I've been involved in the screening and selection process of female Escorts for Melbourne Escort Agency's and female Sex Workers for legal Brothels for over 20 years - to ensure they choose female Escorts that will suit both their Escort Agency and the Agency's clientele. I've seen some absolutely stunning girls become Escorts, and do very poorly; and conversely I've seen "average" looking girls be very successful Melbourne Escorts. Over the last 5 years, the amount of girls wanting to become high class Escorts (who have never worked before as an Escort) and existing female Escorts looking for work in Melbourne is soaring. I believe the increase in girls wanting to become Escorts in Melbourne who have never been in the industry before is mainly due to an increase in social acceptance of female sex work in Melbourne - greater acceptance is a good thing; I don't like any stigma associated with Sex Workers, it's just unfair and discriminatory.

One of the most common reasons I hear from girls when I ask them as to why they want to become a high class Escort in Melbourne is, 'I'm attractive...'. The conversation could then flow on that they enjoy sex, they know how to please a man, they think they'll be good at being an Escort etc. Most girls wanting to enter the world of Escorting for the first time believe if they're attractive then they will be a successful Escort. They believe all clients will want to book them because they're 'hot' or 'sexy'.

As a female, gauging how 'hot' or 'sexy' and appealing you are can be done in many ways, especially with the emphasis on modern day social media. Many girls believe they're good looking from recognition on social media in the form of likes, followers and direct messages - 'how many guys are sliding into your DM's' I think is how it goes these days. They put a picture up, the more provocative generally the more attention it will receive - reinforcing popularity of the content and approval that people like what is being posted. How much attention you receive at the gym wearing skimpy gym clothing and performing booty and glute movements can also be another indicator - guys can look you up on social media and send you a DM or just chat to you at the gym. We all know what it's like catching the same guy staring at you from across the gym floor. Going out for drinks on a Saturday night, how many guys hit on you? How many guys have chased you in the past? How many one night stands have you had? How many boyfriends have you had? All of these plus many more, are a way to gauge how appealing females are to both guys and girls who give them attention.

All of the above ways to gauge how appealing you may be; are all free (well, maybe not free, but super cheap. Certainly not the rates they'd be paying for a high class Melbourne Escort per hour!). Likes, following, direct messages, snapchat messages etc all use some of your phone data; and with some mobile plans having 50Gig+, thats a lot of free love you can receive from guys and girls.

Being A Sexy Female Escort Doesn't Mean Every Client Will Want You

Let's not pretend looks don't matter - they do; especially when it comes to a client booking a female Escort in Melbourne for the first time. Being attractive does matter, however the biggest misconception I see is just because an 'attractive girl' gets plenty of attention out on the town, at the gym or on their Instagram; it doesn't mean these same people, or the amount of people would pay for your time, pay to give you attention. A guy hitting on you at a bar, who may be happy to shout you a few drinks, isn't necessarily ready to part with $500 and upward on you.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; this is absolutely true for clients wanting to book a Melbourne Escort. What one man or couple finds attractive, another may not. Some clients like Blonde Escorts while some prefer Redheads - same goes for nationality, body shape, type etc. Pretty straight forward. On a busy night, a Melbourne Escort Agency such as High Class Escorts Melbourne may have 30 sexy ladies available to be booked; some bisexual Escorts for couples, heterosexual Escorts, different nationalities, different sexual services offered (some ladies may offer Girlfriend Experience (GFE), some may be kink and fetish Escorts, some ladies may specialise in role play etc.).

Out of the 30 female Escorts available to be booked, let's say you're a an attractive blonde Escort, and in total there are 10 blonde Escorts available; all would be considered to be gorgeous and stunning by all clients who are interested in blondes. What will be your point of difference to ensure you're going to be booked? If you don't offer something special or unique about the Escort experience you provide clients, you'll be relying on either random luck reception gives you the booking, or the chance you could be the only tall blonde available when a client calls? However with a busy Melbourne Escort Agency that has many attractive blonde Escorts available, you'd probably have to wait until all other blonde girls are booked so you're the only option left; not a great strategy for both your morale and reputation. 

To Be A Successful Escort In Melbourne You Need Clients To Rebook You

If you're an attractive girl looking for female Escort work and get selected to work with a Melbourne Escort Agency, it's a given you're going to get many first time bookings. The million dollar question is how do you get clients to re-book you? That will be the determining factor as to whether you're going to be a successful high class Melbourne Escort.

It's no secret that female Escorts who provide clients with a satisfying Escort experience are re-booked. Also, a main reason why clients like to use a Melbourne Escort Agency is to have access to a variety of ladies available; thus as an Escort to be re-booked can be very competitive. 

You don't have to be the "best looking" Escort to be in high demand from clients.

But you do have to provide the best overall Escort experience and service...

We've all heard of the hottest girl who is the worst in bed? Star fish type experience? 'She thinks she's so hot she can just lay there'. Believe it or not, there are Escorts who are of the belief that guys will pay them good money to do just that - lay there and put no effort in! They may pay you once, but not again. They may even want to cancel the booking half way through due to such poor service.

Don't be delusional; if you're a full service Melbourne Escort and a client (male or couple) is booking you, they aren't paying you to provide an unenthusiastic sexual experience or a seemingly lifeless 'star fish' service (unless that is a kink request!).

Call Melbourne Escort Agency management or send an online enquiry if you'd like to discuss how to be a successful high class Melbourne Escort in further detail

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    April 12, 2021 -

    Do you have photos

    • admin
      April 12, 2021 -

      Hi James, some of our Melbourne Escorts have visible photos, while some Escorts prefer to not have their photos visible across the website due to privacy reasons.

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