Booking an Escort should be both fun and exciting (if you're not feeling like it's something you can't wait to do, maybe hold off until you get both feelings of eagerness and excitement)! 

Let's move forward and assume you're both excited and eager to finally book an Escort that you've thought about for so long. Leading up to this moment, you've postponed contacting your local Escort Agency or private Escort for a seemingly endless list of fears. 'What if I say the wrong thing', 'what if she doesn't like me', 'what if I cum too quickly', 'what if I can't get it up' etc. etc. etc....! 

Let's put all those possible fears aside, take a deep breath and follow this very easy guide to successfully booking an Escort.

How To Successfully Book An Escort Guide 101

Booking an Escort shouldn't be hard or overly complicated; the old analogy of booking a Sex Worker is as easy as ordering a pizza I believe is true when you deal with the right Escort Agency or private Escort. Now before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I'm saying a Sex Worker is the same as a pizza, I'm not - but I'm saying the process should be just as easy for the most-part. When you call to book a pizza, do you use your manners? I hope so! Same goes when making contact with your local Escort Agency or independent Escort. No one likes dealing with someone who is rude, impolite and/or discourteous; be well-mannered and polite, and I can guarantee you're going to be off to a great start. Yes sure, private Escorts and Escort Agencies need clients to be successful, but if you're not friendly and easy to deal with; neither independent Escorts or Escort Agency's will take you on as a client. I encourage all Sex Workers, don't take bad business or bad clients; they just aren't worth it! Honestly, who would want to take their clothes off and have sex with someone if they are rude and nasty? No one. The nicer you are, and friendlier you are, the more likely you're going to get a far better service; it's just human nature!

Before contacting your Escort Agency or independent Escort
  • - Don't be drunk or high! If you're under the influence of drugs and or alcohol, you're likely to not be acting your normal self. Don't think that taking drugs or drinking too much will help your nerves - it always makes things worse. Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression! If you're rude, obnoxious, vulgar etc, any reputable Escort Agency or private Sex Worker will not take your booking and likely black-list you.
  • - At the least, have a very general idea of what you're looking for: 'But this is my fist time booking an Escort, how am I to know?'. Let's use our pizza analogy. When you call for a pizza, do you have no idea what pizza you'd like? Of course not. If you haven't had a chance to look at the pizza menu, you may say 'I'd like a spicy pizza that feeds 6 big adults, no anchovies'. Or if you know what you like, you might say '2 large Mexicana pizza's. When contacting your local Escort Agency, you might say 'I'd like a young Escort who is about 20 years old, blonde hair and large breasts'. Or you may be more specific than that, asking for a 'young blonde Escort about 20 years old, blonde hair, large breasts and offers a raunchy Porn Star Experience (PSE). If you make contact with an independent Escort or Escort Agency and you seem to have absolutely no idea what you're looking for, you'll be identified as a time waster. 
  • - Decide on how you're going to make contact: Are you going to phone your local Escort Agency or send an online enquiry? If you have many questions, and are unsure if you're definitely going to make a booking, I suggest making online / email contact first. When you submit an online enquiry or direct email, please ensure you use basic writing skills and structure. Why? So you're taken seriously. Don't be vulgar or rude, or simply write a single line. Introduce yourself as a new potential client, then write your questions concisely. Try and include all your questions in a single email to avoid repeated back and forth ping-pong. Again, if it's seen that you have a seemingly endless list of questions, you'll likely be identified as a time waster. Also, make sure you check the Agency's website for information. Many reputable Agency's such as High Class Escorts Melbourne, have plenty of information including a very clear Escorts Rates page and also a FAQ page that is very helpful. For independent Sex Workers who have their mobile number advertised and/or email; same protocol applies as if you were contacting an Escort Agency - be polite, courteous and concise. Independent Escorts don't want ongoing SMS ping-pong and many will have very clear information on their sites too. Generally, an independent Escort will have less time than an Agency to liaise with online contact, as they don't have reception staff - while an independent Escort is in a booking with a client, they can't answer new enquiries.


Booking an Escort is really just like asking someone on a date; as mentioned above, present yourself as a friendly, easy going well mannered client. Just like in the dating scene, reputable Escort Agencies and private Escorts are selective of who they see. Make sure as a client you stand out for all the right reasons!

Making contact with an independent Escort or Escort Agency

1. Introduce yourself: voice call, SMS, email

Don't jump straight into, 'do you offer anal sex?'Please don't also waste time by saying 'Hey baby what are you up to? A perfect introduction would be similar to this: 'Hi, my name is Tom, I'm located in Melbourne CBD and I'd like to book...".

2. Suggest a time, date and location

"Are you available this Thursday, 7pm at Crown Towers Hotel?". Suggesting a time, date and location shows both Escort Agencies and independent Escorts that you're serious about making a booking.

3. Ask for exactly what you're looking for

Don't be shy, please ask directly what you're looking for - but without being rude or vulgar. Respect is important, especially in Sex Work. E.g. 'do you offer anal sex', not 'can i fu*k you in the ass'. Rude and vulgar clients will be blocked and blacklisted - there are so many nice clients to interact with, Agency's and private Escorts just don't need to deal with clients like that. Reputable Sex Workers by the nature of the work, are very open minded and understanding that every client has different needs. Just as each client has different needs, each Escort offers different services. As such, if you ask a private Escort if she offers a sexual service, and she doesn't - she won't be offended that you ask. It is all part of the business. It allows you as a client to move on to a different Escort and see if they offer what you're looking for. E.g. if you're wanting an Escort that provides Golden Showers, simply ask 'do you offer Golden Showers?' If you're calling your local Escort Agency and you'd like to see an Asian Escort with large breasts, simply say exactly that!

