Working as a private Escort sounds good - you can pick and choose the hours you work, total flexibility; work whenever you want to work! Charge whatever rate you want to charge; who wouldn't want to get $1,000+ per hour? I loved sex as a teenager, I was genuinely inquisitive and attracted to both males and females. I was regularly called slut and things like that but the truth was I didn't sleep with large amounts of guys and girls because something bad happened to me when I was young; I had a really loving fantastic childhood. Nor did I care about being called a slut to be honest - I slept with as many people as I could when I was young simply because I enjoyed it; and did it for free! So naturally being paid to have sex did sound pretty good! 

Private Escort Work Isn't What It's Cracked Up To Be

The reality of it is, working as a private Escort very rarely works like that. Sure, it's great when you have a wealthy client, but for how long will you have him for? Actually, where do you get clients from? I was just told about how good the clients are, and how much they'll pay. Whenever I asked other Escorts where they got their clients from, they just said oh get a website and you'll be fine. Also, what happens when something goes wrong? Where's your security? Oh, and another thing I was never told about working as a private Escort - the endless time wasters sending me cock pics, cheapskates harassing me to go cheaper than my advertised rates and degenerates continually asking me to provide bareback sex!

These plus more are all the reasons why I stopped working as a private Escort and chose to work with a Melbourne Escort Agency.

Working as a private Melbourne Escort

I thought I was going to live the dream. Well that's how it was sold to me. I thoroughly enjoyed sex, sex with many different men and couples without money. So really, working as a high class Escort sounded like a dream come true. Wake up after a fun night of entertaining clients who booked me as a high class Escort - restaurants, dinners, drinks, penthouses and hot sex with good looking guys and couples (all the things glorified on crappy tv shows) and count my cash. Or even be whisked away for a romantic, all expenses paid weekend plus paying for my time. 

So let's say it's 10am, wake up check my emails, confirm client bookings and then maybe head to the gym (I've always been a girl who loves staying in shape and working hard in the gym), followed by my favorite cafe for breakfast, maybe have coffee with a friend, if my day wasn't too busy maybe fit some shopping in, get our nails done etc. Then I'll get ready for work, see a few clients, cash-in and the cycle starts again. Oh, and if I don't want to work - I don't have to remember. The dream life of a high class private Melbourne Escort. Well so I thought. 

So I got my website up, paid far too much for what it was worth (I didn't know at the time, but as soon as "professionals" know you're a Sex Worker, they ramp their prices up far higher than they would to someone who isn't in the Sex Industry) and I thought the clients or bookings would just come through to my inbox. What wasn't explained to me as a young private Escort looking for work in Melbourne, I'd be competing against literally hundreds of girls posting advertisements on adult directories.

My mornings weren't spent lazing about, taking my time without a care in the world. Most of my spare time was finding new online advertising directories to post ads to. Some of the things private Escorts would include in their ads was horrifying - cream pies for extra $$ (that's penetrative sex without condom, where they guy cums inside you!). You couldn't convince me to accept any extra amount of money from a client for a cream pie! The most amount of money I was ever offered as a private Escort by a client to give me a cream pie was $8,000 - this wasn't a joke, he had the $8,000 in cash in front of me or was happy to transfer it beforehand electronically. No thanks!

As private Escorts advertising online got more desperate, so did the list of services they offered clients. As I spent so much time online trailing these dam directories, and I have a good memory, I could remember their ads from months ago. I also wanted to be aware of what my competition was doing. Many girls would start off very safe (offering safe sexual services) and then as time progressed, become less caring and more risky in what they would do. Scary slippery slope.

Aside from the list of unsafe sexual services, many private Escorts as they became quiet, would often start lowering their price per hour! Then many other girls would follow suit and think they will need to do the same to ensure they get clients. The biggest issue with that in my opinion, it begins to educate clients to pay less, and then they will never pay more. I encourage all Escorts, whether high class Escorts or not, keep firm with your pricing. Never negotiate - it sends the wrong message.

Online Adult Directories Attracted The Wrong Clients For Me As A Private Escort

Not all clients who responded to my private Escort ads were bad; but most were. I began to keep a record of the types of interactions I was receiving. On average, 80% were a waste of time. I had a separate phone number and phone from my personal number - a number purely for private Escort work. I remember within 10 minutes of my first ever online private Escort ad being posted, my work phone blew up. Initially I thought this was all my Christmas's come at once. Initially I took care in writing back to each and every message, even the dirty or pic messages - rookie error if you will. Then I progressed to blocking numbers and using a template response for further contact. Within a few weeks I wanted to throw the phone off my balcony at least 3 times per day! 

