What is an Escort?

An Escort is a paid Sex Worker of legal age (18 in Australia) that visits your hotel room or serviced apartment to provide you with a sexual service that has been agreed upon before the Escort arrives. The price of your Escort experience is also determined and agreed upon before the Escort arrives.

Is a Sex Worker the same as an Escort?

An Escort is a Sex Worker. An Escort tends to travel to visit clients, and accompany clients; hence the term Escort / Escorting.

What is an Escort Agency?

An Escort Agency is a business that offers sex for hire, whereby a client can legally book the services of a Sex Worker / Escort, to visit the client at their Hotel room; most often paid by the hour. An Escort Agency typically has many different Escorts available; hence clients have a large selection and greater chance of finding an Escort who is sexually compatible with their needs. An advantage for clients using an Escort Agency is the greater number of Escorts to choose from.

Do Escort Agency’s have male and female Escorts?

Some Escort Agency’s have transgender, male and female Escorts available. Our Melbourne Escort Agency only has female Escorts available – both heterosexual and bisexual Escorts.

As a client, do Escorts have a room I can go to?

No, our Melbourne Escort Agency only offers out-calls to clients hotel rooms or serviced apartments. The client must supply the room.

How long do I book an Escort for?

The shortest Escort booking length is 1 hour, you can book for overnight or a whole weekend if you’d like.

How do I pay for an Escort?

Our female Escort bookings can be paid in cash or credit card. Please note that an additional surcharge will be charged for all credit card transactions. We don’t accept American Express or Diners Card. Credit card payments must be processed before your Escort is scheduled to arrive at your hotel.

If you’re paying cash, you must pay your Escort as soon as she arrives.

Your booking/ sexual service will not start, until the Escort has been able to count and confirm the total amount of the booking cost has been given to her.

Can I pay the Escort half at the start and half at the end of the booking?

No. The entire cost of the booking must be handed to your female Escort upon her arrival.

What if it’s a really long Escort booking, like 5 hours, and I want to safeguard myself in case I don’t want to spend the whole time with her? So can I pay the Escort even the first few hours then the rest as I go?

No, as mentioned the total cost of the 5 hours must be given to your Escort when she arrives. When you book one of our high class female Escorts for 5 hours, she cannot take any other bookings during that time. Why? Because she has committed those 5 hours to you. Whether you decide you don’t want the entire 5 hours or you change your mind, that isn’t fair to your high class Escort who has already set that time aside to spend with you.

When you call to book one of our female Escorts, if you’ve never seen her before, our reception staff wouldn’t let you book 5 hours – we would always suggest book an hour, or even 1.5 hours to see if you like her. Our Melbourne Escort Agency isn’t pushy with sales or trying to get clients to book longer than they need.

Are Escort rates negotiable?

No, Escort rates are not negotiable and it is considered offensive if a client tries to negotiate, or offer a lower price than the listed rates. When you call to book an Escort, you will be made aware of all costs associated with your Escort experience. That is how much it will cost per hour, whether there is a driver fee due to living so far from Melbourne CBD etc. Our Melbourne Escort Agency has no hidden costs and is very upfront with what we charge.

How do I book an Escort?

Booking an Escort is very easy and straight forward. All Escort bookings are processed over the phone with our friendly reception staff. To book an Escort, you will need to provide:

  1. How long you want to book an Escort for.
  2. The hotel name and room number you're staying in.
  3. Date and time you’d like your Escort to arrive.
  4. Decide how you’re going to pay for your Escort experience, either cash or card.
What happens if I don't like the Escort that arrives at my hotel?

Our Melbourne Escort Agency reception staff spend plenty of time with you determining the type of female Escort that would best suit your needs - this could involve a phone call or some back and forth emails (especially for complex bookings). Our Agency doesn't just carelessly choose any Escort that is available to service your booking; special care and attention to detail goes into the selection process to ensure you receive what you've asked for, minimising the chance of you being disappointed. 

E.g. if you book a young blonde Escort with big breasts, that also provides anal sex - then that's exactly what you'll get.

All of our high class Melbourne Escorts strive their very best to please all clients, delivering the ultimate pleasure in every single Escort experience they provide. Our Melbourne Escort Agency management welcome feedback, both positive and negative - if you feel you didn't enjoy your Escort experience please let reception know.

Can I extend my Escort booking for longer? I only booked 2 hours and would like an additional 1 hour.

Extensions of Escort bookings depend on the availability of your Escort. If your Escort has another booking to attend after your appointment, then unfortunately you can not extend your booking. If you think you'd like longer time with your Escort, please ensure you let her know sooner rather than later. She will need to contact Melbourne Escort Agency reception to see if an extension is possible.

If you are able to extend your Escort booking, you will need to pay for the additional time straight away. Payment for the additional time secures and locks in that time for you. Remember, that while you're spending time with your Escort, our reception staff will be booking her appointments for the rest of the day / evening. So please, if you want additional time make sure you lock it in early to avoid missing out.

There's no photos available of the Escort, how do I know she will be good looking?

Most often face photos of our female Escorts aren't available due to privacy and discretion reasons. You can however trust our Escort Agency that we will deliver you a female Escort that matches the description you provided.

Our Melbourne Escort Agency's reputation has been built on trust from both the lovely female ladies who represent our brand, and our much loved and valued clientele. As mentioned our reception staff will spend plenty of time with you to determine how you want your Escort to look. Tall, short, blonde, brunette, red head, black, pale, chubby, skinny or something else. What you ask for is what we will deliver.

Our Agency gains nothing out of sending you a female Escort that isn't what you asked for. We also want to retain your business for life, and be your go to Melbourne Escort Agency when you want a female companion. We are confident in doing so because we only deliver and offer what each and every client wants.

Can I book an Escort to my house or private apartment?

Our high class Melbourne Escorts service clients predominantly at Hotels and Serviced Apartments. If you're wanting to book one of our ladies to your private residence, you will need prior approval from our management. This is a security policy to protect both you and our female Escorts.

Is it legal to book an Escort?

In Melbourne it is legal if you book a female Escort with our Melbourne Escort Agency - we have the appropriate government issued licence permitting us to conduct the business of prostitution. If you book a female Sex Worker from an online adult website you run the risk of engaging in illegal prostitution services. Make sure you check your local laws to ensure you're complying and acting within the law when you book the services of a Sex Worker.

Do I have to tip my Escort?

No, however like with any good service experience; if you've received exceptional service, then a tip is always appreciated.

Can I ask to see my Escort for free out of work hours?

It's important to understand that even though you're having a great time with your sexy female Escort, there is still a professional relationship and boundaries must be respected. You are the client who is paying for her services; it is not recommended you ask your Escort to spend time with you for free outside of her work schedule.

I'm running late to meet my Escort, can I have that extra time later on?

If you've agreed to meet your Escort at 10pm and you're running slightly late, say 5 minutes - no worries, these things happen. However if you've booked your Escort for 1 hour and you're 15 minutes late, that's 1/4 of your time already gone. You won't get that 15 minutes back. Our high class Melbourne Escorts are busy and have other clients to see; it would be unfair for our ladies to be late to their next client because you were running late. If you were the next client, would you appreciate or think it it's fair for her to be late to your appointment due to someone else not being on time.

I've booked an Escort and something has come up, can I change the time?

In this situation, please let Melbourne Escort Agency reception staff know ASAP. We understand that schedules can change, however to avoid cancellation fees please ensure you give our Agency adequate notice. If you've given our Agency plenty of notice and the new time you'd prefer to book is available with your chosen Escort, then there shouldn't be a problem moving your booking.