Prostitution and Sex Work are terms that seem to mean something different to everybody - some shun their nose at it, many are very intrigued and would love to know more and others are a combination of active punters (clients) and Sex Workers (in Brothels, private Escorts and Escorts who work with a Melbourne Escort Agency like myself). I was curious about becoming a Sex Worker for a few years before I decided to finally take the plunge and pop my cherry (pun intended!).

Why was I interested in Sex Work?

My question back to you is why not? I'm the sort of person that would rather die knowing, that not. Whether you have an interest in becoming a Sex Worker like I did, or just up skill your knowledge about the oldest profession in the world - don't be ignorant. Prostitution is inherent in our society, throughout the entire world; pretending it doesn't exist or only exists in some dark hidden place that only depraved 'sickos' go is the height of ignorance. Yes, yes before I get slammed that they have heard of a young child being involved in sex slavery - there is sex trafficking and horrendously bad things happening within certain aspects of prostitution but that is a story for a different time. Sex Work is not sex trafficking, that is forced sex slavery. My point here is don't be a judgmental a-hole like many who condemn Sex Work yet they have absolutely no experience or real exposure to it - just going off hearsay, which for the most part is fictional crap.

Sorry - back to why I was initially interested in Sex Work.

As a teenager, puberty hit early and I had a very high sex drive - I was watching as many different sorts of porn I could be exposed to; some I liked, some I loved and some I didn't. Even some of the porn I didn't like, I still could appreciate for the most part how someone may be into it - I never judged or thought there may be something wrong with someone who may like something I didn't. At that age I didn't appreciate what kinks and fetishes were, although I certainly wanted to explore!

All of this curiosity led to me having a lot of sex with my boyfriend at the time. I wanted his cock every which way possible! Most guys reading this would probably think it would have been a dream for him? He was really overwhelmed and often scared of what I had in mind - I was much more adventurous than he was, which ultimately led us to splitting up (my choice!).

My next boyfriend was 11 years older than me (hid that one from my parents for as long as I could!) - a total contrast from my first boyfriend, my new man was as eager as anything to try whatever I had install for him. He was also a contrast from my first boyfriend in that he was a jerk; so in turn we didn't last very long, although the sex was f-ing amazing!

Being single, now armed with a sexual repertoire the size of an army, and appetite bigger than most high performing athletes - I began having a lot of casual sex (safe sex I might add). To give perspective, because most people assume casual sex may include one night stands and many acts of randomness (had a little bit of that); my casual sex was almost juggling a roster of different guys whom I saw regularly. They were moved off the list if I didn't enjoy the sex anymore, or if they became an a-hole to me.

After a long revolving door of guys, with some amazing sex and some not so great, I started to yearn for something more; a boyfriend or at least something more than just my sexual desires. I attempted to find love, or something more meaningful, or really anything that even came close to the feelings I had with my first every boyfriend and I couldn't.

I was out on the town in Melbourne one night and our group of friends started mingling with another group. Still single, but trying not to let that bother me too much, I was thoroughly enjoying the night and the company we kept. One of the girls in the other group who had been my drinking partner for most of the night abruptly said she had to go - this was almost instantly after she looked at her phone. Me being full of Vodka and not being shy, but also very disappointed because I really enjoyed her company - she said to me, without batting an eyelid, without a flinch or moment of hesitation; "I've got to go and quickly fuck this guy, I won't be long". "For money?" I said, she replied - "of course"!

It was this very moment I wanted to know more about becoming a Sex Worker

My thought process was simply - I never looked down upon those who did porn (although I never fancied doing porn) or anyone who was a Sex Worker. I could easily have sex with multiple partners (at the same time, in the same night and many over the week). I also thought the guys I were sleeping with were enjoying themselves also, so I must be good at it? My initial thought was never "how much money will I make". Yes of course that was also a consideration, but most definitely a secondary thought.

Working As A Sex Worker In A Melbourne Brothel

I had a mixed reaction when I approached Melbourne Brothels by email or over the phone. Sometimes I got an email back, sometimes I had someone who was helpful and welcoming over the phone; and sometimes I thought who the hell is that rude prick on the phone (male and female receptionists). Receiving such mixed responses, I thought I'm going to just go in and speak to someone - best decision I ever did. I was offered work instantly with every Melbourne Brothel I spoke to, most offering me work the same night or start ASAP.

