High Class Escorts Melbourne is a Melbourne Escort Agency that understand the needs of the modern day businessman, and know how importance it is for you to relax and have some down time. Our Melbourne Escort Agency is located in Melbourne CBD. If you are staying at Crown Casino Melbourne or nearby, you can have stunning Melbourne Escorts at your room within 45 minutes of making a booking. We have over 30 high class Melbourne Escorts available right now for your pleasure and relaxation; our Escorts in Melbourne are available both day and night, 7 days and nights per week - our Melbourne Escort Agency never closes. It is important to know that it is both safe and legal to book Melbourne Escorts through our Escort Agency, as we are fully licensed by the Victorian government.

Our Melbourne Escorts understand how stressful the corporate world is and are available to provide you with the relaxation you need and deserve. Our Escorts in Melbourne have spent time entertaining corporate executives for years, possibly being the glue that holds their high pressure lives together. Blowing off steam is essential, and our Melbourne Escorts know how to relax and please a corporate man. Long days, corporate meetings, new deals that need to be concluded, marketing promotions to take care of, and a host of other deadlines you need to meet. In order to keep up with this hectic pace, you need to maintain a healthy balance of both working hard and relaxation time. This is often a balance hard working corporate's can't get right. I'm sure it would not be uncommon for you to find that your tough business schedule will leave you with very little time for yourself. Now this may or may not come as a surprise to you, but this is why many corporate businessmen across Australia avail the emotional support and intimate care provided by our high class Melbourne Escorts.

We have young Melbourne Escorts available, who are 18 and 19 years of age, which is the legal working age as a Melbourne Escort; through to Mature Escorts and Older Escorts who are in their 30's through to late 40's years of age. Our Melbourne Escort Agency is fortunate to have a high percentage of university graduates working as high class Escorts in Melbourne under our brand; so if you're wanting to spend time with not only a sexy lady, but also a lady who is well educated, we can provide that for you with no hassle.  

High Class Melbourne Escorts Understands Your Needs

For our successful corporate clients, we are not shy in asking you directly what you're looking for in a high class female companion. We firstly ask you do you want a young Escort in Melbourne or someone who is older, such as a Mature Escort - many corporate executives want to have a young Escort in Melbourne, allowing them to spend intimate time with a beautiful youthful innocent Escort they ordinarily wouldn't have the luxury of having romantic time with. Many of our corporate clients want to have very different conversations with their young Escort than they would normally have during their high stress working day - this helps them feel like they are having a break from work. Some corporate executives do want someone a little older than our younger Escorts, opting for a Mature Escort or an Older Escort in Melbourne  so they can have a more mature conversation and often asking their Mature Escort for some emotional support that could only be offered by someone of similar age. 

The high class Melbourne Escorts we provide to successful businessmen are great listeners, caring, nurturing and provide the ultimate sexual relief you need. Our Melbourne Escort Agency regularly liaises with personal assistants who make the Escort bookings for them. We understand when you only have a few valuable hours free, or even just 90 minutes, just how precious that time is; when you book one of our high class Melbourne Escorts, while you're with them, they will make you feel like your worries don't matter anymore, you forget your problems and truly feel like you're on a mini escape or mini vacation. 

Our Escorts in Melbourne that spend time with corporate executives fully understand that you may not have the support at home that you require. How many times have you had a previous girlfriend or ex-wife, or even you may have a current girlfriend of wife, that you try to reach out to and let them know what is on your mind or worrying you, to only be shut down? This sadly is common throughout the corporate world. We can promise you, that this never happens when you book one of our high class Melbourne Escorts. Our ladies know that this is what you need and are great at understanding body language and interpreting mood. It's important to remember, spending time with one of our high class female Escorts is not always about scheduling a well structured, highly planned romantic date or something that is necessarily over the top. Most often just spending a few hours with a beautiful, caring and understanding Escort can serve to be very useful in letting off steam; simply by talking to someone who has a listening ear. Our high class Melbourne Escorts are the best listeners you've ever come across.

We've definitely emphasised the importance of our Escorts in Melbourne taking care of your much needed emotional support, especially if you like most businessmen, don't get this at home or in your private lives. How about your sex life? As a busy corporate, are you getting the sexual relief you need and deserve? Stress kills most men's sex lives; this further reinforces the need to have some time away from your busy schedule. If things aren't great at home, this can cause further problems with getting the sexual attention you need. You may be too busy to have even thought about having sex when you get home. Our high class Melbourne Escorts are here to provide you with the sexual relief you need. When did you last have a blow job that blew your mind? When did you last orgasm so hard you remembered it for days? When did you last try something new in the bedroom? When were you last so horny you literally had to masturbate straight away? Let our ladies help you relax and reconnect with yourself  by providing you with a unique, tailored sexual Escort experience that will blow your mind.

