Are you a first time client looking to have your first Melbourne Escort experience? Or maybe you've seen Escorts in Melbourne before but they haven't been as enjoyable as you'd hoped? Either way here is a very quick and easy to read guide giving you 4 steps to having the best Melbourne Escort experience:

First and foremost well done on choosing a reputable high class Melbourne Escort Agency to match you with a sexy female companion that will satisfy your sexual needs and desires. With so many online databases allowing girls to list their services, how do you know which are reputable, honest and actually the girl who is advertising? You don't, hence choosing a reputable Agency is often the best start to ensuring you're matched with an Escort that suits your needs.

Clients Play A Pivotal Role In All Melbourne Escort Bookings

Usually due to misinformed social stigmas associated with Escorts in Melbourne, many clients make the mistake of believing 'everything is up to the Escort' during the booking; and as such many clients refuse to put effort into the time spent with their Escort. I personally have also had clients almost have a futile and distasteful attitude toward me during our first booking together, making it clear that I'm subservient to them - and almost an air of arrogance, where this guy literally sat in the chair of his hotel room and said, 'ok then make it happen'!

Don't worry, myself and fellow high class Melbourne Escorts will always work our hardest to please you as best we can, but you as a client play and equally important role during our time together to make our experience together the best it can be.

  1. You only get 1 chance to make a first impression: Guys or couples who have booked a bisexual female Escort; first impressions are crucial! When I walk through your Hotel door, the vibe I get off you will determine how our time together starts. If you're standoffish, rude, abrupt, too grabby, not forthcoming with payment when I arrive, or just an outright an asshole - why would I want to spend time with you and pleasure you? I'm not asking to be greeted like the Queen of England, but just show some common manners, courteousness and respect, and we will be fine. Make sure you have showered and maintained good hygiene. These things really are commonsense and should be standard practice for anyone wanting to get sexy with someone else - also, make sure you have a read of questions you should never ask your high class Escort!
  2. Your attitude toward your Escort matters more than you think: There's nothing wrong with not knowing what to expect when I arrive. You may be shy, nervous or plain uncertain of what's to come - but remember one thing, I'm looking forward to spending time with you and making sure you're sexually satisfied. When I come and visit you, it's just the two of us together and the old saying applies, 'it takes two to tango'. If you want passionate, hot steamy lustful sex, then you as a client are equally responsible for contributing to the atmosphere between us. I'm not visiting you to change the light globe or repossess your favorite piece of furniture, I'm here to provide whatever sexual services you've paid for. The more comfortable I feel, naturally the more enthusiastic and passionate I'll be during our time together. There's no exact way to behave when two strangers meet for the first time, but you know I'm visiting you to please you; so that part is covered. Even if you think you have no idea how to behave, just put some positive enthusiasm into our booking and I'm sure it will be great!
  3. "I'm paying so I'm saying" - hmmm yes and no guys: I don't think anyone in a service industry really appreciates the implication that the service provider is at the clients beckon-call without a choice, to be spoken to and treated poorly. You may have a barista that begrudgingly makes you your morning coffee irrespective of how rude you may be, but again, he/she is making you a coffee and passing it to you then its done. When I knock at your door, you're wanting me to let you stick your dick inside of me? Then you better be respectful and nice! Again, commonsense isn't it?
  4. Communication is key: When you book one of us lovely ladies through a Melbourne Escort Agency, reception will discuss with you what your needs are and in turn match you with Escorts that provide what you're looking for. E.g. if you want a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) or Anal Escort then you will only be offered to see Escorts that offer those services. Let's say I'm a match with what you're looking for in the bedroom - reception will pass on all the relevant details for what you want / expect; so that part is done, I know exactly why I'm seeing you, where, what time etc. As we haven't met before, despite you knowing or having an excellent idea as to what I'm going to look like, you also know the services I offer - as soon as I enter your hotel room, this is where the real communication takes place. Like with point #1 above, we both need to make a good first impression; points #2 and #3 are also very relevant.
    1. You as a client must ask yourself, 'what do I want to achieve /feel /get from this booking'? Let's say a nice deep blow job for example, every guy likes their dick sucked differently - for me to be able to give you the best deepthroat BJ, you'll need to tell me how you like it.
    2. If you're spending time with me because you want to try something new - let me know (us Escorts are pretty amazing, but we aren't mind readers). Similarly, if we are doing something and it's not as you'd like, politely let me know too. 

High Class Escorts Melbourne Is The Perfect Match Maker

As mentioned, using the services of a professional, well reputed Melbourne Escort Agency makes finding a suitable Escort so much easier. Reception and customer service staff are always contactable via phone or email to answer your questions. This Agency is always about helping clients get the most out of their Escort experiences.

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