High Class Escorts Melbourne offer their clientele an Escort service that is very different from what you would ordinarily get from a mainstream Melbourne Escort Agency. If you are staying in Southbank 3006 or South Melbourne 3205, we can have a stunning high class Escort at your room within 45 minutes.

A high class companion will focus on a luxurious experience, rather than simply providing a standard service. By no means is one necessarily better than the other; as each client has different needs and thus has different appreciation for different things. An analogy I'm sure you can relate to is either food or luxury cars. Some people are foodies, and thus will happily spend $80 for a beautiful piece of steak - some people are not, and are equally as happy spending $13. Some people enjoy driving their Toyota Corolla, and wouldn't appreciate driving an Aston Martin. Each to their own. This translates into the Escort World - there are some clients who are satisfied from a 1 hour wham-bam session, whereas other gentlemen would prefer an experience over 5 hours. This also applies to appearances - each individual can be attracted to different looks; one is not better than the other. It is simply what suits the individual.

A High Class Escort Experience


Firstly, a high class courtesan places an equal amount of importance in her appearance and the experience she provides for her clients. Her wardrobe from top to bottom, including jewelry and accessories such as bags; will be strategically picked. She will appear as though she has come from a movie set, or just done a photo shoot with a popular fashion magazine. Presentation is flawless - skincare, nails etc. A high class Escort experience will match her presentation - personalised to each individual client, and attention to the finest detail.

Mainstream Escort services don't focus on an experience, rather delivering a standardised service. One benefit of a standardised service, is you know what you're getting - in a 1 hour service, as a client you would expect to have a little bit of chit chat, you may decide to have a quick drink if your hotel room has a mini bar and then straight into it. Oral, sex in a few positions and 1 orgasm. If you are lucky, your lady may let you go for round 2. That is entirely her discretion. Most clients who are done and dusted well before their hour booking, choose to end it then and there. No matter if there is 20 minutes to go, or 10.

A high class courtesan experience firstly will involve an in depth brief from the receptionist who took the booking. As a client, you will provide reception with an abundance of information - all of the things you're looking for, anything you don't particularly like and any other ideas you have. Then the exciting part, the rest is up to your professional courtesan. As a true professional, she will enter your room and instantly gauge your aura - if you have any nervousness, she will quickly make you feel at ease and at home. If you seem lost, she will take control while still making you feel as though you are calling the shots. You will have an instant build up of sexual frustration, just by the way she moves, speaks and touches you - and at this stage you still are wearing all of your clothes. Your booking will proceed and be not clinical at all, you will truly feel like you're currently dating the hottest model in town. It is also very likely that your fine lady will arouse your sexual nature by strategically showing off her body in her beautiful clothing. Whether you choose to get straight into things, continue some foreplay, have a chat, have a drink - entirely your choice. Either way, you won't by stuck for what to do. You will have sex in as many ways and places imaginable - spa, shower, bench top, bed or pressed up against the window? No matter how long your booking is, I can guarantee you won't want it to end; whether it be on the ongoing banter, enjoying the sensual touch of your lady, just feeling her smooth and sexual body pressed up against yours - just to name a few. Most clients will ask for booking extensions, or are securing their next booking even before the current booking is over. A true high class, elite experience that you will remember forever.

Booking A High Class Courtesan

Contact reception, and if you can, make a booking in advance. These ladies do not work 24/7, round the clock. They need to ensure they are well rested, and able to provide each and every client with the experience they not only deserve, but also expect.

A discrete online enquiry form is available if you prefer. Rates and booking information can be found here.