Escorts Melbourne is like any top quality service business, it looks after clients who respect their reception staff and the stunning Melbourne Escorts who represent their business - it's common sense really. If this is your first time booking an Escort in Melbourne Melbourne - welcome! Below are just a few quick easy tips on how to ensure you make a good impression on your sexy high class Melbourne Escorts.

Check out our Escort FAQ section too! It covers literally 100's of questions and answers from clients about our Escorts service.

What Escorts Melbourne Want From Clients

Gentlemen and couples (yes we have gorgeous bisexual Escorts available for couples) let's keep this really simple - you book the services of our high class Melbourne Escorts to enjoy whatever sexual desires and needs you want satisfied; this is undoubtedly a very personal intimate service tailored specific to your needs. While the time you spend with your Escort is really all about satisfying your sexual needs, you need to ensure you're a client that conducts themselves in a way that makes your Escort want to spend time with you. The more your Escort enjoys spending time with you, the better your service will be - why? Simply because she is enjoying herself! All of us no matter what service we're providing, will give a better, more enjoyable service when we are enjoying fulfilling a customers needs.

A quick note: many first time Melbourne Escort Agency clients don't realise that if an Escort doesn't wish to see a client, she doesn't have to - even if you've seen her before, even if you've left a generous tip etc.

5 Easy Steps To Get On Escorts Melbourne Best Client List

Here are some very simple, commonsense tips to help ensure you're going to make a great impression with your Escort and have her want you to re-book with her ASAP!

  1. Relax and don't overthink things: many first time Melbourne Escorts clients believe they need to perform like a formula 1 car or like some experienced porno stud (you do know that most porn is just acting anyway!) - guys and couples; you don't! Just be yourself and let things take a natural flow during your time together. The main difference between booking time with Escorts Melbourne and a first date or first encounter with someone you've never been before - your high class Escort knows exactly why she is seeing you! There is no 'I'm not sure if I'm going to get laid' or 'I'm not sure if she likes anal sex'! You've already discussed with reception your needs and they have matched you with an Escort who will fulfill them; no need to be anxious or worried. Stress, overthinking will only impede your sexual satisfaction.   
  2. Good hygiene: This is an absolute MUST. No one likes to be in the close proximity of someone who stinks; it really is as simple as that! Prior to your beautiful Escorts’ arrival, take the time to prepare yourself. Manscape down below, shower vigorously using plenty of soap and apply a light spray of deodorant and pleasing aftershave. Aftershave, when used in excess can be overpowering and sickly; use it sparingly for the sake of your escort. Our gorgeous Escorts never fail to ensure they are well groomed down there, and the favor returned is always appreciated. Don’t be insulted if you Escort asks you to shower again upon her arrival, it is purely protocol and nothing personal. The sooner her request is fulfilled, the sooner she can start pleasuring you. 
  3. Be on time: Escorts Melbourne management and ladies who represent their brand will always do their best to ensure all Escorts arrive at your Hotel a few moments before the booking is meant to start. We value your time, we also need you to value ours; a healthy reciprocal relationship in this fast paced world we live in. Please ensure if you have asked for a Courtesan to be at your Crown Casino Melbourne Hotel room at 10pm, you're ready for her at 10pm. Of course, we do understand there may be unforeseen circumstances resulting in either you or your Escort to be slightly late - however please simply let reception know as courtesy.
  4. Champagne or soft drink: This is not necessary but the thought is always welcomed; have a bottle of bubbly ready for your gorgeous Escorts’ arrival. Remember to first ask your High Class Melbourne Escort if she drinks, and if she does, pour her a glass. If she doesn’t drink, offer her a sparkling or still water. Remember to always have water on hand so neither of you become too intoxicated, should you both decide to indulge in a glass or 2. 
  5. Payment: Payment can be a delicate subject; however when you book our Melbourne Escorts you're paying for her services, not trying to detract from the intimacy of your time spent together, but it is a business transaction. To avoid any awkwardness, before your High Class Melbourne Escort arrives, ensure you have the correct monetary payment ready to hand over. Always double check to make sure you have the correct amount, and NEVER try to bargain with your Escort upon her arrival. If you’re feeling extra generous, leave your gorgeous companion a small tip, she will undoubtedly appreciate it. For many clients, handing over money to an Escort can be a mood killer (however as discussed, it has to be done) - why don't you leave the full payment in an envelope and put it in the bathroom? When your Escort arrives, politely suggest that she may like to freshen up and there is an envelope by the sink waiting for her - she will know exactly what you mean. Once payment is out of the way discretely, your lady will notify Melbourne Escort Agency security that all is well, and you can start your night of pleasure!


Call reception directly on 8617 9999 to arrange a unique, satisfying pleasurable Escorts Melbourne experience today.

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