A licensed Melbourne Escort Agency like High Class Escorts Melbourne is like any other business - there are many different positions within the Melbourne Escort Agency that must be successfully fulfilled to allow the business to run successfully; and most importantly, allow the business to grow. Our Melbourne Escort Agency receives many enquiries asking 'is your Escort Agency legal' or 'is it legal to work with you?' Yes, working with or for any licensed (issued by the Victorian Government) Melbourne Escort Agency or Melbourne Brothel is legal. If you know anyone who is currently, or has previously worked with a Melbourne Brothel or Escort Agency, they will tell you there are more laws and policies regulating the Victorian Sex Industry than any other industry - protecting the Sex Workers who align themselves with Brothels and Agencies, administrative and management staff who assist in running the business, and also the wider community.

Becoming An Escort In Melbourne

High class private Escorts throughout world pride themselves on associating with High Class Escorts Melbourne. It is not uncommon for our Melbourne Escort Agency to have touring female Escorts from Europe, USA, UK and Asia who are available to be booked by our clientele – so please ensure you check-in with reception regularly, as it is likely there’s a new face you haven’t seen before.

Have you ever wondered why you never see legal Melbourne Escort Agency employment advertising? For example, ‘Female Escorts Wanted in Melbourne’ or ‘Become An Escort With Our High Class Escort Agency’ on SEEK or one of the many major recruitment sites? Or even advertising for ‘Become A High Class Escort Today – call now’ within the Adult Entertainment Industry? Laws in Victoria prevent us from doing so. Yes, even legal Escort Agencies and legal Melbourne Brothels are prohibited to advertise for Escorts / Sex Workers. When we tell people this, they say ‘but you’re a legal business, it doesn’t make sense’.

If you’re looking to become a high class Escort or are a female Escort looking for work in Melbourne, please see our Female Escort Employment Page for more details.

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Melbourne Escort Agency Administrative Employment

Recently, there have been changes to regulations about Melbourne Brothels and Melbourne Escort Agencies advertising for non Sex Worker positions. High Class Escorts Melbourne can now advertise for the following positions:

  • Escort Managers - staff management and duty shift management positions whereby
  • Phone operators/receptionists - organise Escort bookings.
  • Administrative personnel
  • Security Drivers for our female Escorts

Please feel free to contact our Melbourne Escort Agency at any time to discuss potential employment opportunities, or even if you want general Escort advice. Despite not being able to advertise for certain positions, once you approach our Agency, we have a very straightforward application process. Experience in the Sex Industry or Escort Industry is not essential to be apart of our brand. What is essential, is you possess a friendly, easy going, professional and customer service attitude.