The types of messages I'd receive from online adult directories wanting to book me as a private Escort
  • - How much for 30 or 20 minutes (despite my ad clearly saying shortest booking 1 hour)
  • - How much for CIM (cum in mouth), ATM (ass to mouth) (despite my ad clearly saying I don't offer unsafe services)
  • - How much for 1 hour (despite my ad clearly displaying my rates, which further mentioned rates aren't negotiable)
  • - Will you do it cheaper than advertised rate or some ridiculously low amount
  • - Guys wanting to chat endlessly (how's your night babe, are you busy etc)
  • - Endless cock pics (some guys I'd block, they'd then use another number to send through dick pics)
  • - Sending face and body pics (thinking if they're good looking my services will be cheaper)
  • - Nice polite at the start, then when they don't get the answer they want, become very abusive
  • - Sexting... endless sexting (wanting to SMS me with dirty talk)


This sort of communication would be 8/10 interactions. As you can imagine, in the end it drives you nuts. I want to work, I want to provide clients with a very high quality, enjoyable high class Escort service. Instead I was caught up with dirty sleaze bag time wasters who were bombarding my phone, then when I wasn't attending to my phone I'd have to spend my time writing advertisements, taking pictures to post on online adult directories. When did I have time to work?

Where's your security as a private Escort?

Girls, if you have a security guy you can trust to monitor you while you're in bookings, who genuinely isn't going to try and get free sex for his services - treat him like a God. Almost all security drivers I interviewed as a private Escort, they were sleaze bags. Let's be honest, why would a guy specifically want to drive around a Sex Worker? Or what's worse, oh my boyfriend said he will do it. No. The last thing you want is a jealous boyfriend busting through the door when you have a clients dick in your ass. I've also had arguments with clients about money the moment I've entered the hotel room - I call for my private security, doesn't answer or he's gone for something to eat. Also, shifty clients will also prey on the fact that as a solo private working girl, you don't have security. 

A Melbourne Escort Agency Offers Privacy, Discretion & Security

Yes it's true girls, a Melbourne Escort Agency will take a cut of the rate advertised to clients. So long as they earn that cut, why not is what I say - as the saying goes, everyone has to eat. I tried to earn the total amount myself as a private Escort, and as an overall experience it just didn't work for me. The Escort Agency takes a cut because it has a framework setup that takes care of the admin, advertising, safety and security which are all stress's I no longer need to worry about.

Joining a Melbourne Escort Agency honestly was a godsend. I remember sitting down with the owner's 2IC and a manager in training and the conversation went like this.

Agency: Thanks for supplying all of your documentation. Now this is really simple. We provide the work, keep you safe and you focus on giving your clients the best experience you can. If you have any issues let your manager know. 

Me: Sounds good when can I start.

Joining a quality Melbourne Escort Agency meant I didn't have to worry about posting ads, having my phone blow up with weirdos sending me their dick at 2am and time wasters who had no intention of booking me. I also didn't have to worry about vetting clients - the Escort Agency's reception staff did that for me. Security issues? The Agency made sure they hired good quality security drivers and if I had any issues with the driver management would sort it out. 

Sure, there were some jobs I did with the Escort Agency that didn't run perfectly smooth. But compared to when I was working on my own as a private Escort? I'd say 1 in every 50 jobs with the Agency there'd be some minor issue. 

The Escort Agency would only contact me with relevant information for when I was seeing a client. I'd get information about the booking, what time to be ready etc. No back and forth messaging with the client - this part alone was worth the cut they took. I believe clients took me as an Escort more seriously when they booked through an Escort Agency. The Escort Agency is a well established business and I believe many clients felt they could push an individual private Escort around much more than an Agency. This was another factor that worked well for me since joining the Agency.

Private Escorts Looking To Join A Melbourne Escort Agency

Girls, did I have some shitty experiences with some Agency's? Sure, but again not as many shitty experiences as working as a private Escort. I also try and tell young or new Escorts to the Industry that are looking to join a Melbourne Escort Agency - have the attitude that the Agency is entitled to take a cut, so long as they work for it. If you have the attitude the worker deserves it all, then don't even bother working for an Agency. It won't work. Why? Wrong attitude. There's nothing wrong with a private Escort wanting to keep her entire advertised rate; but - if you want someone else to take care of all of the client vetting, advertising, security etc then that has to come at a cost. 

Do a trial with a Melbourne Escort Agency, see how they work. If you don't like it, leave. Simple.

Benefits Of Working For A Melbourne Escort Agency

  • - The agency does all vetting of clients - I no longer need to worry about interacting with time wasters (guys who would message me as a private Escort with no intention of booking me). I also don't need to engage in the back and forth SMSing instructing clients about getting a hotel room etc. Agency's reception does the lot.
  • - The agency does all advertising to get clients - I no longer need to spend time on adult directories posting ads and photos.
  • - The agency provides their own security - I no longer need to worry about hiring a security driver and whether the private security I've hired will actually do their job.
  • - The agency sets rates for Escort services - I no longer need to interact with cheapskates that try and get me to lower my rates of service. Agency's reception staff look after and deal with all of that.
  • - The agency lets me do what I'm good at; providing a pleasurable Escort experience. I simply get ready, and give the best Escort experience to each and every client!

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