High Class Escorts Melbourne is a busy, well established and well reputed Melbourne Escort Agency that doesn't feel the need to publish client reviews of Escorts that have been booked through their Agency. Why? Simply, there's no need to - and let's be honest, who is going to publish a negative or bad review online anyway?

Feedback, both negative and positive is always welcomed from clientele (thankfully more positive than negative feedback is received!) and is regularly provided to Melbourne Escort Agency management which in turn, is passed on to the relevant Escort or administrative staff member.

A Melbourne Escort Agency That Relies On Word Of Mouth

There's no better compliment or publicity than positive word of mouth from an existing client, referring a friend or colleague to book an Escort with our Melbourne Escort Agency. In no uncertain terms they are saying, 'you can trust this business with your money they will look after you and give you what you need'. It is even more valuable in the Escort Industry, because it is really saying 'you can trust this Escort Agency with your most personal and intimate details'.

Even though prostitution in Victoria is legal, many people who use the services of Melbourne Escorts and/or Melbourne Brothels prefer not to share that information with anyone else. Why? For the most part it is due to wanting to maintain anonymity, and also likely they are in fear that they will be judged - little do they realise a person in their team at work is probably also seeking the same type of prostitution services; prostitution in Melbourne is a thriving industry. Anyone who thinks otherwise is of the highest naivety. A Melbourne Escort Agency such as High Class Escorts Melbourne, has been issued a license to operate a prostitution business - namely an Escort Agency.

When a review from a client comes in, either via direct conversation with reception staff or the online contact page; an internal process is in place to ensure quality and performance standards of the Melbourne Escort Agency and the Escorts that represent their brand are kept at the highest level. The majority of clients who do provide feedback, do so of their own accord and do not want any further correspondence or follow up. Many clients will submit a few lines via online submission to reception commenting about how they loved the experience with their Escort, or at times how they believe their booking could be improved - in this instance the Escort will be informed next time she is working, and management make relevant notes. There is no need to publicise this.

Not publishing reviews, feedback or anything similar let's our clients know we do value their privacy and discretion - under no circumstances do we compromise the integrity, privacy or discretion of our clients or Escorts that represent our brand. Business's that do publish information from clients / staff or similar, how do you know they won't post something that was sensitive information by mistake? You don't need to worry about High Class Escorts Melbourne, we NEVER publish information about our clients; ever.

Above all, if you ever want to know if a client is satisfied with their Escort experience, you'll know when they re-book; it doesn't get much clearer than that!

High Class Escorts Melbourne Is Committed To Providing The Best Service

Our Agency's continued success relies on two factors - having fabulous high class Melbourne Escorts available for clients, and clientele who wish to book our Escorts. This requires continuous work and commitment to providing the best customer service and Escort experience to each and every booking. For our Melbourne Escort Agency to grow, it needs referrals from existing clientele; as our clientele expands, so does the requirement for new female Escorts looking for work.

See for yourself, make a booking with High Class Escorts Melbourne to experience why they are the leading Melbourne Escort Agency when it comes to customer service, and providing the ultimate pleasure in female Escort experiences.