Being a high class Melbourne Escort it really just sleeping with cashed up guy isn’t it? Or maybe you don’t want to have too much sex so rather its entertaining gentlemen by attending dinners at fancy restaurants, dressing up and feeling beautiful, holidays, weekends away with all expenses paid for? Unfortunately the media has given this type of misconception to the Escort world and hence there are many girls entering into the industry with no idea what they’re in for.

What You Must Know Before Becoming An Escort

  1. As an Escort you’re going to sleep with ugly guys and many with poor hygiene

Imagine the ugliest guy you’ve slept with – and increase the ugly gross factor by another 10. It isn’t a dating / hook-up app whereby you swipe left or right and choose who you’d like to sleep with. Sure Melbourne Escort Agency staff will screen clients for you but they can’t say, ‘oh hold on, send us a picture of yourself to make sure you’re hot!’ You also aren’t having an intro date at a cafe after chatting online for a while to test the waters; whereby you can have a girlfriend call you and say oh there’s an emergency to get you out of the catch up. In a nutshell, clients will book you via Escort Agency reception staff, and you attend their hotel room – be prepared!

Can you choose not to see that client again if he’s not to your liking? Sure, but let me promise you ladies, if you’re only going to see “beautiful / hot men”, you will not be making much cash for a while!

I’ve walked into guys hotels room that smell like a dead carcass is hidden in there, oh no wait that was just there body odour! I’ll admit this was a skill that thankfully I had already acquired working previously as a nurse in aged care and then a theatre nurse in busy hospitals (I was accustomed to all sorts of nasty smells) – there were clients that I had to coax and physically assist into the shower, and I personally scrubbed them before we would get into any action. This came out of their booking time of course!

When guys stink, like I mean really reek like something died; there’s no way I’m sucking their dick or even getting close enough to doing so. You need to grow some balls (pardon the pun) and tell the client straight – you’re on the clock girls remember; as soon as you walk into that room, you have minutes to get the money and notify the security driver outside that the bookings started. Or, you can walk straight back out of the room and tell the driver you aren’t doing the booking. Escort Agency management will then want to know why you didn’t see the client; now ladies I’m not saying don’t see a client if you don’t want to – but, for me that was more a safety concern when I’d not see a client.

If you want to do the booking, even though the guy absolutely stinks like death – ‘now before we start I’m going to need to get you in the shower’, was my usual line. If they resist then I’d tell them straight, ‘there’s a smell in here that’s very unpleasant, if you want me to stay you’re going to need to have a shower’. If the client agrees he’s going to need to shower, then don’t take their word for it and let them be! They stink remember, they can’t be trusted to tend to their own hygiene – follow them in but first, this is absolutely crucial – get the money from the client, count it, count it again, then explain to the stinky client that your time starts now, before you get in the shower the clock is ticking. Leave no stone unturned in this situation. Also let him know you’re going to call the security driver to give an update (or SMS if you prefer). If the client agrees to all this, only then do you proceed with the booking.

If the client refuses, wants to remain as is with his horrid stench then just get out of there.

Less horrendous situations but more common include guys who want to kiss you (DFK) and smell like they haven’t brushed their teeth in years, if ever! You can try your best and keep pulling your face away, and start fondling with some more enjoyable parts (during foreplay this is pretty easy). If they are on top of you and trying their hardest to pash your mouth with all their mite, try and suggest other positions (anything that keeps your mouth away from theirs), otherwise you might have to just tell them straight – ‘ I’m happy to try and continue to kiss you if you go and brush your teeth’.

By no means am I saying all guys who book Melbourne Escorts are ugly and/or have poor hygiene, just don’t expect them to be prince charming or your ‘dream’ guy.

  1. Some clients are just not going to be nice to you

Some people are just assholes, and that really sums it up. Thankfully only a very small percentage of clients I saw were just not nice at all, the majority were great, and the rest if they were uneasy or a little standoffish, I was able to appease their nerves or turn the situation around to a more positive one.

Clients who are just not nice are under the belief ‘if I’m paying, I’m saying’ – wow and how wrong were they when trying that with me. By no means am I going to make out I haven’t been scared with a client before, or even intimidated, but I was for the most part happy to let them know, without being arrogant or rude, that if their shitty behaviour continues, I’m straight out the door.

Yes, the client is paying for our time with them; but it doesn’t give them the right to be nasty, condescending or plain rude. We are all people and don’t deserve that type of treatment. I remember one client who booked a very large suite at Crown Casino Melbourne, told me from the moment I walked in that I was just a prostitute, I have no rights and he was going to do as he pleases. Instantly my guard was up, but I remained composed and said oh sure I just need to confirm something with reception, ‘that you booked a power play session, S&M or similar and they must have given me the wrong booking information’. Oh no what do you mean by that he said – his demeanour changed, and you could see he realised his attitude and manner wasn’t going to work with me.

Instantly then I just knew he was a pig, one of those clients we all dread. I said if the Escort Agency hasn’t gotten the booking details wrong and you think you can speak to me like that, you are sadly mistaken. The Escort Agency confirmed they hadn’t gotten the details wrong, which I knew all along, but I needed to slow this situation down ASAP. I used my ‘safe’ word to reception staff so the client was none the wiser, but reception knew I was in trouble. Thankfully the client was at Crown Casino, reception instantly told my security driver who was downstairs, who told crown concierge there was an issue in our room. Crown security, my security were at the door within minutes. Thankfully I got out unscathed.