An example of what you're email / SMS or phone call to your local Escort Agency could be using the above example:

"Hi, my name is Tom, I'm located in Melbourne CBD and I'd like to book an Asian Escort that offers Golden Showers for this Thursday, 7pm at Crown Towers Hotel'. It really is as easy as that.

Behavior to avoid when contacting a private Escort or Escort Agency

This stuff really is common sense, but you'd be surprised at how many potential new clients make complete ass's of themselves by behaving badly. Remember; polite, courteous, respectful and be easy going!

1. Don't try and negotiate Escorts rates! It is highly offensive and you'll instantly be considered a time waster. Every reputable private Escort and Escort Agency will have a rates page. Read it carefully. Then read it again. If you contact asking 'how much do you charge' when it's clear as day on a rates page, you'll be thought of as a cheapskate or a 'cheap charlie', that is hoping the Agency or private Sex Worker will offer you a lesser rate. No! 

2. Asking for no condom services: 'Do you offer bareback services?' 'Do you offer BBBJ's?' 'Other girls I see offer no condom services' 'Do you offer CIM' 'Do you swallow' 'Do you offer creamy pies'. Just don't ask these questions as they are illegal and very unsafe for both you and the Sex Worker. All reputable Escort Agency's and private Escorts won't engage in those conversations or offer those services.

3. Send me nudes or more photos: If you want nudes, pay for them. It's as simple as that, many private Escorts now have things like Onlyfans and similar. Many clients however do want to see photos of an Escort before booking - very understandable. If you're searching for an independent Escort, make sure their profile has plenty of what you like to see - that way you know the profile is genuine. Scroll back to earlier posts so you can make a sound judgement as to whether you'd like to book them or not. Many Escort Agency's however, will not send you photos of the Sex Workers who work for them. Why? In 99% of cases, ladies who align themselves with a reputable high class Escort Agency, choose to do so for the privacy and anonymity an Agency offers compared to advertising as an independent Escort online. If a private Escort has heaps of photos online, and you contact them for more, you'll be placed in the time waster bin and likely not get a reply. Sadly there are many people who just continually message private Sex Workers who have their direct contact details available, wanting dirty talk and more photos - this is a huge reason why many good independent workers move to an Agency after they get sick of the contact. Oh, and also never, ever, ever send dick pic's!

To avoid any further pitfalls that will get yourself blacklisted from Agency's and private Escorts, have a read of Questions you should never ask your Escort.

Booking an Escort through an Escort Agency is often easier than contacting a private Escort

Before all the independent Escorts of the world want to set me on fire here - I was once a private Escort, and yes I've worked with many crap Escort Agency's. But! When you find a good, reputable Escort Agency that values you, you can't beat having an Escort Agency handle all of your administration for you. Same goes for clients wanting to book a lady, using an Escort Agency it's often so much easier.

1. A reputable Escort Agency can answer your enquiry most often far quicker than an independent Escort: simply because when a private Escort is with a client, they can't answer your questions. A reputable Agency will have reception staff available when you need them.

2. A reputable Escort Agency has many Escorts available: as a client, if you're wanting a young blonde Escort that offers anal sex and you're wanting to find an independent Escort - you'll need to scroll through as many blonde Escorts that you can find, then contact them asking if they offer anal sex, then wait their reply. Some may say yes, some may say no. When you contact an Escort Agency wanting a young blonde Escort who offers anal sex, they will answer you promptly and it's highly likely they will have a lady within their Agency that offers what you're looking for.

I hope this easy to read guide has helped you understand how to book an Escort. It should be fun, exciting and straightforward!

  1. Deborah
    June 28, 2020 -

    Does your escort agency still accept cash payments at the moment? A lot of businesses in Melbourne are going card only. We are located in Port Melbourne and would like a escort for 3 hours. We would prefer a escort about 30 years old that offers deep throat big tits. Thx

    • admin
      June 29, 2020 -

      Hi Deborah, We still accept cash and always have Escorts in Port Melbourne available. However, due to current COVID19 restrictions the Victorian government isn't allowing Melbourne Escort Agency's or Melbourne Brothels to operate. As soon as government restrictions are eased and we are allowed to operate we can definitely find you a sexy Melbourne Escort, 30 years old, deep throat with big breasts :)

  2. Lachlan
    November 9, 2020 -

    Hi I would like to book 2 girls for 2 hours , what’s the best way to organise

  3. Tony Tran
    December 24, 2020 -

    Hi, My name is Tony. I have a question. Can I book an escort to my home?

    • admin
      January 4, 2021 -

      Hi Tony, we do provide Melbourne Escorts to private residences - you will need to go through some additional security questions with reception and provide relevant photo ID that matches your address etc.

  4. Sean
    February 21, 2021 -

    How do i connect right now

    • admin
      February 22, 2021 -

      Hey Sean :) the best way to connect with our sexy high class Melbourne Escorts is to call reception directly. Alternatively use our contact form on the 'Contact Us' page.

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