My expectation of working in a Melbourne Brothel was that I'd be inundated by old fat, ugly, grotesque men who wouldn't have anyone fuck them unless they were paying for it. There certainly were a few of them, but for the most part the clientele at the Melbourne Brothels I worked at were all reasonably good looking. They certainly weren't grotesque! I also thought the clients would be so horny all they would want to do was fuck me for the duration of the booking; wrong again! I'd have to say 50% of the bookings I serviced had absolutely NO SEX! I couldn't believe it. Being a Sex Worker in a Brothel, it should be all about "sex"? That is after all why it's called "Sex Work" - no. Yes there was desperation from clients, but not to just get off like I initially thought. They are desperate for intimacy and most often to have someone listen to them. The guys who booked me and just wanted to cum, they were easy and the bookings often finished very quickly - they were mindless and not challenging at all.

Sounds pretty good, so why did I move on from Melbourne Brothel work?

In a Melbourne Brothel, all of us working girls would sit in the 'ladies lounge' - no clients at all can enter, it is our little private space. Well it's not really private, because you're sharing this space with however many other girls are working the same shift - on a busy Saturday night, it isn't uncommon for 30 ladies to share a tiny space. We have quite a bit of stuff to make ourselves beautiful for our next client so it gets very stuffy and packed quickly.

As clients come through to door, reception staff would make a call over the PA system and say 'intro room 3' or whatever it may be. We would all then proceed in a line, one-by-one and introduce ourselves to either a potential client on his own, or we may present to a group of guys whom are apart of the one group. During our introduction, this was our time to 'sell our services' and also see what the needs of the client are, and from that we could work out whether we were a match or not. It was also a good time to get the vibe of the potential client, whether they may be rude or an a-hole or whatever. Spending a few extra minutes with them really made a difference for me in choosing clients who I thought I'd be suitable with, compared to only spending 10 seconds or so. I'd most often say to potential clients 'what are you looking for' (type of sexual service, e.g. anal) and 'what sort of lady do you want' (get an idea of what they're attracted to).

Working in a Melbourne Brothel required the following from me:

* I had to work a shift length of at least 8 hours, and must start at a certain time - this was fine at the start, when it was all new and exciting for me. However as time went on, I didn't feel like I wanted to commit to at least 8 hours of my time. If I wanted to leave early, Brothel management would look unkindly at this (unless I was clearly unwell). Basically I wanted more flexibility with my time.

* The very procedural line up, one by one coming out to the introduction rooms every time a client walked through the door. The vetting process by reception was simple, not too drunk? Through you go. This meant a lot of 'tyre kickers' and time wasters would come through. Potentially us girls could be up and down giving introductions every 20 minutes, every hour - with no guarantee they even have the money to book a lady.

These two factors combined is why I decided to move to look at working with a Melbourne Escort Agency. My Melbourne Brothel experience was fantastic stepping stone in building my confidence as a Sex Worker. But it was time to move on, to have more stability and independence as a Sex Worker. This is when I made the move to try and establish myself as a high class Melbourne Escort.

Working As An Escort With A Melbourne Escort Agency

A Melbourne Escort Agency appealed to me for the following reasons:

* As an Escort, I could have a flexible lifestyle - working with a Melbourne Escort Agency gave me the choice as to whether I sit in a lounge they provide (some do, some don't) or whether I get ready and sit at home or a friends house. Either way it gave me so much freedom.

* Vetting was done by reception, not by me. I didn't have to physically give introductions anymore, the Agency's receptionist did all of that. This was a big relief for me, as I found the introduction part of Brothel work very very taxing on me. As an Escort that worked with an Agency, I would be given client booking details by the Agency's reception staff that suited the services I offer. I would get a call from the receptionist, agree to the booking, and off I went.

I'm still currently working as a high class Melbourne Escort, so I guess it's obvious that I preferred Agency work over a Brothel. Finding a Melbourne Escort Agency that I could build a good relationship with or suited my personality and expectations took a little bit of time; but I'm very happy now. All emails and phone calls are done through reception, I literally get told when my next booking is and off I go. Reception staff know exactly what I look like, the services I do and don't do - when you get a receptionist that is good, you get a look of work that is good. A receptionist that doesn't care about their job, you will get very little work. The receptionist that answers the Escort Agency's phone are your salesman.

While I met many very cool Sex Workers throughout my Brothel journey, I must say my personality is much more suited to being an Escort that operates more on my own terms, and away from the bitchiness that can occur when many Sex Workers share the same space; such as a 'ladies lounge' in a Brothel environment. As an Escort I can be sitting at home while being on shift, whereby I'm available to take bookings through the Agency, while reading a book in the quite and comfort of my own home. Or I could be enjoying a BBQ at a friends house, but know that if I receive a call from the Agency, I'm off to work.

Any newbies to the Sex Work world reading this, understand that there are both pros and cons to both Brothel work and Agency work. The best advice I can give is to try both working environments to see which suits you. Also understand that there are both good and bad operators of both Brothels and Escort Agency's - you may find one Brothel terrible, it doesn't mean that all Brothels will be bad; same goes for Agency's.


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