Learning To Handle The Downside Of Being An Escort Is Paramount To Success

  1. The more a client pays for a Melbourne Escort, the more a client will expect of you

The more money that a client pays for your time, the more risky sexual behaviour is expected of you. Like most, I was of the opinion that as a high class Melbourne Escort, if I’m attractive, have a nice physique, wear nice clothes, know how to entertain and sexually please a clients; that men would be lining up with fists full of money. Not the case. The normal rules for Escorts don’t apply to the top paid high class Escorts. We are expected at $1,200AUD per hour to do what other Escorts who charge $300 per hour won’t do.  Forget the professional boundaries of sexual health, personal security, and our morals. There are some high class Escorts who do offer very ‘porn star’ like services, while others choose not to. Each and every sexual service each lady provides must sit comfortably with her. As an Escort, if you continually operate outside of what you’re comfortable with, it will wreak psychological havoc long term. Don’t perform sexual acts you’re not comfortable with, no matter how much money; as if you’re not comfortable performing those services, they will haunt you and cause you sleepless nights for a very long time.

Get used to having clients ask you to not use condoms. Many regulars I had knew my rules, but every single first time client I had as a high class Melbourne Escort wanted their dick sucked with no condom. The majority also wanted penetrative sex with no condom. It’s just crazy beyond belief.

The spread of sexually transmitted infections can happen very quickly. It is the responsibility of the sexual service provider, the Escort, to ensure protection/safe sex is performed at all times. Most clients who see Escorts, see more than one Escort on a regular basis. Any Escort who is even moderately busy, sees at least 5 men a day. Do the math, it’s not hard to see how a single STI can spread very quickly.

  1. It’s very lonely being a high class Melbourne Escort

Tell your family and closest friends that you’ve chosen to sleep with men for money; you’re a high class Melbourne Escort. They will support you unconditionally and be there for you in any situation life throws at you, right? This may be true for a lucky few, but for the majority of Escort’s I know, their friends and family weren’t supportive at all.

Even if you’re open to friends and family about being a high class Melbourne Escort, it doesn’t mean you’re going to have their support. In many cases, it will mean the opposite; you will be subject to ridicule, guilt trips and being shut off from them. This is one aspect of loneliness.

Whether to be open about being a high class Melbourne Escort is a double edged sword; there’s no correct answer, but you must consider your options carefully. This is a choice only you can make. Give it a lot of consideration, as once your friends and family know – they know! And they can’t un-know it!  

The second aspect of loneliness from being a high class Escort is living a double life. It can be very interesting, fun and somewhat secret-agent style at first; but after a while it really becomes draining and takes its toll. Being able to interchange between a ‘normal girl next door’ or ‘perfect daughter’, and the seductive fit sexy Escort who is about to go and entertain men and pleasure them for hours is not an easy juggle.

If you’re a busy, successful high class Escort then you have even less time for friends and family. After a while, you stop being invited to your normal social gatherings, friends and family just assume you’re not coming. You often run out of excuses, or seem to be reshuffling a tired old list of reasons why you’re always busy. Also why you never seem to be able to answer texts or phone calls within a reasonable time frame. What sort of job has these restrictions? Oh sorry Mum, Dad or best friend, I was giving a two-way anal experience to a new client who booked me for 4 hours – that’s why I was busy.

  1. You earn a lot of money as a high class Escort, but never seem have any savings

I never imagined earning the money I did as a high class Escort at 21 years of age. There was also no real transition, I never really had a lot of money, then all of a sudden I had cash flowing like a burst water main. Within my first few weeks, I literally had 50 dollar notes flowing from my purse and all of a sudden I wasn’t worrying where I bought lunch, how many cafe lattes I was having and how many pair of shoes I was buying – after all, I need to continually buy new shoes for work didn’t I? Not really but that was my thought process. In the first 6 months I probably made 150 thousand dollars – where was it and where did it go? I went from living in a very modest apartment, to a top floor penthouse. I didn’t even know what art was but I happily spent a small fortune decorating my apartment. I went from having a standard 4-5 pair of shoes to having over 50 pair of luxury shoes. Bags – I had a standard 2 or 3; all of a sudden I had about 20 luxury high end purses and bags.

If you want to become a high class Melbourne Escort, get some financial advice as you go. You may not wish to tell your accountant you’re working as an Escort if you don’t feel comfortable. But at least get a firm understanding of what savings actually means. Don’t be like me and earn 150k in 6 months and have nothing to show for it. Even worse are Escorts who earn a reasonable amount of money year in, year out; 10 years later own nothing. Wait for the psychological pain of that to set in.

If you're not of a sound financial mind, like I wasn't; girls wanting to become a Melbourne Escort or ladies who are already working successfully as an Escort and don't have a significant amount of money put aside - start saving today. Put aside 25% of everything you make, and don't touch it! See how quickly your savings accumulates. Also, think twice maybe thrice when you're on your shopping spree and about to buy your 4th LV bag or purse!

If you want general Escort Industry advice or considering becoming an Escort, speak to our friendly Melbourne Escort Agency staff.

  1. Beth
    June 26, 2020 -

    So many things I’d wish I’d known !!! With the hygiene side a great tip was taking a little kit for the client including a little bottle of mouthwash , Dettol body wash and putting a little dab of perfume just under my nose .

    • admin
      August 11, 2020 -

      Hi Beth, That's an excellent idea!

  2. Michael Ansell
    August 10, 2020 -

    I am looking for a submissive women who depending on the broad minded side of her will pay up to $1000 for 4 hrs

    • admin
      August 11, 2020 -

      Hi Michael, We have many submissive Escorts in Melbourne available. Please see our rates page for more information.

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