High Class Melbourne Escorts has the best foot fetish Escorts in Melbourne - these sexy Courtesan's specialise in foot worship and all aspects of the Fetish of feet. If you are podophile get completely satisfied with our foot fetish Escorts that will let you worship their feet for as long as your heart desires. Our high class Foot Fetish Escorts understand that a foot fetish can mean something different to everybody; some clients like to totally immerse themselves in their fetish of feet, while some are less devout and are simply turned on by the mere sight and touch of feet. 

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Foot Fetish Escorts Are Foot Worship Specialists

Very broadly defined, having a foot fetish means you're sexually aroused by feet. The level of sexual arousal and how you come about accentuating that is highly individual. Having foot fetish as a kink often involves the mental aspect of both domination and humiliation. Clients who enjoy the domination and humiliation will book one of our Foot Fetish Escorts knowing that they will be be performing humiliating acts by the Foot Fetish Escort; such as having their feet placed in the clients mouth or face. Some foot fetish clients who enjoy that aspect of humiliation will ask that the Foot Fetish Escort doesn't wash her feet, to further heighten the domination / humiliation which provides them even greater sexual pleasure. For the client, the mental aspect of knowing that they will be receiving a sexy females foot that isn't washed, and it will be placed in their mouth can be better than mainstream foreplay. We've had clients who have reached climax simply by that act.

Our Foot Fetish Escorts in Melbourne understand that each client can have a different level of interest in the fetish of feet:

  • - one client may want to a foot job from our Foot Fetish Escorts from start to climax.
  • - another client may want some touching of the feet on his penis.
  • - while another client may simply want to look.
  • - then another client may want to just touch the foot of his Foot Fetish Escorts feet while masturbating.

No matter your level of interest as a foot fetishest, we have foot fetish Escorts who specialise in allowing you to fulfill your needs; exactly how you like it.

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Book A Foot Fetish Escort in Melbourne Now

Our Melbourne Escort Agency has foot fetish Escorts available in Melbourne right now, ages ranging from young 19 years old through to stunning MILFs in their 30's. We have Escorts who specialise in foot worship of varying nationalities including Australian, Asian, European plus more. If you're wanting an Escort with beautiful feet to worship, you've come to the right place.

It's important to note that not all of the ladies who are available through our Melbourne Escort Agency provide foot fetish and foot worship services. We only have a handful of high class foot fetish Escorts in Melbourne that are the best you can find. These ladies give the best foot jobs you've ever experienced. If you've never had a foot job by sexy beautiful feet, you've been missing out! Why not try a foot job for something different? You won't be disappointed.

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