We have high class Escorts in Melbourne that offer a range of different sexual services:

  • - Do you enjoy anal play / anal sex? Have you always wanted to try it but never have? If you've never experienced anal play, as a male, you're truly missing out! You can book one of our anal sex Escorts who can give you the most pleasurable experience.
    • - We have ladies who let you give them anal.
    • - We have Escorts in Melbourne who will perform anal play on you (this is the most enjoyable for men who are able to relax!). Our ladies who specialise in providing anal play, will of course start slow with you. Could be some light massage on the outside of your butt while they give you a hand job or blow job. If you've already had some experimentation, we have Escorts who provide prostate massage, g spot massage, strap-0ns, prostate milking plus more!
  • - Have you ever had a golden shower? Do you even know what one is? Many of our high profile executive clients love being submissive to our ladies. It's a refreshing new power exchange that you never have in your daily work life. Book one of our Escorts in Melbourne and see just how liberating it is receiving a warm Golden Shower.
  • - If you'd like to be truly pampered like a king, you must book one of our Escorts in Melbourne who provides Girlfriend Experience (GFE). This is a very intimate and sensual experience, whereby you basically have the dream girlfriend for a few hours. She will dote on you, provide you with the amount of intimacy and affection you need. Massages, cuddling, breakfast, spooning, passionate love making plus more! If you're starved of intimacy and attention, you need to book a GFE; it will change your world.
  • - Do you get most of your sexual pleasure from masturbating while watching porn? If so, why not try and create a real life porn scene with one of our Porn Star Experience (PSE) Escorts. Face fu**ing, gagging on your cock, deep throat, anal, slapping, hair pulling plus more.
  • - Have you always wanted to have sex with a hot Asian Escort? Or what about a hot black ebony Escort? Our Melbourne Escort Agency is fortunate to have ladies from around the world available with us. We also have Indian Escorts, German Escorts and of course local Aussie Escorts, plus more. Fulfill your sexual needs and desires and have amazing sex with one of our international Escorts you've always dreamed about.
  • - Are you sick of eating alone? Or eating with a partner that doesn't care what you have to say? Have you been to too many corporate functions either on your own, or with a boring companion? Book one of our Dinner Escorts who will be your ultimate dinner and event companion. We have Escorts of varying education levels, backgrounds, experience levels - simply let our Agency know the type of dinner or event you're attending, and we will organise your perfect companion. We take the stress out of things for you!


Seek comfort in knowing that you are not alone in this situation, far from it. Many business executives are all too often lost in the world of online meetings, continual travel, pressures of the online world to maintain a corporate presence such as LinkedIn and continually being on an iPhone checking emails and Skype. Right from corporate businessmen to city bankers, they all like the idea of going out for a romantic dinner, or even enjoy a decent conversation with a suitable companion. Just the ability to get someone to listen to them is already a great stress reliever - this is exactly why our high class Escorts in Melbourne are available!

Spending time with an understanding and friendly high class Escort is just what the doctor ordered, in terms of getting back on track and setting your mind free; providing that short term stress release allowing you to return to your corporate world without the impeding stress that is often detrimental to your business success. One of the most comforting aspects of spending time with a High Class Melbourne Escort is that all courtesans are free of judgement. Our ladies are true professionals in every way. They understand that all men are different and in turn all have different needs. Privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance - so you can seek comfort in knowing that anything you share with your companion, stays strictly between the both of you.

Booking High Class Melbourne Escorts Is Easy

Currently we have over 30 amazing high class female Escorts available to spend time with you; ranging from young Escorts who are 18 and 19 years old, through to MILFs and Cougar Mature Escorts in their 30's and 40's. Ladies available of varying nationalities, shapes, sizes and they all provide a unique range of sexual services to corporate clients.

We have Melbourne Escorts to suit all budgets, our shortest booking available is 1 hour. Please see our Melbourne Escorts rates for more information. If you'd like a personal quote, please contact reception staff online and provide relevant details about your booking details. All interstate travel with our Escorts required your photo ID, expenses paid in advance and must be approved by Melbourne Escort Agency management - this is a security policy in place to protect both our clients and ladies who represent our Agency. 

Booking one of our high class Melbourne Escorts is very easy and straightforward. You let us know when you're free, where you're staying, what sort of sexy lady you'd like to spend time with; and we will provide you with a stunning selection of Escorts to choose from. It really is as easy as that. Please have a read of our comprehensive step-by-step guide on the basics of booking an Escort if you require more information on how it all works. We also have an Escort FAQ guide too.

Please call 8617 9999 now to arrange one of our ladies to provide you with the stress relief you need and deserve!


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