pay the bills" - sure, while that is very true, let's take a step back first. In the most broad and simplest of terms, what brings clients to our Melbourne Escort Agency? Our gorgeous ladies. What happens if our ladies aren't happy? If we focus on keeping our customers happy, but neglect to care for our ladies, what happens? They leave. What happens if we don't have any Escorts available? No surprise, clients can't book anyone and they go elsewhere. The flip side also applies - what happens if we focus solely on keeping our Melbourne Escorts happy, but neglect to keep our clients happy? We have no one calling to book an Escort. Once there's no work, there are no ladies waiting around. What then happens to our Escort Agency? There is no Agency if we don't have both clients and Escorts. How do we ensure we keep both clients and Escorts? We do our best to ensure the needs of both our clients and ladies are met, which keeps them happy and wanting to be apart of our Escort Agency.

Naturally you're asking, 'so how do you please both clients and Escorts?' Now that is the million dollar question, and there's no simple answer to that. By no means are we going to give away our industry trade secrets in how we do it, but we learned along our journey that you can't please everyone. Hang on, didn't we just say you need to please both clients and Escorts? Yes, but through many years in providing customer service across a multitude of different industries, you learn very quickly not everyone can be pleased - no matter what you do for them. This is especially relevant when providing a high class Escort service. We found to be successful in the Escort game, you need to learn boundaries very quickly. The key was understanding which type of clients are a good fit for our Escort Agency and which Melbourne Escorts are a good fit for our Agency too - but wait, more clients and more Escorts available means more business right? Don't you want to take everyone's money? Sure, in theory it sounds great, but it doesn't work that way in real life. Not everyone who contacts us is a client we wish to provide an Escort service to, and not every Escort who wants work through our Agency is an Escort we want representing our Agency. 

Once we determined the type of client we want to service and the type of Escort we want affiliated with our Agency, our business exploded; both financially and the positive culture within our Agency.

Have you ever ordered a coffee or a meal at your favourite café, and you were served by someone who appeared unenthusiastic? The person serving you looked like they would rather be at the dentist getting a tooth removed with no anaesthetic rather than being at work? I think we all have, and it's terrible. A terrible experience for the customer, and a terrible reflection on the culture of a business as a whole. We believe a service provider must have an overall positive tone to it, it doesn't have to be overly joyous or over the top - but it can't lack interest or enthusiasm. In the simplest of term, if you come to work, you should want to be there and perform your job to the best of your ability; whether it's as an Escort, reception staff for our Escort Agency or security driver for our Escorts. Determining the type of Escort we want to work with our Agency, the type of client we want to provide an Escort experience to, the type of reception staff we wanted to speak with our clients and future clients, the type of security driver we trusted to take care of our ladies each played a part to us being successful. 

Every day at High Class Escorts Melbourne, we are committed and passionate about continually providing high end customer service. We strive and work hard to ensure our valued clients are given the best Melbourne Escort experience, and the high class ladies who service our clients and represent our Agency feel valued. Clients often comment that they feel like they are treated like kings, bisexual couples are treated like royalty and our high class Escorts are happy to report that they feel like the they are treated like queens and princesses.  This is why High Class Escorts Melbourne clientele and Escorts remain loyal to us. We are fortunate and very grateful that our business is forever expanding; firstly the ladies who currently work with us are happy and don't want to leave, we have new Escorts in Melbourne looking for work and contacting us every day wanting to join our Agency, coupled with existing clients giving us plenty of strong word of mouth referrals as they trust our us to look after their friends and associates. 

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Creating a Melbourne Escorts Experience With A Difference 

On any given day, it's not uncommon we turn down 25% of people who contact our Agency wanting to book an Escort - this is the point of difference that allows us to deliver the best Melbourne Escorts experience. We are different to any other Melbourne Escort Agency. Just because someone calls and can afford our Melbourne Escorts rates, it doesn't mean we will provide them with a lady.

