Private Escorts Melbourne are available now and provide each and every client with a personalised service. Private Melbourne Escorts can visit you in all suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, 7 days and nights per week. We have a large number of Private Escorts in Melbourne available in each suburb, offering a wide range of full adult services to men and couples - both heterosexual females and private Escorts that offer bisexual services to couples are available.

When you call to find which Private Escorts in Melbourne are available and suited to your needs, our friendly reception staff will listen carefully to make sure they understand exactly what you're looking for. Once reception staff understand exactly what you want, they can offer you a range of different private Escorts in Melbourne that provide adult services that match what you're looking for. From there, you can refine your choice and choose a Private Escort that suits you best.

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Private Escorts In Melbourne Available Now

We offer you only the best Private Melbourne Escorts available - young Escorts starting as young as 18 years of age (youngest legal age to be a Melbourne Escort) through to Mature Escorts who are in their 40's. We have ladies from all over the world available right here in Melbourne with us, as such we have Private Melbourne Escorts of varying nationalities:


Each Private Escort in Melbourne works her own hours and simply lets our Melbourne Escort Agency know when she is available. Our Melbourne Escort Agency acts on each Private Escorts' behalf as a booking agent, and also provides security during each booking. Many Escorts in Melbourne prefer the comfort and security of working with a Melbourne Agency, rather than trying to manage all of their affairs on their own. As a client, this works in your benefit too - you only have 1 number to call which has a large number of Private Melbourne Escorts available at any given time - it doesn't get more convenient than that. If it's 10am and you feel like booking the company of some beautiful girls, simply call our number and we can have you sorted very quickly. There really is nothing worse relying on Google searches to try and find a suitable female companion to spend time with. There are so many online directories, so many profiles are wrong, out of date and in many cases, not to mention fake. Fake images to try and lure you in, only to be disappointed when they turn up to your hotel room. Another thing to consider as a client when looking at booking Escorts in Melbourne, is in the unlikely event you have an issue with your Melbourne Escort or aren't happy with the service; you can call our reception staff to discuss the issue. If you happen to book a girl that isn't a Private Escort in Melbourne with us, there may not be anyone you can call to resolve your problem.

You can book with us in confidence knowing Private Escorts in Melbourne will not be misrepresented to you in any way. This means that each lady that is described to you by our reception staff, will be described accurately. All of our Private Melbourne Escorts have been carefully selected, gone through a rigorous vetting process and as such hand picked to represent our brand. Private Escorts Melbourne are chosen based on their looks, personality, professionalism, morals, education, attitude and willingness to please. This ensures the quality of all of our companions remains high and can ensure customer satisfaction also remains high.

We have Private Escorts in Melbourne available now to suit all budgets, please see Melbourne Escorts Rates for more information. The shortest booking length available is 1 hour and we don't offer 30 minute bookings. 

Private Melbourne Escorts Provide Full Adult Services 

Private Escorts in Melbourne are available now that offer a full range of adult services to clients. All private Melbourne Escorts have been carefully selected to ensure the adult services they offer to you are of the highest quality. Booking Private Escorts in Melbourne is very quick and easy, as we have Escorts available in all major suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. The main reason why our private Melbourne Escorts are so popular, is because the quality of their adult services is so good.

Firstly, we need to know what adult services and sexual services you're looking for. Yes, we understand you're wanting to spend time with a sexy lady, but are you wanting something specific, such as a Prostate Massage? Are you wanting a private Melbourne Escort that uses sex toys while you watch? Are you a couple and looking for a threesome with a bisexual female Escort for couples? Or are you not looking for a specific sexual service or sexual act, you'd just like to spend time with a sexy lady and have sex? We cater to each of those answers and have private Escorts in Melbourne available right now that offer each of those adult services.

You can book any of our Private Escorts in confidence knowing whatever adult services you require, reception will match you with a girl that will provide those specific adult services in a safe, comfortable, non judgmental environment. Whether your sexual needs are conservative or something more exotic and wild. Our High Class Melbourne Escorts cater for individuals and bisexual couples who have sexual interests that are vanilla right through to every kink and fetish you can think of.

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