Currently in Victoria, despite the very large demand and need, it is illegal to advertise for Female Escort work or Female Escort employment opportunities. Yes, even for a licenced Melbourne Brothel or Melbourne Escort Agency such as High Class Escorts Melbourne it is still illegal to advertise.

Are you currently working as a Melbourne Escort and looking for more work? Are you a Female Escort working around Australia (touring Escort) and would like to tour with our Melbourne Escort Agency while in town? Or are you considering becoming a high class Female Escort and not sure where to start? All of these questions can lead to potential work opportunities with our Melbourne Escort Agency. We have ongoing Female Escort opportunities for the right person, we also provide general advice about the Industry if you have any questions you'd like answered.

What Sort Of Female Melbourne Escorts Do Clients Want?

As the oldest profession, it is surly no surprise that the demand for both heterosexual and Bisexual Female Escorts is strong and seemingly forever growing. There are no specific types of strict guidelines as to what clients want when they call us. Aside from the obvious that they want some female company; which may be sexual or non sexual. You can not accurately predict when a client will call, what they will want in their Escort experience and how long they will book for. It would be fantastic if we could, but this Industry is ran primarily on hormones, and it is an industry that never sleeps.

Despite the many unknowns, clients will tend to have a preference for the following 3 things:

  1. Sexual service: Almost all of our bookings involve sexual service - a very small percentage want a guest to accompany them to a function. Or simply want some intimate company without any sex. For the most part, guys are calling because they want sex. As every man is different, so are their needs and desires. Thus, each client varies in what they want. Some clients can be very specific about what sexual service they are looking for, and some can be very general. An example of a very general request: a vanilla (basic) service with no massage, with oral and penetration. Some clients may say they want to explore some different sexual positions and have some quiet intimate time at the end of their booking. On the other end of the spectrum, some clients have specific fetishes and kinks. Many guys call us because they are lonely and/or because they have a boring sex life and want some variety. Some clients will be in search of something specific such as: dress up, anal sex, Spanish or foot fetish, just to name a few.
  2. Age: Clients will often give preference for a certain age group. For example, a young looking lady who is at least 18 years of age, right through to cougars who are in their naughty 40's or even older.
  3. Look: Clients will often have a fantasy about a celebrity, sports star or T.V personality. In turn, they will have a preference for any of the following looks e.g. thin, muscly, big ass, big breasts, skinny, curvy, athletic, fit; just to name a few. Many will have a preference for skin colour: dark skin, pale skin or tanned skin. Hair: short or long. Hair colour: black, blonde, brunette, red, and any colour or shade you can imagine in between. Eye colour: most clients will simply say light or dark - if they say light colored, whether it is blue or light green they aren't fussed.

High Class Escort Experience In Melbourne With A Difference

We selectively use the term 'experience' rather than a service, because an experience is far more personal and memorable than simply receiving a service. As every man is different, so are their needs. Consequentially each and every booking is treated individually, and given the attention it deserves to ensure each and every client receives exactly what they are looking for. We do not offer a generic, 'one size fits all' or a 'near enough is good enough' experience. If that were the case, it would not be an experience, rather just a service.

Female Escorts who represent our Melbourne Escort Agency are given detailed information about each booking, so they know exactly what is expected. For a booking to proceed, the clients needs must be a near perfect match with the service you provide. The service you provide is entirely up to you; if you don't offer deep french kissing (DFK) or anal, that's fine. You will never be matched with a client wanting either of those two things. As each client you see is different, each service you provide will slightly vary from the last; as each client has their own preferred way of doing things. There will be some aspects that do overlap, however if you are to be good at this job, you must be able to ensure every high class Escort experience you provide is unique and memorable to that client.


Contact High Class Escorts Melbourne For Work

It is both safe and legal to work or represent, a licenced Melbourne Escort Agency such as High Class Escorts Melbourne.

As a licenced Melbourne Escort Agency, we are bound by strict legislation and consequentially must adhere to very high standards of operation protect the entire community. This includes the general public, clients and Sex Workers (Escorts) themselves.

The demand for Female Escorts is round the clock. Bookings can be serviced early in the morning, throughout the standard working day or right through the evening. There really is no set times or busiest times; a client can require companionship 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Honestly, can you think of a time that a Female Escort may not be in demand or required? Our occupational health and safety standards encourage all ladies to have plenty of rest, ensuring that they are not fatigued either mentally or physically.

Security and Privacy

Any ladies who are currently affiliated, or have been in the past with High Class Escorts Melbourne, will tell you security and privacy are absolutely paramount and are an integral part of the daily operations of the business. Excellent security is provided at all times. Policies and procedures are continually being reviewed, ensuring that all staff and Escorts feel safe and secure.

Please note: no Sex Worker is directly employed by High Class Escorts Melbourne. Rather an individual Escort is a representative of the licenced Escort Agency. The Escort Agency receives a fee for receiving the booking (booking fee), and the Escort is paid by the client for providing them the service of prostitution. Rates charged by the Escort Agency are fully disclosed on the rates page.

If you have any further questions, or would like some more information; please contact reception via our online contact page - or call directly on 8617 9999