Escorts Melbourne has the finest female courtesan’s available to satisfy your sexual needs and desires – Escorts ranging from all ages, 19 through to early 30’s and 40’s, all shapes and sizes and from all parts of the world. Becoming a successful Melbourne Escort, and being aligned with our high class Escort Agency requires more than just being beautiful (while being beautiful is a must, many female Escorts in Melbourne believe so long as they are attractive that’s all the client wants – in reality that is only the tip of the iceberg

Every Escort wants to be considered important and in-disposable. But what makes an Escort a valuable asset to an agency such as Escorts Melbourne? What can you do differently to be seen as a valuable escort by your managers?

Are you an Escort looking for work?

If you're looking to become an Escort or are looking to align yourself with a high class Melbourne Escort Agency, you'll be pleased to know Escorts Melbourne has both bisexual female Escorts and straight Escorts who represent their Agency. Read below some key points to help you understand what the Agency looks for when choosing beautiful ladies to represent their brand. 


Presentation is of the utmost importance. As an Escort, you are not only representing yourself but the Agency you choose to accept work for e.g. Escorts Melbourne. Presentation doesn’t just pertain to physical appearance but also, behaviour. Dress for your client accordingly. Always present yourself well manicured and freshly smelling. There’s nothing that deters a client more, than an Escort who smells like she hasn’t showered since her last booking.

Behave in a respectful manner, be well spoken and polite, never crude or rude. Show respect not only to your managers but also to your client. First impressions are crucial, and never forgotten – by both our valued clientele and Escort Agency management.

Punctuality and Availability

At Escorts Melbourne, we boast punctuality and availability – thus giving us the reputation of a high class Melbourne Escort Agency. We assure our clients with confidence that our Escorts will arrive at their hotel within 30-45 minutes of them booking. As an Escort working for Escorts Melbourne, you represent our agency – the receptionist is not the one who services the bookings, nor is the security driver; you are. Being available and on time to every booking is essential, and crucial for maintaining a positive repertoire with not only your client, but Escort Agency management. Your clients’ time should be seen to be just as valuable as your time. As a high class Melbourne Escort Agency, we understand availability is subject to and can be affected by your personal life. However flexible availability is looked upon favorably by manager and client alike.

Quality Service

Escorts Melbourne can only do so much to assure the client that he will receive a high standard of service; management are so selective about the female Escorts who represent the brand that we aim to exceed client’s expectations – not just meet them.

As the Escort who is going to spend time with the client, it is entirely up to you to provide an unforgettable and rewarding experience; this is crucial for each and every booking. Communicate with your client, pay close attention to the finer details of his requests/needs. Your clients’ needs and wants should be your number one priority for the duration of the booking (many Melbourne Escorts who are new to the game often forget they are being paid to perform a service they offer). Be genuine, and never be selfish. Tend to your clients’ requests, and leave him wanting more/wanting to extend. Clients will more often than not contact us post booking and leave feedback with reception. Positive feedback is valuable and seen favourably.

While your focus and priority should always be on your client, never let a client disrespect you, be rude or aggressive in any way. While Escorts Melbourne values satisfying a client’s needs, this is never at the expense of any Escorts safety, both moral and physical. Escorts Melbourne as an Agency will support any of the female Escorts who represent their brand who wish to refuse to perform a service if they believe it is not safe to do so. It is expected that both client and courtesan are both looking forward to spending time together.

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