Are you looking for a prostate massage in Melbourne? High Class Escorts Melbourne have Melbourne Escorts available right now that specialise in providing clients with best prostate massage and prostate milking services. It's very important to receive a prostate massage from an Escort that is experienced and understands how to perform a prostate massage safely to ensure maximum sexual pleasure for male clients. Receiving a prostate massage is considered the ultimate sexual pleasure for a man - and our ladies love to deliver such enjoyment. There's no need to feel awkward or uncomfortable when contacting our Melbourne Escort Agency and asking for a prostate massage - we treat every client with the utmost respect and confidentiality. You can book with us in confidence knowing that we have the most experienced Melbourne Escorts available who provide the best prostate massage services. It's also both safe and legal to book a prostate massage Escort with our Agency as we are fully licensed by the Victorian government.

What is a prostate massage?

For men who have never received a prostate massage, there are often misleading rumours about what a prostate massage involves. And no, it doesn't mean you're gay if you enjoy having your prostate massaged or milked. A prostate massage involves a well lubricated finger being inserted into your rectum, whereby the finger is able to rub/ stimulate your prostate gland. As your prostate is massaged by a finger, it becomes stimulated and releases excess seminal fluid from the prostate gland. If you're relaxed, allowing yourself to enjoy your prostate gland to be stimulated, it will increase your arousal, enhance your erection and it can also be used as a foreplay to help relax your rectum if you were to receive anal sex - of course, you don't have to necessarily want to receive anal sex to get a prostate massage; however it does help relax the rectum a lot. You can give yourself a prostate massage on your own while you masturbate, or like our clients prefer, to book a sexy prostate massage Escort to perform this for them.

First time receiving a prostate massage

If this is your first time receiving a prostate massage, there's no need to be nervous or worried - it should be an exciting time as a prostate massage orgasm is the most heightened pleasure and strongest orgasm a male can experience. Our Escorts who specialise in providing prostate services will make you feel comfortable and relaxed before your prostate massage begins. It's very important that you allow yourself to relax, both mind and body, to fully experience the pleasure of a prostate massage session. If you have any questions, concerns or last minute hesitations; your prostate massage Escort will answer any questions you may have and appease your concerns. Remember, you're booking an experienced Melbourne Escort that offers the best prostate massage service as she specialises in this service. 

Prostate Massage Melbourne Experience

At High Class Escorts Melbourne, we're proud to offer our clients the best prostate massage services by skilled Escorts who know how to deliver the ultimate mind blowing orgasm. Our Prostate Massage Escorts are available 7 days and nights per week in Melbourne, visiting you in the comfort of your hotel room, when you need them. As a client, you call the shots, let us know what you're looking for and we make it happen. An Escort of your choice will arrive at your hotel, she knows you're wanting a prostate massage, but the rest is up to you. You could have a few drinks in your room, then move to the bedroom. Or you may prefer to have some dinner first. Or maybe you're that horny, you'd like to have your Escort give you the sexual relief you need ASAP.

Every prostate massage should start slow, no matter if you're a beginner or advanced in anal play. Taking things slow allows you to build up to a satisfying climax. The longer you can build up your sexual arousal, the stronger and more intense your orgasm will be - which means a more satisfying experience. Make sure you give plenty of feedback during your prostate massage, tell your sexy Escort how you like it - bit deeper, bit quicker or slower, insert another finger; every man enjoys their prostate massaged in their own unique way. Our prostate massage Escorts will tailor your experience to exactly how you like it.

As you're enjoying the feeling of your prostate being massaged by your Melbourne Escort, she can continue to massage your prostate while giving you a hand job or blow job; or you can masturbate yourself if you prefer while she just performs the prostate massage. As the stimulation and massage on your prostate increases, you'll continue to feel an increase in sexual arousal and overall pleasure - now don't be alarmed if this feels somewhat overwhelming. If you've never experienced prostate stimulation before, this heightened arousal is very intense; like nothing you've ever experienced before. As your sexual arousal continues to increase, and you're continuing to masturbate, you'll feel yourself get closer and closer to feeling like you're about to orgasm. There really are no words that can describe what you'll feel next, but please just relax and let yourself go and enjoy your whole body orgasm experience; it's not uncommon for you to feel your whole body shake and quiver as you ejaculate and spray your load like you've never seen before - your orgasm is likely to look like you've sprayed a fountain of 'milk'. This is where the prostate milking term comes from - as your prostate is rubbed and stimulated, this can also be called milking your prostate.


Book The Best Prostate Massage In Melbourne

We have Melbourne Escorts that are renowned and highly reputed for offering the best prostate massages in Melbourne. Our clients trust and refer our prostate massage services to others because our prostate massage Escorts are highly skilled, very experienced and of course, gorgeous to look at. In fact, our Escorts that offer prostate milking and massage services to clients are so turned on by it, they consider it to be a kink of theirs.  

Booking a prostate massage in Melbourne is very quick and easy. When you call reception to make a booking, they will ask you these two questions:

  1. When and where do you want your Escort to perform your prostate massage? E.g. 4pm, this Thursday at Crown Towers Hotel, room 987
  2. What do you want your sexy Escort to look like? E.g. 'I'd like a sexy Asian Escort that is in her 20's with short hair and has large breasts'.

Given the information you provide to reception, they will then be able to let you know which of our Prostate Massage Escorts are available that suit your requirements.

You can choose from a wide variety of Escorts in Melbourne that are available to provide prostate massages and prostate milking services: 


All prostate massage Escorts are experienced providers who understand how to deliver the ultimate prostate pleasure to clients in a safe and comfortable environment. Please note that prostate massage services are not included in standard bookings, they are offered by our Platinum and Diamond Escorts only. Please see Melbourne Escorts rates for more information. The shortest booking length available is 1 hour, we don't offer 30 minute bookings.

Call 8617 9999 now to arrange a prostate massage Escort to come and give you the most powerful orgasm you've ever experienced.