I've written about why men and bisexual couples book Melbourne Escorts (potentially the reasons are endless); but let's delve into the desire for men to get a BBBJ from a Melbourne Escort they've booked. Is getting a BBBJ the be all and end all for a client?

In all the years I've worked as a high class Melbourne Escort, 'will you do it without a condom' would have been asked of me in about 8/10 bookings; 80%. The majority of clients wanting no condom was for oral - getting a BBBJ (bareback blow job). The remaining would want unprotected sex / no condom penetration - of the clients who wanted unprotected penetration, they all wanted unprotected vaginal and anal penetration. I offered anal sex, but not to every client; it was solely at my discretion.

Why Do Men Want BBBJs From Melbourne Escorts

The following are the most common excuses and reasons from guys who don't want to wear a condom and are looking for a BBBJ:

  • - BBBJ feels better than a protected blow job
  • - I won't feel you giving me oral with a condom on
  • - My dick won't get hard if you try and put a condom on me
  • - Putting a condom on ruins the moment
  • - I won't be able to cum if I'm wearing a condom
  • - 'Don't worry I'm clean'
  • - 'I got tested the other day I'm fine'

The list could easily continue but I'm sure you get the idea.

I don't have a dick but I'm sure it would "feel better" getting it sucked without a condom. I'm sure we could probably all agree on that one. I've sucked a lot of dicks with condoms on, and outside of work I've sucked a lot of dick without condoms giving them a sloppy BBBJ - I prefer to give head without a condom.


When a client wants a BBBJ from me, "because it feels better"; any other high class Escorts reading this? As soon as I'd say, but will it feel better tomorrow once your symptoms of herpes and/or gonorrhea present after I give it to you? When you have painful lumps on the top of your cock, complimented by oozing pus discharging from your penis with a burn hotter than an inferno, are you still sure "it feels better". You should see the look on their faces! The change in facial expression, body dynamic and overall mood is a true Hollywood moment (I only really use that type of reply when they've been overly persistent and pushy after I've said no). Fellow working girls, if you've never used that line try it! It truly is priceless.

Scarily, I've had some clients say they aren't concerned about contracting an STI from getting BBBJ from an Escort because you can take 'some tablets that make the problem go away', and 'so long as it's not serious like AIDS then it's easily treatable'. What a moronic mentality!

Clients: if an Escort says to you that they're happy to give you a BBBJ, how many clients before you may she have done this for? Don't think "you're special" or that you're the only one that she's going to do that for. On a busy night, she may have given 10 BBBJs and you're the 11th - how safe does that make you feel? How many of those guys that she gave a BBBJ to have had unsafe oral and/or penetration and could have any number of infections being spread. No thanks!

High Class Escorts Have Low STI Rates

For the high class Melbourne Escorts who take their job as seriously and professionally as I did; we were tested regularly, never performed unsafe sexual acts on clients (oral or penetration) and looked after our health - it is true we have a lower STI rate than the general population who aren't as mindful of their sexual health.

Health Risks to Melbourne Escorts Offering BBBJ

Yes guys believe it or not, giving clients BBBJ's also directly effects us working ladies; your dick is after all going inside our mouth!

Dr Google has umpteen credible articles about the risk of transmitting STI's while giving head is endless. The point I want to draw your attention to is what type of high class Melbourne Escort is willing to give you a BBBJ at the expense of her own health (and her partner if she has one in her private life)? Any Escort that is willing to have your dick raw in her mouth, no matter what BS she may say; 'your my number 1 client', 'I don't normally do this', 'I'll only ever do this with you' - is lying! She is spinning you b*llshit! If she will do it for you, she will do it for others!

How do I know? I've been not only in the high class Melbourne Escort scene, but Sex Worker scene worldwide. Unfortunately some Sex Workers will do anything to keep a client or generate fresh new leads. If you're the type of client who wants unprotected sex, BBBJ's you're simply not the client for me - as you're happy to jeopardise your health as well as mine.

Any new Escorts to the scene: lovely's, you don't need to sell your morals and your soul to do this job. If other Escorts are willing to do that, that's their choice not yours; just make sure you don't do threesomes with them if their engaging in unsafe sex practices.

Any Melbourne Escort Agency I've aligned with over the years has always been in full support of their Escorts providing safe sex at all times.

Want mind blowing oral from a high class Melbourne Escort? Call 8617 9999 now!

  1. Mick
    June 22, 2020 -

    The rub and tug massage places all offer bbbj for a extra $50 or some might charge a extra $100 There's heaps in my area and all over Locanto. Some escorts on the website escorts and babes offer no condom services for extra money too. Are you sure your escorts don't offer bare back blow jobs?

    • admin
      June 24, 2020 -

      Hi Mick, Yes we're aware of all of the illegal brothels in Melbourne disguised as Massage parlours. Our Melbourne Escorts don't offer bareback services / bbbj etc because they are professionals and value their health - it is also illegal. Hopefully clients understand that it's not worth risking their health for an extra few $$, and if a Sex Worker / Escort is offering bbbj type services to them, they are probably offering it to many clients. Just not worth the risk!

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