We pride ourselves on offering clients a unique, personalised Escort experience to suit their specific preferences - not a one size fits all general Escort service. Our business model for providing the most pleasurable Escort experience to every client doesn't allow for 'should be ok' or 'near enough is good enough'. Many potential clients call us and say 'they'd just like a lady for some fun' - very ambiguous and is likely to mean something different to every client who calls us. After all, some people like Redhead Escorts, some like Blonde Escorts and others prefer Brunette Escorts. The key to a client receiving the best Escort experience is firstly dependent on what they discuss with our reception staff. Our reception staff will have a thorough discussion with each client to determine what exactly they are looking for - the devil is in the detail. The same clients who call and say 'they'd just like a lady for some fun' often don't give us much more and make it difficult for us to determine what exactly they are looking for. They will often say, 'anyone will do' or 'so long as she is good looking'. As such, as a service provider, how can we deliver a satisfying Escort experience if they don't really know what they want? You can't. As such we don't service those bookings. We also don't service those types of bookings because the situation is also not fair on any Escort who may arrive to service a client who isn't sure what they want - the Melbourne Escort may be an excellent service provider, however not what the client had in mind or is looking for. By no means are we saying the client who is ambiguous and seems to not worry about the Escort who is about to come and visit them is bad, they just don't fit our business model and as such we encourage them to look elsewhere.

At High Class Escorts Melbourne, our valued clientele remain loyal, continue to provide repeat business, and above all; trust us to look after their most intimate needs for the most simplest of reasons. We don't lie, and we guarantee the utmost discretion with every booking. Honesty is always the best policy when providing clients with best Melbourne Escorts experience. As a client, you should always be treated with the respect you deserve and we will always be upfront and honest with you. If you call to book one of our ladies, and we don't have exactly what you are looking for, we will be upfront and say exactly that. We won't try and persuade or pressure you into booking a different type of Escort. If you'd really love to spend time with a sexy Asian Escort tomorrow night, but all of our Asian Escorts are unavailable, we won't try and push you to book a totally different lady for example. If you'd like to know which other Escorts are available tomorrow night, we can let you know, but our reception staff are trained to encourage you to stick with exactly what you want, and book your Asian Escort on a different night; when they are available. As a client, we know there's nothing worse than being pushed into a decision that you didn't really want to make. We understand you're parting with your hard earned money when you book our Melbourne Escorts; as such, we want you to be happy with your decision, not pushed into something you'll wish you didn't do later. In this situation we would rather regretfully decline your business to avoid you being disappointed, rather than send you an Escort you didn't ask for.  Clients book in confidence with High Class Escorts Melbourne because they know we will never provide them with something they didn't ask for.

All clients and Escorts know that discretion is paramount and ingrained throughout our all of our Melbourne Escort Agency's business practices. We equally protect the privacy of both our clients and ladies; a major reason why both clients and Escorts want to work with us is for anonymity. Clients know that any special privacy needs or requirements they may have reception will be more than happy to accommodate.  All appointment details are kept secure and all high class Escorts are driven to client destinations in discrete vehicles that will not arouse suspicion.

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A Melbourne Escorts Brand We Are Proud Of

At High Class Escorts Melbourne, we are renowned for offering the best bisexual Escort experience to couples. We are the 'go-to' for couples and groups who want a no strings attached, pleasurable bisexual experience. Creating a successful Escort brand takes time, it took us many years. We needed to prove to clients that we were able to deliver the Escort services that we said we could, developing trust and then repeating that. Over and over and over. Being the best provider of bisexual experiences in Melbourne has taken time, but it has been cornerstone to our success as a brand. Our advice on how to do that? Find what you're good at and focus on that! This ties into what I've discussed above regarding determining which Escorts and clients work well with your business model and which ones don't.

We hope you've enjoyed hearing a little about our story and our 'why'.

High Class Escorts Management Team xxx