Booking a stunning, sexy high class Melbourne Escort from a Melbourne Escort Agency to visit you is as easy as 1, 2, 3 - call reception, let them know what you're looking for; e.g. petite blonde girl, early 20's, large breasts, some tattoos are preferable and must allow anal sex. One of the benefits of using a Melbourne Escort Agency is they have a list of girls available, thus increasing the likelihood of finding someone who matches exactly what you need.

Let's assume the blonde Escort of your dreams, who loves anal and is inked up is available to see you - she is smoking hot. She has hooker white blonde hair, 22 years old, huge DD breasts, 1 half tattooed sleeve with some nice tattoos on her legs. And, as mentioned, she loves anal. What more could you ask for?

Now what?

How Long To Book Your Melbourne Escort For

One of the hardest questions is determining how long you book your blonde anal tattooed bombshell for?

The Escort Agency says - as long as possible! No secrets here, the longer the booking the more money the Escort Agency receives.

The Client (you) says - 'i'm really horny, I know I want some anal and a good blow job. I'm also pretty sure I'll cum quick because it's been a while and I'm really horny - so 1 hour should do'.

The Melbourne Escort says - 'let's ensure we book more than enough time (not being greedy here), to ensure you're pleasure isn't rushed and you get the most out of the time we spend together'. A booking that is 'too' long is horrible, I can assure you and I've had many. Things can run stale, also - many first time clients who make a long booking sometimes have unrealistic expectations of their Escort. Although all high class Melbourne Escorts I know will always do their best, above and beyond to ensure their client is satisfied and has their full attention - we aren't robots who can perform and entertain endlessly. Yep, despite what porn may tell you, we really don't want to give you head for hours on end and then spend the next week at the Chiropractor and Myotherapist! We both need natural flowing downtime - we can incorporate cuddling and plenty of intimacy (touching, stroking, spooning etc) so you know we are still focused on you.

Sorry back to our 1 hour booking!

Communication between Client And Escort Is Key

When you call your preferred Melbourne Escort Agency and book your blonde tattooed bombshell for 1 hour - obviously reception will tell her she has a booking for 1 hour at Crown Towers Melbourne (as an example). She will also be told you are wanting anal sex (allowing her to prepare for your time together) and also any other details you may have passed on to reception that is relevant about your booking. 

If you are paying cash for your Escort, get the transaction part out of the way ASAP. This could be directly counted to her, or left in an unsealed envelope in the bathroom. Whatever your preference, pay her quickly so she knows everything is good to go and there should be no more awkwardness.

This next part is important!

Let's assume this is your first time booking the sexy tattooed blonde bombshell - you have never seen her, spent time with her, had absolutely no interaction with you. Meaning she does not know you at all. Your first impression with her is important. Very important! The old saying rings true here; you only have 1 chance of making a first impression.

Don't be too enthusiastic by being grabby or overly physical, even if you are super excited to get into the wham-bam 'thinking we're on the clock as we only have 1 hour'.

Your high class tattooed Escort is a goddess, and possess many skills you will receive great pleasure from; but! She is not a mind reader.

Spend a few minutes with her, and you can be very upfront in what you're wanting to get out of the time you spend with her (remember, this is a business transaction - I know you guys don't like to think of it like that, but it is. Your Escort is working when she sees you). This is one of the major advantages of booking an Escort - you get what you want, how you want it. You're not running the gauntlet at a bar at 3am on Sunday morning 'hoping for the best'. High Class Melbourne Escorts are true professionals at what they do. You want anal, be polite, work with us, and we will give you the best most pleasurable anal experience you've ever had!

Key Tips To Get The Most Out Of 1 Hour With Your Escort

  1. Be polite, courteous and friendly when your lady arrives. Get payment out of the way ASAP
  2. Be upfront and direct (still being polite and courteous) - if you're horny and want to get into it, let her know! A true Courtesan will appreciate that and read the mood of the environment and help set the tone! Believe me, we would rather here you're overly excited and horny than disinterested in us!
  3. Relax and enjoy yourself! Worrying and stressing about the 'clock' or 'running out of time' is the worst thing you can do for yourself. It is likely to cause performance anxiety and your nervous energy will most certainly pass on to your Escort.

High Class Melbourne Escort Agency

High Class Escorts Melbourne is a high class Melbourne Escort Agency that understands the needs of each and every client is different; delivering the finest female Escorts to your door - both heterosexual (straight) and bisexual female Escorts are available. 

Call 8617 9999 to receive the ultimate pleasure.


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