High Class Escorts Melbourne has straight and bisexual female Escorts available that offer a variety of different services to both men and couples. Anal sex is a service offered exclusively by our stunning Anal Escorts - it is important to note that just as each of our lovely ladies vary in appearance, so does the sexual service they offer (not all high class Melbourne Escorts offer anal sex). It is therefore very important if you're wanting to experience anal sex / anal play with one of our Escorts, please let reception know when making your booking so an Anal Escort can be chosen for you.

First and foremost, if this is your first time trying anal sex or booking an Anal Escort experience, please let your Escort know! There's nothing to be embarrassed about trying something for the first time, or the need to make out you're an anal expert (if you're not) thinking you're going to impress your Escort - you won't. Remember, there's never a need to think you need to "impress", "show off" to your high class Escort or be embarrassed about your sexual preferences; simply focus on enjoying yourselves. Letting your sexy Melbourne Escort know this is your first time will help improve your experience, and your Escorts - she can take things a little slower and help make sure you are getting the most pleasure out of your experience.

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7 personal hot tips to help you enjoy Anal Sex from Charlotte - one of our former Melbourne Escorts

  1. Prior to your Anal Escorts’ arrival, take the time to make sure your finger nails are clean, cut short and you have showered (gentlemen and couples, even if you have already showered, please don't be offended if your Melbourne Escort asks you to shower when she arrives - this is standard procedure).
  2. Upon your gorgeous Escorts arrival, communicate. Don’t be shy, tell her your needs and/or expectations and she will be more than happy to accommodate your desires. If you are nervous or anxious, let your Escort know - she will have a few tricks up her sleeve to help you relax.
  3. Ask your female companion is she drinks or would like something non alcoholic to drink. If so offer her a glass of wine, bubbly or soft drink to set the mood (whether your Escort does or doesn't drink alcohol is personal preference, please don't be offended if she chooses not to consume alcohol).
  4. Try to be as relaxed as possible. Remember your sexy Melbourne Escort is here to please you and only you. The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the easier it will be for her to pleasure you. 
  5. Follow your Melbourne Escorts lead (especially if this is your first anal play / anal sex experience), and start with gentle anal play. Whether you use your fingers, accompanied by your tongue is something your Anal Escort will guide you about. Let's be honest there's nothing better than a tongue to gently loosen your a tight ass. 
  6. Lube! Lube! Lube! Remember the anus isn’t self lubricating, so don’t be a tight ass (pun intended), use lube generously. 
  7. Most importantly, go slow. Your hard cock isn’t going to slide into your Escorts’ tight ass straight away. Take your time with anal play, let your beautiful Melbourne Escort guide you and don’t force penetration.

Anal sex should be enjoyable for both you and your sexy companion. Don’t make it a painful and awkward experience for you and/or your Anal Escort. 

Melbourne Escorts Offer A Variety Of Anal Play Services

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There are many different forms of anal play, anal play doesn't just mean having anal sex / anal penetration. Anal play doesn't necessarily mean you have to penetrate the anus; you could enjoy Rimming, which involves stimulating the outside of the anus with the tongue. Or you may consider enjoyable anal play just experiencing the feel of touch the outside of the anus with a finger.

As a client, when booking a Melbourne Escort who offers anal play, they may receive anal play, but not necessarily give anal play to you; or they may only give you anal play but not receive it. Or they may give and receive anal play. As such, before calling reception staff to book a Melbourne Escort who offers anal play, you must first decide whether you want to give, receive or both.

Receiving Anal Sex / Anal Play From Your Escort

Guys who say they don't enjoy their butt being played with is lying, unless they've had a horrible first experience. The anus has so many nerve endings that are just waiting to be stimulated! Any guy who is open and honest about enjoying anal play will tell you, there's nothing better than having an orgasm while receiving anal stimulation. 

  • - First and foremost - receiving anal play shouldn't hurt! There can be some discomfort, but it shouldn't be unbearably painful.
  • - If you've never inserted anything into your butt, why would you start with a large dildo or strap-on? It's just silly and guaranteed to hurt you.

As mentioned above, if you've never had anal play or anal sex before, let your Melbourne Escort know! There's nothing wrong with saying you're not sure what you're doing, that way your Escort can ensure they provide you with a slow, safe approach.

Any client who is beginning to explore the joys of butt-play, take it slow, and start small! 

  • - Start with a finger or tongue, just touching the outside of your butt. 
  • - If you're enjoying your ass being licked on the outside, and/or a finger just rubbing the entrance of your anus - maybe it's time to see how some very light and small penetration goes.
  • - Introduce a small finger that is well lubed, just penetrating your bum. Let the well lubed finger just sit in there and be comfortable with it sitting inside your butt - if you enjoy the feeling, maybe go a little deeper and just experiment with the sensation.
  • - If you're enjoying the feeling of a finger inside your butt, you can comfortably move on to butt plugs of different sizes. When choosing a butt plug, try and find toys that are just a small increase in size from your finger, and in small increments you can increase in size from there.
  • - If you enjoy the submissive aspect of having your Melbourne Escort penetrate your butt and you're comfortable with larger sized toys in your anus - you can always try having your Escort use a strap-on on you. 


