Thankfully during the times I was a high class Melbourne Escort, very rarely did I have trouble with a client; however I won't lie and say it never happened.  Sometimes no matter how hard we (Courtesans) try or how "good" at our job we are, sometimes we just don't establish a good working relationship with the client who booked us from the moment we enter the clients hotel room.

Melbourne Escort Agency Matches Clients With Suitable Escorts

There really is no mystery as to what a Melbourne Escort Agency does, such as High Class Escorts Melbourne - Escorts are available to service clients who call for their services. The services a client could want from an Escort on the most basic level include: sexual services, intimacy, company to appease loneliness, dinner date companion etc. When a client calls the Melbourne Escort Agency, reception will listen and assess the needs of the client, and from a list of available Escorts match them accordingly. I'm sure we can all agree in a nutshell, this is how the Escort-client booking system works.

How does the Escort-Client matching process go wrong?

First point of contact between client-Melbourne Escort Agency is the reception team. It is possible to have a receptionist that doesn't do their job well; they may not care enough about their role within the Agency and have a blase approach. Here's an example of reception error:

From the start, if a client isn't matched with an Escort that suits their needs, there is not a hope in hell the booking will be enjoyable; for the client or the Escort sent to service the booking. If a client calls the Agency and wants a young redhead, slim body, doesn't want big breasts who also offers anal sex; even if the Agency sends exactly the physical requests of the young redhead, slim, small breasts but doesn't offer anal sex - how do you think the client would feel? The client was of the opinion he was getting the redhead as he described, including the sexual service of anal sex. Even worse if the client didn't get a redhead, but a MILF blonde, chubby body, large breasts; whether she did or didn't offer anal sex is irrelevant at this point - the client was provided an Escort that was never going to satisfy their needs. This situation is also disastrous for the Escort sent to service the booking, why? Because she is in a situation where the client isn't happy but it isn't her fault; nothing worse than seeing a hostile client the moment you see them because they didn't want you in the first place! If this ever happens to you as a client, just politely say to the Escort who arrived can you please give me a moment to call the Escort Agency - the Escort Agency should resolve this immediately.

The mistake described above should NEVER happen; in the event a booking detail was sent incorrectly, reception should identify this quickly and the correct Escort go to the right address. Small inconvenience of time delay is the worst case scenario that should happen and the Melbourne Escort Agency should make the client aware it was the Agency's fault - and do their best to appease the client. 

No reception error, Escort and Client just don't hit it off

Let's take the blame off the lovely reception staff; they've taken the clients call, understood their needs, found a perfect match available (both physical and sexual requirements match the client) and sent the high class Melbourne Escort to visit the client. All is fine at this point. She enters the clients hotel room (on time) and from that moment, there could be a personality clash, some sort of hostility in the air; either way the client-Escort relationship is hard-work and not a "happy place" to be.

How Clients Can Change The Mood To A Good Time With Your Melbourne Escort

If the Melbourne Escort Agency has sent you an Escort that you seem not to "click" with, don't just throw away the time you have paid for; let's try and get the best out of a 'crappy' situation. You never know, you may end up having the time of your life with someone who you initially couldn't stand! It's happened to me when I took a booking at Crown Towers (story for later!).

Firstly, if the Escort that has arrived and she is as described by the Agency's receptionist, e.g. what you agreed to with the Melbourne Escort Agency (physical description and sexual service) then you can't try and negotiate your way out by saying "this isn't what I asked for". Man up, and accept it for what it is. Now let's move past this and try and resolve the situation!

  1. As a client, remember the high class Escort visiting you wants to visit you and perform the service you asked for. She is not performing this job under duress or is forced in anyway (girls love working for Agency's such as High Class Escorts Melbourne). She wants to please you as best she can - why am I pointing this out? Many first time clients and/or just plain asshole clients who are unreasonable remove the humanitarian / emotion aspect of our work. They treat us like a jumper they don't like. A jumper you can just give back to the sales rep, say you hate it and no one takes offense. Us Escorts will be offended if we are attacked disrespectfully or treated like we aren't a valued human. If there's something you don't like about our service, there's certainly a way to deliver the message. Professional high class Escorts have no issue being critiqued or reviewed, both positive and negative.
  2. Communication is an absolute must! Still tied in with point 1, as as the Escort in your room wants to please you, talk to her. If there's something you don't like or if you feel the atmosphere is a bit crappy between you, just say 'hey i don't mean to offend you or be rude but is everything OK'? You never know she may say I'm sorry can I just have a moment to wash my face / freshen up; when she returns the atmosphere is different. Either way just chat to the Escort as best you can because ultimately, it is just you two in the room and you are both in the best position to positively resolve the situation - time is ticking for the booking.
  3. If you as a client are on edge, nervous or have something going on behind the scenes; us ladies will pick up on it! This may rattle some Escorts who are new to the job or even an ordinarily very secure experienced worker. You may be a very physically large intimidating character, so if you're on edge and we sense it, we may be scared? Just something to consider. 
  4. In the unlikely event you just seem like you can't resolve this with the Escort, call the Escort Agency and speak with reception. Us girls are human, and not saying it is OK because we must leave personal issues at home before going to work, but maybe she isn't herself and unfortunately is carrying a shitty attitude into your booking and projecting it on to you. It does happen, but it shouldn't! As mentioned, if this happens, speak with reception as a last resort.

Melbourne Escort Agency Always Tries To Resolve Issues

No matter which Melbourne Escort Agency I've represented, or even when I was a private Melbourne Escort - the aim is to have repeat business by means of customers coming back. It's a great feeling and ego boost when a customer calls your Agency and asks to rebook with you, or even when they're in a booking with you and want to extend the time they spend with you (great also for the extra cash!). 

Why do customers come back to any service provider? Because they're happy with the service and also see value in it.

High Class Escorts Melbourne goes above and beyond for both the ladies who represent the Agency, and it's valued customers. In resolution disputes, the Agency is always very fair and reasonable; always aiming to get the best possible outcome for client, Escort and Escort Agency. If you ever book one of their ladies and have an issue during your booking that you can't seem to resolve yourselves, they will always aim for a fair outcome.

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