Married men book with High Class Escorts Melbourne because it is a Melbourne Escort Agency that prides itself not only with high quality companions, but it's an Agency you can trust with your privacy. All female Escorts who represent their Agency operate with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. 

How do we know married men book us?

As professional high class Escorts, aside from providing the ultimate sexual pleasure to our clients, to be truly good at our job; we have to make our clients feel comfortable and ultimately trust us. You can give the best head on the planet, but if your client feels unsafe, awkward or generally not comfortable - it's very unlikely he will return. Word also spreads quick among the Melbourne Escort scene; if you can't be trusted, Melbourne Escort Agency's wont go near you and private clients will avoid you at all costs.

Do we vette our clients as to whether they are in a relationship? Hell no! Does the Melbourne Escort Agency? No! So does this imply we are facilitating "cheating" - no. Many wife's allow their husbands time with high class Escorts, as they much prefer he is satisfied than have an affair at work. Many wife's join their husbands in booking bisexual female Escorts with our Agency. If a client wishes to discuss his private life / relationship that is entirely his choice.

We know that our clients are married (or not) because they choose to tell us.

High Class Escorts Teach Men To Communicate With Their Wife

I'd estimate about 1/2 of my clients were married, unsure whether the others had girlfriends or not. Of those that were married, almost all of them were unsatisfied with the amount of affection they received from their wife and were unsatisfied by the type of sex they had - this is a double whammy of bad news for any relationship.

Some clients had a very detailed (they would actually write emails or letters) fetish or kink they'd like to explore, while some literally just wanted their cock sucked a different way to the way their wife does. Or they might want a blow job more regularly; point is, something very simple and easily fixed. 

So why don't they tell their wife? Honestly, I have no idea.

For clients there is certainly a comfort of being with a stranger, as a stranger or a Melbourne Escort in this case, knows absolutely nothing about them - only what they tell us. But in a marriage, you've chosen to enter a legal agreement, share assets / wealth, share your life and secrets etc together. Your wife should give you a blow job for free. I charge $700.00 per hour for my services. Do the math! Again, when a client calls a Melbourne Escort Agency for a girl, the client knows exactly what their in for. There really are no misconceptions when you book an Escort in Melbourne - services aren't misrepresented, e.g. if an Escort says she does anal, she does anal! When a married couple enter the bedroom at night, it becomes very 'run of the mill' and standard; but this doesn't mean your sexual expectations shouldn't be met (husband and wife).

I'm not a psychologist or have any relevant training in this field, but I have fucked more married men than most people have had hot dinners. My advice to married men is this: talk with your wife about what you're not getting in bed. Try not to make it personal and also ask what makes her satisfied and whether she is receiving what she wants.

Many men work harder to please their Melbourne Escort than they do to please their wife!

Top Tips From High Class Escort To Rekindle Sex With Your Wife

  1. Do you argue about money when booking a high class Melbourne Escort? No. Then do your best not to get into financial warfare with your wife. Financial troubles are ugly and bring a lot of negative energy to a relationship. If you get into financial trouble, see a financial professional early.
  2. Be upfront about what you need and like in the bedroom. Do you beat around the bush when you're with an Escort? No. Then why don't you politely tell your wife how you like it, and vice versa. Having husband and wife sexually satisfied will do wonders for your relationship!
  3. Keep your sex life spicy and interesting! When do most married guys book an Escort? When they're horny and during work hours - random! If you and your wife have fallen into the trap of routine sex, break it! Nothing better than a random visit for some steamy sex. Could be 5 minutes or 45 minutes!
  4. Make the distinction between fantasy and reality. It's great to see the sparkle in a clients eye when he talks about how he and I should be together and how fun it would be. I'm very quick to remind them that they only spend a few hours with me a week. I don't make their lunch, I don't put the kids to bed, I don't stay up all night if the kids are sick etc. I'm also paid to be there (yes it is a business relationship). Don't let a fantasy ruin what real things you and your wife share.



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