If you are currently out of town and visiting Melbourne, there is no need to be lonely or lacking female attention. High Class Escorts Melbourne is located only minutes from Crown Casino Melbourne, in Southbank Victoria. Our female companions are friendly, cute and extremely sexy.

High Class Escorts Will Keep You Company

If you are an out of town business executive looking for a hot under the collar experience that will get your blood pumping, you have come to the right Melbourne Escort Agency. You are in for a treat like never before with high class Escorts. Sexy and sensational looking Escorts that are ready and eager to serve your every need. Your time away from home does not need to be spent being lonely. If you have never booked one of our female companions before, you will be pleasantly surprised just how much care and attention they will give you. All of our companions are true Courtesan's. They possess the skills and understand the true art form of pleasing men from all walks of life. No matter if you are young, old, middle aged, in shape, out of shape and it doesn't matter what your background is, or what your sexual needs are; part of being a true Courtesan is bringing no judgement to their profession.

The majority of Escorts who represent our Melbourne Escort Agency, have a tertiary education and work a successful career outside of this profession. Once a lady has mastered the skills of a Courtesan, she will never lose them. It doesn't matter whether she is in and out of this Industry, takes a long or short vacation - she will always know how to please a man. Booking time with one of these ladies doesn't have to purely be about sex - well it can be if that is all you're looking for. However, if you are looking for a female companion that you can chat with, have ongoing banter and fun with, then these ladies are ready to spend time with you and fill that void. There is nothing better than combining sexiness, beauty and intelligence into your booking; this is where we say we don't just provide an Escort service, rather an experience.

Our companions can join you in your Melbourne Hotel room, or you may like to have them give you a girlfriend type tour of the city. You may also like to go shopping, experience the wonderful cafe and restaurant culture, or even head out in the evening for a night of partying in Melbourne's eventful nightlife. Either way, no matter what you'd like to do, our ladies are ready to join you. One of the greatest benefits of spending time with our female companions, there will be no arguing, bickering or disagreeing; as I'm sure you've experienced with previous girlfriends. Our ladies are happy to go along with whatever you have planned.

How can we be sure of this? Our reception staff will spend time with you getting to know what your needs are, right down to the fine details. Once your receptionist has a firm understanding of what you are looking for, they can then match you with confidence with a high class Escort that will not only satisfy your needs, but exceed them.

Booking a Melbourne Escort While You're In Town

If you know when you'll be arriving in Melbourne and know your Hotel reservation details, let our friendly reception team know ahead of time. This way, you can discuss with them the type of female companion you're looking for and you can start planning your companionship arrangement before you even arrive. Firstly, this avoid you missing out and having to be placed on a waiting list - this alone can provide anxiety as there is no guarantee you will get to spend time with one of our ladies while you're in town. Secondly, you will be well versed on how things work and know all about the companion you will be spending time with. Once you arrive, you are ready to hit the ground running and have a fantastic time.

Our female Escorts are as young and fresh as 18 years old, right through to beautiful stunning 40 year old's. We have a diverse range of nationalities who represent our Melbourne Escort Agency, so if you have a preference for say Italian or German women - let reception know when you're making a booking. If you have a specific sexual service you are looking for, anal or spanish perhaps, also make sure you let reception know. Not all of our ladies perform the same sexual services, so it is important you provide our friendly reception staff with as many details as you can while you're making your booking.

If at anytime your arrangements change and need to alter your booking, make sure you let reception know ASAP. A lot of care is taken by each and every high class female companion that sees each client, it would only be gentlemen like to let us know if your plans or time schedule changes - despite being on a very tight and busy schedule, small changes to times can often be accommodated if plenty of notice is given. This also cuts both ways, if for some reason there is a change from the Escort Agency's end, you will be the first to know. Communication and courteousness is key.

Contact reception directly or submit an online enquiry if you prefer.


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