Melbourne Escorts Prostate Massage

Not all Melbourne Escorts who offer anal play can perform a prostate massage on clients. This is a unique skill that does require plenty of practice and excellent technique to do safely. If you're wanting an Escort who does perform prostate massages safely, you're fortunate that we do have Melbourne Escorts who specialise in prostate massaging. If you're just starting out in receiving anal play, we don't recommend jumping straight to a prostate massage. We suggest becoming very comfortable using different sized butt plugs before moving on to prostate massage with your Melbourne Escort.

Many clients who have fallen in love with having their prostate massaged say they have never felt such a strong and intense orgasm. When booking an Anal Escort you can request that she is able to perform a prostate massage on you. Your Melbourne Escort can incorporate anal stimulation during foreplay, such as just using a lubed finger on the outside of your butt while giving you a blow job, or while kissing you or maybe sucking your balls.

Best positions to receive a prostate massage:

  • - While laying on your back, legs in the air, while your Escort gives you a blow job or hand-job and she massages your prostate
  • - Standing up, your Melbourne Escort sucks your balls while giving you a prostate massage
  • - You're on all 4's, in doggy style, your Melbourne Escort is stoking your cock from behind while giving you a prostate massage 

To feel the full orgasmic effects, it's absolutely essential that you relax while getting a prostate massage. 

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Contact Melbourne Escort Agency For Your Anal Play Needs

Escorts Melbourne is a Melbourne Escort Agency that has female companions available who specialise in anal sex / anal play. All Anal Escorts are experienced in pleasuring men with anal stimulation, and our bisexual female Anal Escorts can pleasure both men and women (couples and groups) with anal play; some will allow anal play both ways, while some will only allow anal sex from you. You will be pleased to know we cater for many different types of anal pleasure: fingers, toys (butt plugs, strapons etc), cock, fisting, prostate massage - just to name a few.

Anal pleasure is not a service that is within our standard Melbourne Escort experience - rates for Anal Escorts are Platinum and Diamond categories only.

Call reception directly now to book an anal experience; or submit an email enquiry if you prefer.

  1. Aaron
    June 12, 2020 -

    Hey im just looking for a girl that dies anal?

    • admin
      June 15, 2020 -

      Hi Aaron, we have many sexy Melbourne Escorts available that offer anal sex :)

      • Milos
        November 21, 2020 -

        Hi do you have toned escorts that do anal as well pls and could u see a profile of them if possible.

        • admin
          November 22, 2020 -

          Hi Milos, yes we have fit toned Escorts in Melbourne that also offer anal play with clients. Please contact reception directly

  2. Mick
    June 22, 2020 -

    I've always wanted to try anal sex but have been to scared because of it being messy and unclean? Do the anal sex escorts make sure it's clean or how do I know if there's going to be a mess if you know what I mean? If it's going to be all clean I'd really like to have an escort come to Port Melbourne for 1 hour. Thx

    • admin
      June 24, 2020 -

      Hi Mick, Anal Sex / anal play doesn't have to be messy - our Melbourne Escorts that offer anal sex / anal play ensure that they are ready and clean for your booking. In saying that, you do have to remember that the function of the anus is distinctly different to the vagina, and as such there is always a risk of potential smells that you may experience during anal play that you wouldn't during vaginal sex. We have many Escorts available to visit you in Port Melbourne :)

  3. Aidan
    July 31, 2020 -

    Do all of your girls offer the strap on service

    • admin
      July 31, 2020 -

      Hi Aidan, thanks for your message. Not all of our ladies offer a strap-on service, but we have many sexy escorts that do :)

  4. GD
    September 4, 2020 -

    Hi I’m looking for young escort with great looks and personality. Great bum and anal play is essential. I would like to book longer times with right girl. Please let me know my options and cost. Thank you

    • admin
      September 4, 2020 -

      Hi, we have many sexy Escorts in Melbourne that you would like. Please see our rates page for more information - which includes overnight rates and hourly rates :) To see which Anal Escorts are available, it's quickest to call reception directly.

  5. David Squires
    October 24, 2020 -

    I will be in Mornington this Friday do you have Escorts who could visit me at s residential house?

  6. Paul
    January 28, 2021 -

    Can I book a service with an escort that does anal and has amazing curves

    • admin
      January 28, 2021 -

      Hi Paul, of course, we have amazing Escorts in Melbourne that provide Anal sex. Please use our contact-form to give us more information.

  7. Matt
    March 18, 2021 -

    Just wondering the cost of a call out service including anal to langwarrin

  8. Junior
    April 9, 2021 -

    Hi, How I can pick a girl ? Can't see any photos with names and there service details?

    • admin
      April 11, 2021 -

      Hi Junior - simply let us know what type of lady you’re attracted to and we will see which of our Melbourne Escorts are available that offers anal sex.

  9. Craig Bradley
    March 15, 2022 -

    Hi I would like to book a girl for 2.00 am on the Wednesday morning 16th March.

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