The Melbourne Escort GFE or Melbourne Escort Girlfriend Experience is a sensual, sexy, erotic, pleasurable service that is meant to replicate the time one would spend with a lover / girlfriend; not a wham-bam, quickie, possibly clinical, in and out type of sexual relief. High Class Escorts Melbourne have stunning, sexy Escorts who offer the ultimate GFE pleasure - make sure you let reception know you're looking for a girlfriend experience when you call to make a booking.

The Original GFE with Escorts Melbourne

Once upon a time, Escorts Melbourne ladies didn't kiss clients (some still don't offer DFK / deep french kissing, but will do very light kissing), didn't really cuddle or lay around giving affection to their clients, didn't spend time getting to know their clients with endless chat - and let's face it, what's the best way to break through barriers with people? Show genuine care and emotion. A traditional Escort in Melbourne service would be a fairly generic service that was considered to be an offering of quick sexual relief - oral and/or vaginal penetration with a condom. Some girls, not many - would also offer anal sex (High Class Escorts Melbourne have specialised Anal Escorts if you enjoy the pleasures of the anus).

Then came the trend (pardon the pun) of some Escorts offering BBBJ / uncovered blow job / unprotected blow job - this then became colloquially known as the "Escort GFE" / "girlfriend experience with an Escort"; wink wink. Why BBBJ? Because it was thought that a BBBJ is the service that separates what your girlfriend would do, compared with someone else. A head job with no condom was thought to be special and intimate; that it would be shared by 2 people who inherently trusted each other and were somewhat exclusive - fast track to 2018 and the online databases of illegal sex workers posting 'BBBJ with swallow for an extra $50' sadly has become the norm; thankfully backpage / cracker and similar sites have been shut down, however until this is properly policed, nothing will change (this conversation is for another time!)

Escorts giving BBBJ caused problems for Escorts who didn't offer it

What also is for a conversation at another time, is for obvious reasons clients thought being able to get a BBBJ on demand from an Escort in Melbourne was fantastic (don't worry about the health risks or anything similar!) In their minds, they were able to get the best head job, when they want (assuming their favorite Escort was available. Please note not all Melbourne Escorts did this service, me included!) and how they want; and it felt 1000 times better than wearing a condom. What do you think happened to us Escorts in Melbourne who didn't offer BBBJ? Our work started to decline, and clients who were finding BBBJ as the norm wouldn't book us unless we did it.

Modern Day Escorts Melbourne (GFE) Girlfriend Experience

BBBJ can step to the side for a moment.

Clients started demanding more from us Melbourne Escorts - not just a quickie, a blow and go, a hand job etc. Clients wanted to spend time with us, receiving intimacy, cuddling, talking for extended periods of time. This was a big positive because the longer a client spends with us, ultimately they spend more money which means we earn more. Clients also quickly learned if they pick the right Escort (Escort well matched to them) they could easily spend hours and hours enjoying themselves on a far deeper level than just quickly orgasming and running out the door. More time spent does equal more money, but it also does equal a hell of a lot more work. It is much easier to see 4 clients, one after each other and have them cum and go; than sit and entertain a client, especially if we aren't matched overly well. I'm quite a talker, and don't mind listening to clients as I find each client brings a different story - but I had many friends who couldn't handle the extended bookings.

The modern day GFE is very open to interpretation - just as it may mean something different to each client, the service offered by each GFE Melbourne Escort will also be different; which is good. It shouldn't be generic. Each GFE Escort will have their own special way and touch of doing things; like any service, this will have great appeal to some, and not to others. I know in my GFE I offered to clients I would have the mindset it's all about them, and the rest flowed well. It worked well for me. Some Escorts however can't just run with things, or see how they pan out - they have to plan extensively.

Back to our bare back blow jobs (BBBJ)! Yes that is a service commonly offered by Escorts, and it comes with it's own risk - to the Escort and the client. Melbourne Escort Agency's such as High Class Escorts Melbourne don't tolerate unsafe practices. Not all Escorts in Melbourne offer BBBJ, but they do offer a fantastic GFE.

Clients wanting to book GFE Melbourne Escorts

My advice is to speak with reception and let them know the finer details of what you're looking for. As mentioned, a GFE can mean something different to everybody so don't take any detail as a given - the main consideration is how long you'd like to book for, or ultimately how much you'd like to spend - GFE experience Escorts are not inclusive of a standard service, they are within our Platinum rates category.  Don't try and cram too much into a small time frame, experienced reception staff will also tell you this. When I first began as a Melbourne Escort, I remember I tried to think "I'll put as much value in to the booking as possible" - all that happened is my service appeared very rushed. A GFE should not be rushed! I personally suggest booking no shorter than 1.5 hours - believe me that will go quick. Most bookings I serviced for GFE were on average 4 hours.

A few ideas:

Is there a favorite massage you enjoy? Could be a leg massage or a hand massage? 

If you're booking an Escort all night, do you want her to cook your favorite breakfast in the morning?

Do you enjoy a lot of cuddling, or just here and there (if you keep booking the same Escort, she will know what you like)

Do you want me to dress very casually so it feels like this is my place too?

Is there something sexually that you love doing with a partner? Do you love your balls sucked for a long time?

It's ideas like this that will make a clients GFE more special than any other sexual service they've had before.

Call 8617 9999 to book a Melbourne Escort GFE that will blow your mind.

  1. Diwakar
    August 5, 2020 -

    Hi This is Diwakarfrom City. Do you provide in call services? How much for 1 hr for Indian girl with GFE

    • admin
      August 11, 2020 -

      Hi Diwakar, We don't offer in-calls, only out-calls in Melbourne. We have many lovely Indian Escorts in Melbourne, with many offering GFE. Please see our rates page for more information :)

  2. Garry
    May 2, 2021 -

    Is any indian lady available

    • admin
      May 7, 2021 -

      Hi Gary, are you wanting an Indian Escort for Girlfriend Experience in Melbourne? Please contact our friendly reception staff :)

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