High Class Escorts Melbourne cater for couples who require the services of a professional Bisexual Female Escort. If you and your partner have always wanted to try a no strings attached threesome, or you are wanting to spice things up a bit in the bedroom; you have come to the right place. Our Melbourne Escort Agency specialise in bisexual Escorts for couples.

Bisexual Melbourne Escorts For Couples To Spice Things Up

There's nothing worse than a sexual relationship without spark. Remember when you and your partner first met? Full of lust and excitement, can't wait to see each other next and rip each other's clothes off. If that is a far distant memory, you certainly aren't alone. We receive calls almost daily from couples (both men and women contact us) who are looking for alternatives to spice up their sex life.

It's no secret, that most women who are currently in a heterosexual relationship and over the age of 25, have had at least two same sex encounters in their life. This may be experimentation and or an underlying interest that often never goes away. Either way, most women aren't foreign to being with another woman, and most of them enjoy it. I'm sure I now have 100% attention from all guys reading this post. Yes gentlemen, it is likely your girlfriend or wife is bisexual; even if she isn't actively exploring her bisexuality.

A Bisexual Female Escort can be the perfect answer to rejuvenating your stale sex life as a couple. Let's be honest ladies, what guy doesn't fantasise about being with two women? Whether he can handle two of us or not, or how long will he last - well that is a different story! Either way, we haven't had a boyfriend or husband complain about their partner wanting to include another woman in to the mix.

MFF threesomes are really fun and if you have not yet experienced one, you're definitely missing out! It is very easy to coordinate your existing sexual interests, and in most instances further explore your sexual repertoire as a couple with an extra set of hands and holes. Where'd you'd normally only have one pair of lips available, you now have two. One tongue can only cover so much area at once, two tongues however can cover so much more area - at the same time. Ever experienced watching your partner be pleasured by someone else while he or she is watching you? Now that is hot.

bisexual escorts couples in melbourne

Organising A Bisexual Experience As A Couple In Melbourne

Organising a bisexual female Escort to please you as a couple with the help of our Melbourne Escort Agency is easy! This is after all our specialty. 

Before we can choose a bisexual Escort that will be a perfect match for you and your partner, there is some information that we will need from both of you that is crucial to getting this right:

Couple's Do's & Dont's During A Bisexual Experience: Communication is key! 

Before speaking with reception, have a chat between yourselves (some couples like to discuss their future bisexual Escort experience with us as foreplay).

Think about any ground rules you may have or anything you may not be comfortable sharing with your bi fem Escort. Examples may be, deep passionate kissing (DFK) may only be allowed between you and your partner. Male orgasm may only occur with penetration between you and your partner. It is important to remember that there are no set guidelines, as each and every couple is different, so are their rules, expectations and standards of one another. Your Bisexual Escort is a professional who understands that each couple may have limitations, she is always willing to accommodate and work within those guidelines. The most important aspect to remember here is communication. If there is something as a couple you're not happy with, or even as an individual - don't hesitate to speak up. Many couples find it easiest once they've had their discussion about what's ok and what's not, to make a dot-point list and keep that handy for when they make contact with our Melbourne Escort Agency. 

Is this is going to be your first bisexual experience?

If so, let reception know! That way they can spend a little extra time guiding your through how things work, and answering any questions you may have. Remember, there are no silly or "dumb" questions when it comes to understanding how the whole "booking an Escort works" - we do this day in, day out; there's no need to be shy, feel embarrassed or hesitant in asking what's on your mind. 

If this is your first time either booking an Escort and / or having a bisexual Escort experience, we suggest once you've formed your Bisexual Escort Booking Checklist (see below) you send this information to reception via our online contact form. This sends reception an email containing all relevant information about what you need and are looking for; it allows reception to look at which ladies best suit your needs, and because it is in writing and in front of them - it's much easier for them to make sure every detail is covered rather than doing it over the phone. If for privacy reasons you only wish to discuss this over the phone, that's not a problem too. Another advantage of sending your preferences through via email, is no matter which receptionist answers your calls, the information is able to be accessed at anytime - which is perfect for possibly making an enquiry today, but wanting to lock a Bisexual Escort booking in 2 months down the track; you won't need to go over your information again.

