This probably comes as a surprise to many guys out there who are regular clients of high class Melbourne Escorts - you may have been seeing the same Melbourne Escort, every week for months or even years. Or you may be the type of client who comes once every 3-4 weeks, but books an entire weekend or overnight? Either way, you have enjoyed seeing the same Escort in Melbourne up to now - and then all of a sudden you decide to book a new Escort with the Melbourne Escort Agency; and as a client, that's your right to do so! 

Now not for a moment am I doing the 'poor me' play the violin and whinge - not at all. But, as girls that have seen you on a regular or even semi regular basis; provided you with the most intimate of sexual contact in addition to hearing all of your most inner feelings and darkest secrets. We will now have a void to fill, that we no longer share that space and moment of time with you. As I said, this I'm sure comes as a big surprise to most guys out there, despite them possibly seeing the same Melbourne Escort on a regular basis. Yeah guys, we have feelings too! hehe

High Class Escorts In Melbourne Rely On Regular Clientele

Not letting the cat out of the bag here by saying all Escorts in Melbourne need regular clientele, repeat business is king - I thoroughly enjoy spending time with repeat clients because we both get to enjoy a heightened sense of sexual pleasure; men and bisexual couples get to know my body and I get to perfect exactly how they like it. The intimate nature of the relationship that develops over repeated / regular bookings simply cannot be achieved in a quick 1 hour. 

A common reason why men and bisexual couples book with a Melbourne Escort Agency is to be able to see a variety of Escorts; in addition to getting laid how they like it, when they like it without the future headaches a girlfriend or wife may give. "You don't pay an Escort for sex, you pay them to leave" is a common slang saying among males; no denying this. After the booking is complete, there is no follow up emotional ongoing drama that normally goes with casual flings or even more serious relationships. Sadly many women still try and use sex as a leverage tool against their man, and hence why the man comes and books one of us! As professional high class Escorts, we respect your privacy and don't ask questions and really only demand the very basic human courteousness during our booking in addition to the agreed upon payment - all Escort rates are agreed upon prior to every booking and strictly non negotiable. You'll never get an SMS from us asking why you aren't spending time with us on a Saturday night or why you haven't been calling. All ladies are available and you know the number to contact us on.

I too am aware of the above mentioned rules and behaviors to adhere by - very rarely do I get upset if a client stops booking me, after all it is his / couples choice. This is part of being a professional; just as I have the right to decline a booking, a client has the option to shop around any time they please. Many new young Escorts entering the scene get a lot of attention, as they are fresh and new - however some let it go to their head like they are a 'god' like person that every client needs to beg to have their time. Biggest mistake and shortcoming for new girls. Anyway, that's a story for another time.

Melbourne Escort Agency Reception Said Your Regular Has Booked A New Escort

I called Melbourne Escort Agency reception staff to confirm I was available for my Friday hours, 4pm onwards and asked to confirm that my 6pm dinner date (who has been the same time, same guy for the last 18 months) is a usual go-ahead. 

Reception: No. He didn't book you, but he's booked another Escort for that time.

Me: No there must be a mistake, can you please double check with him?

Reception: I did at the time of him making a booking. He said he was looking for something new.

Me: Aside from her was looking for something new, did he say anything?

Reception: No.

To say I was devastated would be an understatement. I can still remember this moment like it was yesterday - right at that moment I had no idea why I felt so low, like I was dumped. I knew full well that I was providing him with paid sex, but when I knew he was choosing someone else over me, I instantly felt rejected. Any of you guys or bisexual couples who book Escorts, or even if you might personally know a Sex Worker; would know that many Sex Workers come and go from the Sex Industry - it's just how it is. Escort / Sex Work in my opinion, if you don't manage yourself well, and pick clients that you know you're going to be well suited to (this admittedly takes time), it can be very taxing thus many girls taking regular and extended breaks. My point here is, once an Escort decides she isn't working anymore, there's nothing clients can do about it - this is a story for another blog (I've had a stalker!).

During the time I spend with all my regular clients, you see them go through different emotions and stages of growth - my regular clients aren't a 1 hour quickie once off booking whereby it literally is a wham bam and we're both out of there. Almost all of my clients I can confidently say grow emotionally and a new confidence within themselves - and of course confidence in the bedroom! Clients share some of their most intimate secrets with the Escorts they book, it really is a relationship like no other; more trust between two people who really have no hard facts about either of them, while being naked and most vulnerable in a room. 

The Client Not Leaving A Message Hurt The Most

The emptiness and devastation came from the fact my client didn't sort of tidy things up/off. Not even a, "was great to have spent time with you". As mentioned a few times, both Sex Worker and Client are free to come and go whenever they choose; Melbourne Escort Agency such as High Class Escorts Melbourne can have sometimes 30 or more girls on a Saturday night available to be booked! This really is a guy's dream, which of the 30 suit me to get laid tonight! Haha. I felt like I was somewhat just a disposable condom, like he just came and I quickly took it off and threw it into the bin. Bit emotional? Sure, but as I said, us Escorts are human after all and do care for our clients!

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