If this is your first time seeing a Melbourne Escort or even if it's your first time booking with our High Class Melbourne Escort Agency - welcome, this is an experience you will remember and treasure forever. Even if you have had previous bookings with Escorts in Melbourne, but not with us; we promise to strive to give you a unique experience like you have never had before - not only aiming to meet your satisfaction, but exceed your expectations. That's the difference when you book with us, High Class Escorts Melbourne; Melbourne's premier number 1 Escort Agency.

As a high class service provider of female Escorts in Melbourne, our Melbourne Escort Agency thanks you for trusting us to handle your first Escort experience. You can trust that our friendly, knowledgeable and attentive reception staff will get a sound understanding of what exactly you're looking for in your Escort booking. Your sexual satisfaction lies in the detail, so please remember there are no silly questions and anything you think that may be important - let reception know before you go ahead with your booking.

What happens when you book Escorts in Melbourne? How does it all work?

In the simplest of terms, we are a business (Melbourne Escort Agency) that provides female companions/female Escorts to both men and couples in Melbourne; available by the hour (see Melbourne Escorts rates for more information). Yes, it's not just guys who want to book girls to have some fun. Our Melbourne Escort Agency is known best for our high quality bisexual female Escorts for couples. Our bisexual Escorts in Melbourne can also be booked in pairs to provide guys with the ultimate MFF threesome - please speak to reception if booking 2 bisexual ladies is of interest to you.

To book or see one of our high class Melbourne Escorts, you will need a hotel room. This is known as an out-call (think of it similar to Uber eats delivery, except the delivery of our females is far tastier!). We do service all suburbs of Melbourne, however during busy times we do restrict our business to Melbourne CBD and immediate surrounds. Our high class Escorts in Melbourne are regular guests at Novotel, Crown Casino Melbourne, The Hilton, Sofitel, Quest and many more. If you're staying in one of Melbourne's luxury hotels or penthouses we can have a stunning lady at your room within 30-45 minutes of you making a booking.

Our Melbourne Escort Agency is open 7 days per week, both night and day - with a diverse range of beautiful female Escorts in Melbourne available around the clock. At High Class Escorts Melbourne, we make sure there's never a reason to be lonely in Melbourne! Most often, we have between 20-30 beautiful high class Melbourne Escorts available to be booked; more ladies on weekends.

There are many reasons why men and couples book the services of a female Escorts. In short, the main reason is to have a good time. Whether that is to appease loneliness, have a romantic dinner date with a hot young lady, try something new in the bedroom or spice up a stale sex life; our Melbourne Escort Agency caters to all these type of requests. You may have the simplest request - to have sex with a hot blonde lady, early 20's, with big breasts. Or you may have something more specific involving a step by step role play. No matter how simple or complex, our Agency will be able to match you with a suitable companion.

To book one of our Melbourne Escorts or work our if seeing a female Escort is for you - simply call our reception directly on 8617 9999. Our Melbourne Escort Agency only hire friendly and experienced staff that will put you instantly at ease. Reception staff will chat with you and determine what type of female Escort would best suit your needs, then match you with available ladies. From there you decide if you'd like to proceed with organising an Escort in Melbourne to visit you. It really is as simple as that. You have the option to pay via credit card over the phone (please note drivers license must be sent through to reception) or cash upon your lady's arrival. If you've paid for 1 hour, then you get to spend one hour with her.

Very straight forward. The focus should be on having fun!

Choosing A Melbourne Escort To Suit Your Needs 

To help make your first time Melbourne Escort experience run smoothly, consider these 2 basic factors:

  1. In the most basic of terms, what sort of lady are you attracted to? This maybe as simple as you like short blonde ladies with big breasts. Or, you may have a fantasy about your favorite actress or have always wanted to be with a redhead? Another may be you love Asian Escorts. These generic statements are enough to get our receptionist started to help you find your dream companion for the night.
  2. Is there a specific sexual service you're looking for? E.g. Anal sex, Porn Star Experience, Girlfriend Experience etc? When you book an Escort in Melbourne for a minimum of 1 hour (1 hour is the shortest possible Escort booking), you will receive a sexual service that comprises of very light massage, protected oral sex (blow job) and vaginal penetration in a variety of positions. If you're wanting more than that, or you have an interest in fetishes and kinks - please let reception know when you speak with them (It is important to note that not all of our sexy Melbourne Escorts offer the same service, e.g. some offer Anal, while others don't).


If you have a general idea of those two points, reception will sort you out with a sexy female companion for the evening in a matter of minutes. Your hot female Escort will then arrive at your accommodation, at the agreed upon time, to perform whatever sexual requests you have discussed with reception beforehand. Or if you're up for a surprise, simply choose a Melbourne Escort that you'll be attracted to, with the help of our reception staff; and let her lead the way when she arrives at your hotel room. Before you know it she will be on her way to your hotel or serviced apartment and your booking begins!

First time booking an Escort in Melbourne - how long do I book for?

The minimum booking length you can book one of our high class Melbourne Escorts for is 1 hour.

For your first time booking Melbourne Escorts, if you're a client that doesn't want to feel rushed and can often experience nervousness when trying new things; we suggest booking for 90 minutes - 2 hours. Couples who book a bisexual experience, 90 minutes is the shortest time we suggest.