How to choose a bisexual female Escort

Choosing a bisexual female playmate is easy - simply ask yourselves, what look are you and your partner attracted to? Age (young 19 year old or an older cougar in her 40's), hair color (blonde, brunette, redhead), body type (big ass, chubby, athletic/toned, slim, skinny) etc. Once you have decided upon the physical characteristics you're attracted to, now consider the sexual aspect. Are there specific acts or kinks you are into as a couple? For example, do you want to have anal sex or have your bi Escort use a strapon? Not all ladies perform the same services, so it is important to discuss with reception your needs before you book.

One aspect that is often overlooked by first time couples is booking length. Please don't try and arrange a threesome in 1 hour; and expect it to be enjoyable (unless you and your partner are rebooking with the same Escort and the three of you know exactly how it plays out). For a first time seeing a new bisexual Escort, or even if it's a new experience for you and your partner to even have a threesome; 1 hour will seem very rushed, clinical and non-natural - it won't translate to an enjoyable service. As a couple, it is important you become comfortable with the extra lady who is joining you. Even an extra 20 minutes to just ease into things can make the world of difference - nervousness and anxiety can ruin the mood very quickly. Our ladies will always do the very best they can to appease your nerves, however there's nothing worse than trying to race against the clock. We have available 90 minute bookings, which are designed for clientele who don't have the time to book 3 or more hours, but know 1 hour won't be enough.

Rates for our bisexual female Escorts start at Platinum price range - have a look to see which options suit you best.

bisexual escorts couples melbourne

Bisexual Escort Booking Checklist
  • - Do's & Dont's (see above) list with your partner
  • - Decide on what look as a couple you'd like your Escort to look like
  • - Decide if there are any specific sexual services you'd like your bi-fem Escort to provide
  • - Decide when and where (hotel details, time etc) you'd like to book your Escort
  • - You and reception can discuss which time options are best suited to your needs for booking length
Sexual health & hygiene for couples and bisexual female Escorts

As a couple, when you book one of our sexy bisexual female Escorts you must consider their health and safety as well as yours. Many couples booking a bisexual Escort for the first time often forget to consider the extra safe sex practices that must be adhered to, keeping everyone safe and healthy:

  • - As a couple, it is entirely your choice whether you wear a condom during sex. A condom must be worn however during all sexual penetration with your bisexual Escort.
  • - Having a threesome as a couple is fun. It's common for the lucky guy to want to have sex with both his partner and the bisexual female Escort who is joining you. If as a couple you choose to wear a condom during sex, please note that a new condom must be worn when you have sex with your bisexual Escort. E.g. the male will have to remove the condom he has used while playing with his play-partner, putting a new condom on before playing with your Escort. Simple rule, every time there is a partner switch, there's a new condom change!
  • - Many couples love to use sexy toys when booking a bisexual female Escort. No doubt toys can certainly increase stimulation. For safety and hygiene purposes, couples can use toys on each other that they have used in the past. These same sex toys however cannot be used on our Escort (an exception can be made if a condom is placed over a butt-plug for example, which is solely at the discretion of the Escort).


To arrange a bisexual Escort in Melbourne for couples, please contact reception directly on 8617 9999 or conact reception online (recepton will reply via email).

