Our High Class Melbourne Escort Agency has select group of Courtesans that are absolutely stunning and have bodies many women dream they could have. We have Fitness Escorts available who have toned bodies that are available for your enjoyment and pleasure. Many of our athletic toned Escorts compete in bikini competitions and cross fit competitions not only throughout Australia, but worldwide - many as professional athletes. Our Agency is also fortunate to have fit toned Escorts that have appeared on the front cover of high profile fitness magazines. If you're a couple looking for a bisexual experience and want a bisexual female Escort that is fit, has a body that is toned and athletic - book one of our bisexual fit toned Escorts.

What is a high class Athletic Toned Fit Escort?

Quite simply, a fit athletic toned female Escort means they have a body that is in amazing shape - just like you'd imagine a fitness model to be. These ladies bodies are not too muscular (they are not bodybuilding Escorts), but are nice and toned; these girls look like they work out! Fit athletic Escorts spend many hours per day in the gym, working out and ensuring their bodies are looking their best. These girls also follow fitness food plans to ensure their health is optimal on the inside and out. Compared to the 'average' body type our fitness Escorts have quite low body fat. 

It's important to note that our high class Escort Agency has strict guidelines as to whom we consider to be a female toned Escort - to be one of our athletic toned Escorts means much more than buying a gym membership or simply going to the gym. These strict guidelines are in place to ensure the quality remains very high and protects our clients and future clientele from being disappointed. There is nothing worse than booking a sexy fit toned Escort and having an Escort turn up who is clearly not in shape - there is no difference if you ask for a hot blonde Escort but a lady with black hair turns up, not acceptable. Or you want an Asian Escort but an Australian Escort turns up; again, not acceptable.

Another common question from first time clients booking our fit athletic Escorts - what size are they? Between size 6-8. Ages 18-30.

Athletic Body Melbourne Escort

Book A Toned Fitness Escort in Melbourne 

Booking one of our sexy toned fitness Escorts is an exciting time, as once you've secured a booking with them you know you're going to have your hands on a female body that most have only ever dreamed of! We have both heterosexual and Bisexual female Escorts are available who are also toned and have very fit bodies - if you're a couple wanting a bisexual female Escort, you can't go past our young fit athletic Escorts.

When you call reception to book a fit athletic Escort, please have the following information ready:

  1. When and where would you like her to visit you? Please note our high class Escorts only visit hotels and serviced accommodation; private residences are only permitted with prior approval from Melbourne Escort Agency management (this is a security policy in place to protect both our ladies and valued clients).
  2. Would you like a straight athletic Escort or a bisexual athletic Escort experience?
  3. What looks or physical characteristics are you looking for? Aside from a sexy toned and fit body, do you want tall or short? Tattoos or no tattoos? Blonde, brunette or maybe a redhead?
  4. Is there any particular sexual service you're looking for? Kinks, fetishes, role play, PSE (porn star experience), GFE (girlfriend experience), anal, toys? If there's nothing specific sexually you're looking for that's fine. Our fit toned girls all offer a great intimate experience.


Without word of exaggeration, our toned athletic Escorts are gorgeous and stunning. The work that goes into maintaining their body is really a full time job in itself. As such, the rates for our fitness Escorts start at our Platinum price range. Depending on where in Melbourne you're wanting our Escorts to visit you, there may be a driver-fee in addition to our standard rates (e.g. for bookings that are not in Melbourne CBD or immediate surrounds).

fit toned Escorts in Melbourne

Female Fit Toned Escorts Available Now

Our fit and toned fitness Escorts are in Melbourne and available to be booked! These sexy fit stunners are available 7 days and nights per week, visiting all suburbs of Melbourne (during busy times our bookings are restricted to Melbourne CBD and immediate surrounding suburbs).

Our Melbourne Escort Agency has fit toned Escorts available now:

  • - Ages 18 through to 30.
  • - Size 6 - 8.
  • - All ladies are fit, in shape, low body fat and sexy muscle tone (please note these are not bodybuilders!).
  • - Many are professional athletes who compete in international bikini shows, cross fit competitions and appear on fitness magazine covers.
  • - Many nationalities of fit Escorts: African, European, Australian plus more.
  • - Blondes, brunettes, redheads, black hair and all colours in between.
  • - Bisexual fitness Escorts available for couples in addition to heterosexual athletic Escorts.
  • - Sexual services from mainstream vanilla through to kinks and fetishes: girlfriend experience (GFE), porn star experience (PSE), golden showers, anal, toys, role plays and anything else you can think of. If there's a sexual service that's on your mind; the fact you've thought of it, let us create it for you! You're only limited by your imagination.


The demand for our fit and toned Escorts is very high; the demand from clientele far exceeds our ability to supply (reasons accurately mentioned above that our Melbourne Escort Agency has very strict criteria to be considered an athletic Escort). As such it is not often we have last minute bookings available. It's important that you speak with reception at your earliest convenience to express interest in booking one of these sexy ladies so you can secure an appointment, or be placed on a waiting list so when an appointment becomes available; you have the option to take it.

gym fit Melbourne Escorts

Why is there a waiting list for Athletic Toned Escorts & How does it work?

A waiting list has come about because the demand for our athletic Escorts far exceeds our supply. We do not have enough fit toned Escorts available for our clients.

It's important to understand that just because our Melbourne Escort Agency is open round the clock, it doesn't mean the same Escorts are available at all times. Many of our high class Courtesans have varying availability to when clients can book them. Some may work a lot, while some may not. As mentioned our Escort Agency has very strict guidelines for an Escort to be considered one of our fit toned athletic Escorts - this ensures the quality remains high and clients are very satisfied they are getting what they paid for. If you're paying for an Escort who is meant to be fit, toned and an athlete that's exactly what you should get.

Our Athletic fit Escorts are often involved in competing in body sculpting type sports on a professional level - as such, when they are competing and highly committed to their training they can not be working as often; maintaining their sexy sculptured physique requires a lot of time and commitment which is not only important for their sporting career, but also what is required by their clientele. The time dedicated to keeping their body looking so good is very time consuming which obviously decreases their availability to take bookings. 

The waiting list works very simply: first in first served. Once you join a waiting list to see an fit athletic toned Escort, when you're next in line to receive a booking you will be offered a booking. For example: if there are already 13 people waiting to see a Fitness Escort that suits your needs (looks, sexual service etc) and you'd like to book her once she's available; you then become number 14 on the list. If this same fitness Escort only sees a small number of clients each week, and is also taking a month off work in a few weeks; you can easily see how there could be 3-4 month wait. We have some athletic Escorts who currently have a 6 month waiting list!


Call 8617 9999 to speak with reception directly about booking a hot sexy athletic fit Escort.