Are you currently a Melbourne Sugar Baby? Enjoying the financial rewards from your Sugar Daddy, being told how awesome you are, how gorgeous you are, how good you are to go on dates with and have money thrown at you just because it's you? Given gifts for just a few messages, dates that last for hours and you get money for just sitting there? Heck, you're often paid a pretty nice amount of money for dates and chats that don't involve sex! For those Sugar Babies that do give some intimate love to their Sugar Daddy - you think how easy money this is. 'If this guy, who isn't too bad is willing to spend a heap of money on me, when I become a Melbourne Escorts service provider I'll have heaps of guys like this just showering me with money' - why wouldn't it work? I think I'll apply for a Melbourne Escorts position today.

Melbourne Escorts Are Not Sugar Baby's

At High Class Melbourne Escorts, we receive a dozen or so applications every day that read something similar: 'I'm a 22 year old girl in Melbourne that is good looking, D cup natural breasts, no Melbourne Escorts experience but I have had a few Sugar Daddy's and told I'm good in bed, and would like to join high class Melbourne Escorts'.

The major difference between being a Sugar Baby and a Melbourne Escorts service provider, is as a Sugar Baby you're spending time with a guy you're attracted to, or at least semi attracted to. If you sleep with your Sugar Daddy it's because you like him and find him attractive. As a Melbourne Escorts service provider, almost all client bookings will involve sexual service - it may not be penetration, it may be just oral sex or even just hand relief. There is also an expectation from clients that when they book Melbourne Escorts services, sex is expected. As a Sugar Baby you may be in a platonic relationship that may or may not lead to sexual intimacy.

Many Melbourne Escorts who are new to the industry, joining a Melbourne Escort Agency for the first time may be sleeping with clients they aren't necessarily attracted to (sure, as time goes on and they establish themselves as a Melbourne Escorts provider they can be much more picky with who their clients are). This is distinctly different to a Sugar Baby vetting their clients to assess compatibility / suitability.

Pitfalls being a Sugar Baby Compared to Melbourne Escorts

One of the major advantages of being a High Class Melbourne Escorts service provider compared to a Sugar Baby is Melbourne Escorts rates of payment for services are clear. Reputable Agency's such as High Class Melbourne Escorts will never let a client negotiate or barter rates of pay. As a Sugar Baby, you may be offered a bottle of perfume, no money for time provided to your Sugar Baby. Many naïve, innocent new Sugar Baby's end up spending a lot of time replying to messages, going on dates and realise the money given the time investment isn't as profitable as they first thought.

The lack of security and personal safety for Sugar Babies is well established. At High Class Escorts Melbourne, all ladies will be accompanied with a security driver to their booking and the security driver will stay during the booking until completed.

Many men who are putting themselves out there as Sugar Daddy's are not actually wealthy men who have been verified with any credibility by the sites they are on. The sites make money off men who list their profiles; the more profiles, the more money and profitable their model is. Similarly, how do you know the men have provided legitimate ID to the site, and in fact the men are who they say they are?
Many naïve Sugar Babies who are just starting out don't realise that almost all men on Sugar Daddy sites will have an expectation of sexual favors or sexual services; this may not be clear initially, but most often with time the expectation of sex will become clear.

If you are a Melbourne Sugar Baby and would like to make the step to a more structured, safe environment, and fully understand that Escort work is legal, paid sex work; please contact High Class Escorts Melbourne and let them know you're looking for Escort work in Melbourne.

When being a Sugar Baby is Better Than Melbourne Escorts

I'm sure you've all heard the fairy tail stories of Sugar Baby's having a Sugar Daddy that gives them a monthly allowance of $5,000 for only a few dates per month that don't involve sex. Or a Sugar Daddy that pays their Sugar Babies monthly rent for only a dinner and a few texts - if you can find someone who does that, why would you want to work as a Melbourne Escorts service provider? I think I'd be lying to say that would be every persons dream - to have their bills paid for with little to no investment; there's nothing wrong with dreaming I guess. In the meantime, for everyone else who needs to work to pay their bills - we will continue to provide our clients with the best high class Melbourne Escorts experience, and our ladies who represent our Melbourne Escort Agency with the best working environment possible.

xx Sarah 🙂 

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