  1. Amanda
    May 6, 2020 -

    Hi there! My boyfriend (42yo male) and I (38yo) female would like to hire one of your bisexual escorts of a mff threesome. Not now, as covid -19 is prevalent, but maybe next year possibly January 2021. Likely Melbourne CBD. This would be our first threesome experience and first escort experience. I am glad the men have to wear a condom, but what about the girl on girl oral sex? And oral sex given to the escort from the man, is it allowed? Forgive me if it is a silly question! We won’t book a date just yet, but I guess I can go ahead and give you as much information as possible about what we are looking for. We are looking for a bisexual female escort for our first threesome. She can be olive skinned, pretty, medium to long brunette or black hair, slim build, between 5’5 and 5’8, aged between 25-35, breast size A-C cup, fully shaved, May or may not have tattoos, no piercings, My boyfriend and I discussed that there shall be no kissing between the escort and him. He can have sex with her and orgasim through penetration if she can give me oral sex at the same time. He can have anal sex with her if she gives me oral sex and the same time. I would like it if both the escort and I please my boyfriend orally at the same time. A fantasy of mine is to have my boyfriend have sex with me doggie style whilst the female escort pleasures me at the same time. My boyfriend would like to give me oral sex whilst having sex with the escort Um, what else should I say ! I guess I’m wondering about STD protection for female oral pleasure and will the escort even allow us to go down on her!? I am personally doing this as a gift to my boyfriend but also I have always wanted to try it once in my life. I have kissed girls for fun before but that’s it. My boyfriend and I watch porn together, I prefer to look at the girl, she is more interesting! I am definitely a heterosexual female and my boyfriend is only heterosexual. I would like to be bisexual in a threesome just once. Probably.

    • admin
      May 9, 2020 -

      Hi Amanda, thanks for your post with all relevant detail and remember, there are no silly questions! Yes all of our high class Melbourne Escorts practice safe sex, including women-women. We certainly have Escorts that fit the description you and your husband are looking for. All of our bisexual female Escorts are genuinely bisexual, as such they love both giving and receiving oral sex. Not all of our bisexual ladies offer anal sex, but many do - it won't be an issue finding an Escort who does offer anal sex. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to reply :)

      • Chanel
        June 22, 2020 -

        Hey donu just do women on women

        • admin
          June 24, 2020 -

          Hi Chanel, we have bisexual female Escorts that are genuinely bisexual and as such are turned on by both men and women. Not all of our bisexual female Escorts will see only women but some will :)

    • Fred
      February 17, 2023 -


  2. Regina Mustafa
    September 16, 2020 -

    Hi my partner 50 and I would like to try our first ffm I was wondering when because of covid this can happen and was looking at 1 1/2 hours What price am I looking at was after a female that’s comfortable doing everything

    • admin
      September 17, 2020 -

      Hi Regina, thanks for making contact. We are all wondering when COVID restrictions will ease and we can provide you and your partner with the best bisexual Escorts in Melbourne. Please check our rates page for information about costs. All bisexual Escort experiences are in the Platinum price range :) https://www.highclassescortsmelbourne.com.au/high-class-escorts-rates/

  3. Lauren Staley
    January 4, 2021 -

    We are looking for someone to come over this afternoon for me and my partner..

    • admin
      January 4, 2021 -

      Hi Lauren, unfortunately we don't have any bisexual Melbourne Escorts available this afternoon - please contact reception directly or via our 'contact-us' page to make a booking for another time.

  4. Hamish
    February 12, 2021 -

    Hi looking for a fun girl to have a great time with wife and i

    • admin
      February 13, 2021 -

      Hi Hamish, we have bisexual female Escorts in Melbourne for couples available for you and your wife - please contact us via contact form or reception directly to arrange a booking :)

  5. V
    April 6, 2021 -

    Hi I’m liooking for a female bisexual escort for this Sunday in Melbourne cbd that would like to join my husband. And myself first proper threesome I’m looking for a female olive 5’6 big booty big boobs small waist Latino, spanish, no tattoo, I would like a clean waxed female that would like to give me oral sex and give my husband a good time having sex with him while I watch.

  6. W
    December 3, 2021 -

    Hi, my Girlfriend and I are looking for a bisexual female escort for this Saturday in Melbourne cbd. It will be our first threesome. We are easy on the type. Please get back to us. Thanks

  7. Karcho
    June 25, 2022 -

    My mate and I would like to hire one girl to share who does not mind being spoiled. Both men are fit, muscled and hung. Is this possible?

  8. Natasha hunter
    April 30, 2023 -

    Hi, We a bit of a odd ball couple... He 65 fit as. I 45 and chubby.... Looking for threesome in October Monday night. While we on holiday... Not after young 19 ... Do you have older ladies on your books.... Have had one before but that in Thailand so guessing rates very different... Just starting to scope options from NZ. Cheers Tash

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