As high class Melbourne Escorts, it is our job to ensure that sexual services that you've paid for satisfies your sexual needs and desires. This is the primary reason why clients choose to book Melbourne Escorts services rather than running the gauntlet at bars and clubs trying to pick up a casual fling, or trying their luck on online hookup apps such as Tinder.

As a high class Melbourne Escort that has pleasured many men and couples (yes I'm also a bisexual Escort) throughout my career; I can confidently tell you that the sexual needs of men change regularly - our needs as women also change, but not as sporadically as men! I've had many regular clients whom I would see weekly or fortnightly, that would have very different sexual requirements each time I saw them. Yes sure after seeing them over 30 or so times, there would definitely be some overlap - but just because I saw 'Tom' every Tuesday afternoon, didn't mean that Tom wanted the same service from me. 

Prior to becoming an Escort, I use to sleep with many guys, some girls, and a few couples here and there - my mentality was sometimes the sex was good, most often it was great, and sometimes it was really bad; not bad enough for me to not want to keep going, but bad enough to not want it again. I thought this was just how it was. Entering the world of Escorting, my mentality changed; it changed because I gained an understanding that while I also want to enjoy the sex, my primary focus must be on ensuring my client (male or couple) is enjoying themselves. I can tell you with confidence, that if I didn't understand this, I would never have become successful as an Escort in Melbourne. New girls coming into the industry that don't understand that the client is the primary focus don't last long - very rarely do clients re-book and their reputation becomes well known for all the wrong reasons.


Paying Melbourne Escorts For Sex Ensures High Standards 


As a professional high class Melbourne Escort, I will do all that I can to ensure you as a client have the best time. After all, your paying for my sexual services as an Escort to ensure you receive high standards. As client you should have far higher standards than a random drunk you find in a bar at 3am. You're paying me to provide sexual services that I've agreed to provide.

I will take responsibility and accountability for time I spend with each client and ultimately the clients satisfaction; it is not the clients responsibility nor is it the Escort Agency's (I represent the Escort Agency but they aren't in the booking with me). Throughout my career I can say that my success rate for pleasing clients is high - I gauge this by repeat bookings through the Agency, unexpected gifts from clients and words and referrals directly from existing clients. I attribute this to my desire to please my clients, and understanding the expectation is on me to ensure the time we spend together is the best that is humanly possible - even if a booking isn't going to plan, despite my efforts to please a client; I will always do the best I can striving toward a positive encounter / time spent together.

When you call an Escort Agency, reception will ask you many different questions to determine which Melbourne Escort would best suit your needs. As much as the Agency's receptionist isn't my personal PA, she really is a PA/receptionist to each and every girl who is on the Agency's call list. Let's assume you call up, and the physical attributes you're attracted to in a female are a near perfect match to me. Furthermore, it is always important to determine what type of sexual services you're also interested in - high class Escorts provide much more than simply "sex". The meaning of 'sex' and what it entails means something different to everybody. You're looking for an Escort who offers Anal sex, light sensual massage and also everything included in the Girlfriend Experience Escort package - again, me, me me; your sexual needs are exactly what I enjoy doing with clients! Reception then matches you with me, tonight 10pm Crown Towers Melbourne, for 3 hours. You may also have some fantasy of how you'd like me dressed - you may want me to be in a long robe with nothing underneath? Or something very sporty, such as tiny shorts and a crop top showing off my sexy legs and DD rack? Or you may prefer me to be dressed smart casual - either way, that's another element you're able to discuss with reception as per your booking requirements. Reception will pass on your requests to me so that I'm prepared and know exactly what the client expects of me. That way, I am entering the clients hotel room full knowing what he or a couple like, and I am already in the best position to make sure the time we spend together is exactly what they're looking for. Going the extra mile like this helps ensure client satisfaction is at an all time high and why High Class Escorts Melbourne really is the best of the best when it comes to Escort Agency's. 

When you making a booking with High Class Escorts Melbourne, you will not be put with an Escort that doesn't suit your needs - ever. Firstly, it is bad business practice to provide a client with something that they don't want. Secondly, it is not going to be favorable for not only the client, but naturally there is likely to be some hostility from the client toward the Escort who arrived that isn't to their liking. Let's say you're a hot young corporate couple, both in great shape, love the finer things in life and want to take the plunge and book a hot sexy bisexual Escort - you want an Escort that knows how to use toys on both herself, other females and anal toys on male clients - even give the male client a prostate massage (also one of my specialties). You also want her to enjoy anal sex both ways (i truly love this) and be good at giving deep throat blow jobs (my specialty too!). You want her to be in her late 20's, fake large breasts, brunette with nice skin and not be too tall. For this sexy bisexual Escort experience, you're paying $700.00 per hour. Imagine for a moment - you open the door to find a European Escort who is just over 6 ft tall, peroxide blonde hair, small breasts who doesn't perform anal sex; you too would be annoyed.

Men and couples book Melbourne Escorts as an insurance policy in that money has been exchanged to help guarantee the client receives exactly what they want. In the very very rare and unlikely situation that you book a Melbourne Escort and she isn't what you asked for - you simply call reception and arrange for a different lady to visit you.


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