Our High Class Melbourne Escorts prefer to keep their personal life and working Escort life very separate; and do not look favorably upon clients who are nosey or intrusive. Our Escorts Melbourne love what they do and want to make the most out of their working relationship with every client; each and every clients knows when they book our Melbourne Escorts their secrets are safe, personal boundaries respected and operate with discretion at all times. In turn, our high class Melbourne Escorts ask that you reciprocate the same courtesy and not overstep any personal boundaries during your booking. Let's be honest, most clients' would not appreciate being asked questions about their wife, kids, income, finances or job by a complete stranger, and our Melbourne Escorts are no different. You can ask as many questions as you like about your sexual service, sexual needs and desires and/or anything pertaining to your booking. 

All of our Escorts in Melbourne are very friendly, courteous, respectful and love pleasing their clients. New clients are always welcome.

Maintaining A Healthy Escort - Client Relationship Is Important

As much as our Melbourne Escort Agency doesn't like to focus on the fact that each booking you spend with our High Class Melbourne Escorts is a business transaction; it is important to keep in mind your Escort is providing you with a service in exchange for a sum of money - as much as it may be in your private personal time as a client, your Melbourne Escort is fulfilling your time in a professional capacity in her working life. Personal questions are not necessary nor are they appreciated. For the sake of your Melbourne Escorts privacy, and maintaining a healthy and enjoyable client-Escort relationship; never go there...

7 Things You Should Avoid Asking Any High Class Melbourne Escort:

Can you do me a special deal? Can you give me a discount on the price? This is probably the most insulting question you could ever ask any high class Melbourne Escort. Let’s take a moment to think about how you would feel in your workplace, if a customer was to ask you for a discount on the service you provide. Not a discount on a product, but a discount on your personal service and your skills. There is no alternate way to interpret such a request other than purely insulting and would most likely prompt you to feel less inclined to providing quality service to said customer. High Class Escorts Melbourne have only the finest quality and best Escorts in Melbourne available. All Melbourne Escorts who represent our Agency take pride in providing a high quality pleasurable service to each and every client. When you book our stunning Melbourne Escorts, you make an agreement with reception to pay the requested amount to your Escort upon her arrival. Never ever try to renege on your agreement or attempt to bargain with your female companion - all Escorts Melbourne rates are not negotiable.

Do i have to wear a condom? Yes, Yes, Yes! Yes you do! No it's not negotiable. Yes you must wear a condom! Safe sex practices always apply, with no exceptions. Not only should you never question your high class Melbourne Escorts decision to use a condom, but also be thankful that she enforces safe sex practices! For the sake of not only her sexual health but also your own sexual health. Consider this, if you book Escorts in Melbourne and she is willing to provide you a sexual service such as BBBJ (bare back blowjob) meaning blow job with no condom - how many other clients do you think she is also offering this service to? Clients please also be aware that each and every lady that represents High Class Escorts Melbourne has full support of management in refusing to provide illegal, unsafe sexual services.

What is your real name? This is another question that isn't welcomed by Melbourne Escorts and is most definitely over stepping into their private lives. It is very standard that Melbourne Escorts in the Sex Industry, male, female, trans, use a fake name or alias purely for privacy reasons, to remain anonymous. Respect your Melbourne Escorts decision to remain anonymous, never pressure her to reveal her real name or details of her private life.

Do you have a partner? Does he/she know you Escort in Melbourne?  The last thing any Escort in Melbourne wants to discuss whilst being intimate with a complete stranger is her own intimate relationship outside her working life as High Class Melbourne Escorts. The majority of our gorgeous ladies are in loving relationships whilst some choose to remain single. However none of our Melbourne Escorts appreciate questions relating to their relationship status.

Can i see you outside bookings? Can i take you out on a date? As flattering as you think you’re being asking your Melbourne Escort on a date outside work, essentially you are asking your Escort to see you in her free time, free of charge. “Free” is not a word that exists in Melbourne Escorts vocab. During a booking, High Class Melbourne Escorts are in work mode, and do not have the slightest inclination to entertain the idea of seeing a client outside work. Sex with you, as a client in a booking, whilst she is enjoying having sex with you, is considered nothing more than work to your Escort.

Do i have to shower? Regardless of how clean and hygienic you think you may be, your Melbourne Escorts will always ask you to shower upon her arrival - this is also standard Melbourne Escort Agency protocol. Never question it or take offence, it is standard protocol that applies to every client. Respect your Escorts request; the sooner you shower the sooner your sexy escort can intimately start to pleasure you. Think of being asked to shower as a good thing! You know that your lady of the evening considers her personal hygiene to be of the utmost importance. 

How much do you make in a day/week/month? How many clients do you see in a day? If a stranger was to approach you in the street and ask you how much you make per week, and how many hours per week you work, how would you respond? Undoubtedly you would feel the strangers’ question is not warranted nor would you feel comfortable or obliged to answer such a question. That is exactly how your High Class Melbourne Escorts feel when a client asks personal questions regarding her income and number of bookings she attends. Asking such questions leaves the escort feeling uncomfortable and awkward and could quite possibly ruin a booking. Some questions are best left unanswered and this is one of them.


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