Clients that are wanting to book an Escort in Melbourne and have some sort of connection or natural flow of things, 1 hour just isn't enough and you're likely to feel rushed when you realise there's only 30 minutes or less left of your booking!  Clients tell us all the time that clock watching is the number 1 mood and performance killer. 90 minutes is the perfect time to have a chat back and forth, maybe a drink and a light snack, then let the natural progression of the mood take course and the intimacy/fun can begin!

If you're not wanting to develop a natural flow, and literally just want to wham-bam, get straight into the action then 1 hour should do you fine!

Quick Do's And Don'ts When Booking Melbourne Escorts For The First Time


  • - Ask the Melbourne Escort Agency reception staff plenty of questions before making your booking if you're a first time client. That's why they are available, to ensure you're fully aware of how booking a Melbourne Escort works.
  • - Be on time/ available for the agreed upon time of when your lady is meant to be arriving. When you booked with Melbourne Escort Agency, you would have agreed upon a time, location etc. Remember if you've booked 1 hour, and you're 15 minutes late; that's 45 min of play time gone! Also please make sure you keep the Escort Agency informed if you're going to be late or for whatever reason you won't be available. Nothing worse for a high class Escort than turning up to a clients room and there's no answer! No excuses it's just rude as the ladies have put effort into getting ready to give you a good time.
  • - Be polite and courteous, as if you were meeting someone for the first time 
  • - Ensure your hygiene has been taken care of: brushing your teeth, trim your pubes if you want an Escort to spend more than 1 second on your private parts, vigorously showering with soap while making sure you scrub all of your private parts (yes that means washing your balls, anus, penis and if you're not circumcised make sure you pull your foreskin back and scrub underneath it, if you're part of a bisexual couple - ladies make sure your vagina is clean), use deodorant and if you use aftershave or cologne make sure you don't drown yourself in it! Just a light spray of a sexy fragrance is more than enough to satisfy us.
  • - Don't make it uncomfortable when your Escort arrives in regards to making her ask for payment. 99.9% of ladies won't be shy in asking you for money but it certainly can put a dampener on the mood. And guys/couples, we all know why we're are seeing each other - when you get to your supermarket do you play games about whether you have to pay for your groceries? No, you just pay. *If you don't want your booking to seem 'clinical' or very 'transaction' then be upfront and forward with providing cash payment (unless you've paid with the Melbourne Escort Agency beforehand).
  • - Above all, don't be nervous just be yourself and enjoy yourself; after all, that's why you've booked a hot female Melbourne Escort in the first place!



  • - Don't stink! There's nothing worse than meeting a client and they smell like something is rotting. If you stink, most high class Escorts will encourage you to have a shower even if you say you have (that's them just being polite). They may try and incorporate a shower into your foreplay. If you've booked a sexual service that includes things like DFK (deep french kissing) and your mouth stinks like death and/or an ashtray, no Escort will or has to kiss that. Brush your teeth. If you want a sexy lady to go down on you, and your cock smells like it's rotting, that's a no go. The list could continue but I'm sure you get the point. 
  • - Don't play games with money. Have the correct, agreed upon money ready and be forward in providing it.
  • - Don't drink an excessive amount of alcohol and/or take drugs in the attempt to help your mood. Guys if you drink too much, it's likely your not going to be able to perform much if at all! Also drinking excessively and/or taking drugs that will directly affect your behavior may do so in a non-favorable way. Some clients when drinking too much become loud, aggressive, obnoxious and rude. If your high class Melbourne Escort believes as a client you're too intoxicated or under the influence of drugs that negatively impact your behavior, your Escort will not commence your booking due to the environment being unsafe (yes you still have to pay for the booking); Melbourne Escort Agency management supports all high class Escorts in their right to work in a safe environment.
  • - Don't book a service with Escorts Melbourne if you're not really sure what it involves - ask the Melbourne Escort Agency reception staff plenty of questions. There's nothing wrong with not knowing what a PSE (porn star experience) is, or the difference between GFE (girlfriend experience) and PSE; ask! Don't act like a big shot pretending you know all about Escorts if you don't - it will cost you a lot of cash, you won't enjoy yourself and make you feel embarrassed; not what booking an Escort is about. If you're a couple booking a bisexual female Escort for the first time, you'll need some planning to ensure no boundaries are crossed and both you and your partner have a pleasurable, fun time. The Agency's reception staff will ask you lots of questions and ask for your feedback to ensure you're going to be matched with a female Escort that will satisfy your needs.  


Have a quick read of what you shouldn't ask your Escort Melbourne! Having good manners and etiquette goes a long way. The more your Escort enjoys seeing you, the better experience you will receive (that goes for any service). 


A Melbourne Escort Agency That Understands You

At High Class Escorts Melbourne, we understand the nerves, anticipation and excitement that is associated with seeing a Melbourne Escort for the first time. Your first experience is safe with us, and we will ensure you have a fantastic time. Our Melbourne Escort Agency has built it's reputation on dealing with our clientele in an honest and integral manner, and also having the sexiest girls available in Melbourne!

Contact reception online, or phone directly on 8617 9999 to book high class Melbourne Escorts - we are now open!


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