Everyone who books an Escort in Melbourne wants sex don't they? No - most do, but not everyone. I've been a high class Melbourne Escort for many years and throughout my professional career as a Sex Worker, just when I thought I'd seen it all; I hadn't - a new client request would filter through. Especially in the early years of me Escorting, I found this to be one of the most fun and exciting parts of the job; let's be honest, much more exciting than sitting answering phone calls all day, or making 1 of 5 different coffees in a coffee shop. The thrill of what men or couples want in the bedroom really lit my fire!

The term sex means something different for everybody; in this day and age what is considered standard on the first date is far different to what it was years ago. There's a spectrum of sexual appetite, ranging from very mainstream or 'vanilla', moving along through to 'being adventurous', to 'try anything' or a 'trysexual' right through to specific kinks and fetishes; did you notice not once did I use a term such as 'dirty' or 'perverted'? In my opinion, unless someone is interested in indecent activities with minors or animals, or wants someone to be 'forced' against their will or without consent (not in role play with safe words); all other sexual interests are an 'each to their own' / 'horses for courses' situation.

Different Reasons Men And Couples Book Melbourne Escorts

  1. Have sex now! Possibly the most obvious and definitely one of the predominant reasons many men and couples book the sexual services of Escorts in Melbourne. Social media apps such as Tinder and the like have tried to capture the 'sex on demand' but realistically, there's a lot of 'swiping' left / right to try and connect with someone, and then many won't respond to 'lets hook up right now' before going through the obligatory hi, where you from? what are you looking for? what are you into blah blah. Even RedHotPie which I've used on and off (yes us Sex Workers / Escorts do want to get laid out of our working life) which is designed purely around meeting sexually compatible people - many are pretenders who enjoy the fantasy of just talking dirty. Then there are the online impostors who say they are 5-15 years younger than their current age, have pictures that are 10 years old making out they are in good shape, or even worse, pictures that are of someone entirely different!  
  2. Couples wanting bisexual Escorts for a threesome or to watch: Many couples have booked my services through Melbourne Escort Agency to either have me coordinate a hot steamy threesome, or many will book my services so either the guy or the girl can watch. A threesome is a fantasy for many people, both guys and girls. Many guys and girls will fantasise about a MMF (male-male-female) threesome or a FFM (female-female-male) threesome. I've been privileged to entertain many, including some orgies! Couples who haven't had a bisexual threesome before and have tried to find a 'suitable' partner on the casual hook up scene have often been disappointed. It is much harder than you think entertaining 3 people to ensure each of the three are enjoying themselves and are sexually satisfied. Hence booking a professional bisexual female Escort is often the best way to go - you're paying for a high quality service and as such you should receive exactly that! Voyeurism is the practice of gaining sexual pleasure by simply watching others who are having sex. You could say why would someone need to 'pay' to watch? Surely there's others who would do it for free - possibly, but again? Why do people pay? To get exactly what they want.
  3. Have great sex and have no strings attached! Call Melbourne Escort Agency, discuss which Escort best suits your needs, she arrives when you want, does what you want, leaves and never contacts you again! 
  4. Haven't gotten laid in a while and I'm starting to look desperate: Fairly self explanatory and comes back to point 1, get sex when you want it.
  5. Socially awkward guys who want to 'practice' their skills with someone who won't judge: This is VERY common. The key is here a guy who is able to express himself 'without judgement' - social expectations and the risk of being 'bad' or not what the girl expected creates a burning anxiety that often cripples guys in the dating scene. Book a high class Melbourne Escort who will delicately help you refine your skills, make you more confident and bring you out of your shell. You know what they say, practice makes perfect!
  6. Wanting to try a new sex act, sex position or simply anything sex related: This is also VERY common. High class professional Sex Workers allow clients to express themselves in a safe judgement free environment. As mentioned above, if you call my agency and say you want me to wear pink lingerie, skimpy clothing and give you the best anal experience of your life; I know exactly what I'm visiting you for. If you've never had anal or it has been a bad experience before, I'll be able to help you with that - I love anal sex and have enjoyed showing many men and bisexual couples how they can enjoy it (have you read how to enjoy anal sex?) I've always found this aspect of bookings very exciting because I see the satisfaction in my clients as the booking takes place! What they may have been very shy and awkward about at the start of the booking, 90 minutes into a 2 hour booking and they are a different person! It's also fun for me if a client throws a curve ball and wants to try something I've never done before hehe.
  7. You're into a kink or fetish and can't find someone to enjoy it with: I personally have been there - when I've been on RedHotPie at times, it was always to fulfill a specific kink of mine. Many users had displayed in their profile 'they were into it' and 'lived the lifestyle 24/7'. Lies! It's unfortunate but society can be so judgmental toward individuals who want to express a fetish or kink. A professional Melbourne Escort Agency takes that stress out of the equation for you, when you call and ask for an Escort who specialises in watersports the receptionist will give you an idea of which Escort will suit your needs, or if no one is available - direct you to call back at another time. As easy as that. Similar to point 1, a Melbourne Escort Agency allows men and couples to connect directly with Escorts that are available to suit their needs.
  8. You're lonely: This is very common also; and not just for older men, many young professionals have booked my services for nonsexual services. And no, there isn't a 'discount' if their is no sex, time is time; as a client aside from paying for my services, you're also paying for my time to be there with you. Many guys just want to be cuddled, some light kissing but many just want a friendly soft ear to chat with. This ties into a few points above, men in my company feel free of judgement; as such they feel free to be able to express themselves. Many sadly don't feel they can do that in their current relationships or in their home life. Many older clientele would book me as a Dinner Escort, then want maybe some intimate cuddling afterwards or a handjob rather than non stop wham bam sex - their bookings focus more around spending some intimate time together, getting some TLC and appeasing their loneliness.

There are many others, but the 8 above are the main reasons I've found why men and couples have booked me.

Melbourne Escort Agency Matches You With Girls That Will Satisfy You 

A few common themes throughout the 8 reasons why men and couples book Melbourne Escorts, one is definitely that when you book through a Melbourne Escort Agency rather than trying your luck online - the Agency is in business to match you with suitable ladies that will satisfy your needs. No ifs, buts or maybes - e.g. when you call High Class Escorts Melbourne and you want a natural redhead, then you will NEVER be matched with a blonde. If you want a girl to give you a golden shower, you will never be matched with one who won't. 

Call 8617 9999 to arrange a high class female companion that will provide you with exactly what you want. 

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